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"Through radio in 2009, MBC FM4U "Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingoo" has been the chinhan chingoo(close friend) of the radio listeners. In deep gratitude, this Radio Award 2009 from the Radio Gallery is awarded."

It's an award from the people at Radio Gallery, the foremost radio forum in Korea. They are the people who truly love radio so this award is really meaningful. Among the several dozens of radio shows only the select few get this award, it is something a DJ can be really proud of. Radio shows are dominated by veteran DJs and a 20 year old girl DJ getting this kind of recognition is unprecedented.

As you remember MBC gave Chin Chin the Outstanding Production award few weeks back. How about an official MBC award for Taeyeon herself? since she has made Chin Chin the huge success it is today.

MBC is going to recognize Taeyeon and give her a DJ award.
That is what the Taeyeon's MBC Acting Awards 30th schedule is for!

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Asian Chart - Channel V Thailand
50 Asian Song of the years 2009

1.Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
2.SNSD – Gee
3.Tohoshinki – Stand By U
4.SNSD – Genie
5.Bigbang – Gara Gara Go
6.Jerry Yan – Zai KTV Shuo Ai Ni
7.2PM – Again & Again
8.Super Junior – It's You
9.SHINee – Julitte
10.Tohoshinki – Share The World
11.G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
12.TVXQ – Wrong Number
13.Fahrenheit – Love You More & More
14.Bigbang – Sunset Glow
15.Super Junior M – Super Girls
16.Tohoshinki – Survivor
17.2PM – I Hate U
18.Bigbang – Strong Baby
19.F.T. Island – Bad Woman
20.Bigbang – With U
21.Tohoshinki – Bolero
22.Jejung & Yuchun – Colors Melody & Harmony
23.SHINee – Amigo
24.Bigbang – Number 1
25.SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
26.Berryz Koubou – Dschinghis Khan
27.Utada Hikaru – Come Back To Me
28.Rain – Love Story
29.TVXQ – Mirotic
30.2NE1 – Fire
31.KARA – Wanna
32.Wonder Girls – Nobody
33.TVXQ , SJ , SHINee – Seaside
34.NEWS – Love Of ABO
35.SS501 – You're My Heaven
36.Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
37.Bigbang – My Heaven
38.Jay Chou – Shou Hao De Xing Fu Ne
39.Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo
40.F.T. Island – I Hope
41.Bigbang – Let Me Hear Your Voice
42.DNT – Crazily Pretty
43.SHINee – Love Like Oxygen
44.Tohoshinki – Mirotic (Japanese Version)
45.Tegomass – Tanabata Matsuri
46.KARA – Honey
47.Jay Chou – She Wu
48.Bigbang – How Gee
49.F.T. Island – I Believe Myself
50.Tegomass – Ai Ai Gasa

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On Invincible Youth, Christmas couple Sunny and Son Hoyoung showed off their close relationship.

On the Christmas special that aired on December 25th, Son Hoyoung was one of the male guests that was invited to have a party with the G7.

When Son Hoyoung showed up, the G7 members (SNSD's Yuri and Sunny, Kara's Goo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha, T-Ara's Hyomin, 4Minute's Hyunah, and Secret's Sunhwa) showed wild enthusiasm. Sunny and Hyomin were especially enthusiastic.

Son Hoyoung said, "Honestly, I wanted to come out on Invincible Youth because of Sunny. She shouted out really loud that she wanted to see me."

In selecting couples, Son Hoyoung chose Sunny. After the couple game, they were to make a traditional drink together. All the couples had to choose a number of a box, and had to guess what they will have to make the drink out of by touching it with their hands.

Sunny and Son Hoyoung chose a box with mudfish in them. The mudfish were slippery to get a hold of, and the couple ended up holding hands. After having a hard time, Sunny finally got a hold of one. When she took it out as if it was nothing, it surprised all the people around.

When Son Hoyoung noticed there was something on Sunny's hand, and he wiped it off with his own hands. G7 members were envious and jealous of the couple's body contact.

Meanwhile in other parts of the show, Kim Shinyoung sang "Obese Rain" parodying Kim Taewoo's "Love Rain," and uplifted the Christmas mood.

original source
translated by typicalharu @ soshified

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SNSD's Yoona, #1 idol with eyes that resemble a snow flower.

Yoona of the popular girl group SNSD was voted by the fans, as the idol with the prettiest eyes.

According to an eye clinic, 316 Lasik eye surgery patients were asked from December 1st until December 23rd "Which idol has the cleanest, prettiest eyes?" and Yoona took first place with 207 votes (65.5%). In second was Shin Min Ah with 102 votes (32.2.%)

The owner of the eye clinic, Mr. Kim, said "I have come to know what kind of eyes are appealing to the public through this poll" and " Yoona not only achieved first place from our patients, but also from our medical staff's poll as well."

