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at the ending! JeTi was at the middle! epic remix of genie! love it!

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As 2009 comes to a close and the gayo daejun events roll in to wrap up the year, it's natural for all of us to look back on the past few months and reflect on With the advent of new groups like 2NE1, 4minute and f(x) as well as the ones that skyrocketed to fame (Brown Eyed Girls, Kara) this year, there's no question that 2009 was all about girl power from beginning to end.

This year's SBS Gayo Daejun stage was practically brimming with girl groups with a grand total of eleven girl groups making appearances - 2NE1, 4minute, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, f(x), Jewelry, Kara, SNSD, T-ara and the Wonder Girls (in an overseas video message). Each group is performing two or three of their hit tracks from this year, taking us all on a trip down memory lane as we revisited some of the biggest chart-toppers of the year.

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Notice about SBS Gayo Daejun

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2009 SBS Gayo Daejun
Airing Time 9.55PM (GMT+9 Korea Time)
Boy's group
Shinee - Amigo & Ring Ding Dong & JoJo (Remix) and Performance
2PM - Hate you & Again and Again & Heartbeat (Remix) and Performance
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry & It's you (Remix) and performance
Beast - Bad Girl & Mystery (Remix) and Peformance
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah & G.O.O.D Love (Remix) and Performance
2AM - This Song & Confession of a friend (Remix)
Son Dam Bi - Crazy & Saturday night (Remix) + After School
Lee Seung Gi - Will you marry me & Let's break up (Remix)
Park Jin Young - Honey & She was pretty & No Love No More + Performance
Younha - 1,2,3 & Password 486
Kim Tae Woo - Love Snow (feat . Sline)
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker & Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang) + Hello (feat.Dara)
Tae Yang - Wedding Dress & Where you at (remix) and performance
Baek Ji Young - Like being hit by bullet (Dance ver) & My Ear Candy (feat. Taekyeon)(Remix)

Girl's Group
T-ara - Lies & Bo Peep Bo Peep
After School - Diva (Remix) & Because of you
Kara - Honey + Wanna + Mr.(Remix) + Peformance
SNSD - Gee + Genie(Tell Me Your Wish) + Performance
2NE1 - Fire + I don't Care (Remix) + Let's go party
Brown Eyed Girls - Adacadabra + Sign(Remix)+ Performance
Davichi - 8282 + I made an accident
4 Minutes - Hot Issue + Muzik (Remix) + performance
f(x) - La Cha Ta + Chu~
Jewelry - vari2ty + Love Story

Special Stage
Lee Mun Sae Stage (with SHINee Jonghyun , SJ Kyuhyun , Kim Tae Woo , Baek Jin Young)
Lee Seung Chul Stage (with SNSD , Davichi, Seo In Young)
Jang Yoon Jung & Park Hyun Bin & Sung Dae Gwan Special Stage
B.E.G ,Kara, 4Minute, SNSD Special 'Change' Stage
JuYeon , Nicole ,