Owner Kim continued to say "Clear and Clean eyes like Yoona's are able to comfort others, also, pretty eyes are a must for beautiful women" and "In general, pretty eyes strengthen a "good" person's image and enhances one's likeliness, which is another reason why Yoona was picked"

In fact, Yoona's fans directly expressed an indefinite love and likeliness towards her.

On May 30th, 2009, a SNSD fan caf? sent Yoona a happy birthday message through a daily Korean Newspaper. In response, Yoona posted a picture of herself and her cake on her homepage.

Also, the advertising world (which is very sensitive to the general public/consumer's response) said "Yoona is successful as a singer, but also as an advertising model. She portrays the image of a trustworthy person and thus she is welcomed by sponsors and consumers."

Innisfree, a company that recently hired Yoona as a model stated "Yoona naturally gives off a clean and clear image through her music recordings and drama appearances, and thus she fit our 'pure brand' concept of Innisfree and was picked as our model," and "Yoona's peculiar open heartedness and her appeal to a variety of age groups also played large roles in why she was selected as our model." These statements reconfirmed that she has a great influence on the public as a 'skin goddess'.

On one hand, Yoona is a member of the number on girls group SNSD, but she also plays active roles in dramas. Yoona also co-hosted the 2009 KBS Entertainment awards on the 26th where she portrayed herself as a very mature person.

Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified

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Idol group SNSD was chosen as the number one choice as the most likely singer to succeed in America.

From the 14th to the 21st, a poll was hosted on a Korean Music site called "Box", where the poll question "Which singer is most likely to succeed if they were to go to America?" was posted. 6146 people took part in the poll and SNSD took first place due to their many supporters with 1768 votes (28.77%).

Netizens stated "SNSD has a couple of members that are fluent in English, and the fact that they have 9 members increases their variety in image. As long as they get good producing support, they should be able to do well", while others said "In America, the mysterious female Asian image would definitely get more attention than other foreign singers."

A close second place was given to the 'beast' idol group 2PM who racked up 26.85% of the votes. Third place went to a group who had previously succeeded in promoting themselves in Japan, Big Bang, who won 19.22% of the votes. Fourth place was given to the already American known Rain, via his Hollywood films, who received 10.54% of the votes.

Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified

Popular Idol group SNSD's Yoona expressed her feeling about her first experience asn an MC.
On the 26th, the "KBS Entertainment Awards" ceremony took place in Yeouido at the KBS satellite public hall, where Yoona co-hosted the awards show with gagman Lee Kyung-Gyu and Lee Ji Ae.

Yoona stated "I am very thankful for all the love that I have received this year" and "I'm so nervous because I have never MCed before. I made lots of mistakes during the rehearsal and I am afraid that I will make mistakes during the live broadcast."

Lee Kyung-Gyu who was next to Yoona said "If you do well at a big event like this one, you will be able to better in later events."

On one hand, gagman Lee Kyung-Gyu who was also a nominee for an award said "Even though I am a nominee, I must pay more attention and put in lots of effort to the awards ceremony itself" and "I am so happy to be MCing with two beautiful ladies."

Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified l l Tetsuya@mysone,SSF,SONEms

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This year's MBC Gayo Daejun will take place at the MBC Dream Center on the 31st. The MC's are Kim Gura, Lee Bo Young, and Shin Jung Hwan but what you should be excited about is the line up.

It's definitely going to be hard to beat SBS Gayo Daejun's line up but with the
2PM and SNSD joint stage, it might be possible.

2PM also is planning on having a dance battle with Park Jin Young which will be interesting since both of them are known to be excelling in dancing.

Jewelry will put on a memorable and touching performance with Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young. Other than Jewelry, other girl groups will perform to show their unique looks and this year's hit songs.

Baek Ji Young will perform My Ear's Candy with Lee Seung Gi instead of Taecyeon. Awkward Lee Seung Gi grinding with Baek Ji Young, interesting.

Here is the full list of artistes that are set to perform:
2PM, JYP, Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi,
SNSD, Super Junior, KARA, SHINee, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Tae Woo, MC Mong, Son Dambi and more.



2009 is undoubtedly a year for SNSD!

Another survey done by one of the big newspapers company in korea,Hankook to select the artist of the year,star of the year and the song of the year!

SNSD topped all the charts,can you imagine that!

Some info and rankings of the survey!

Sports Hankook Survey of 2009 Korean Entertainment
- 100 entertainment experts and industry insiders were surveyed plus 20% fan voting

2009 Star Of The Year

2. Ko HyunJung

2009 Artist Of The Year

2. 2NE1
3. 2PM

2009 Song Of The Year
1. Gee

2. Abracadabra
3. I Don't Care
4. Sorry Sorry
5. Again & Again

credits to snsd thread @ soompi!


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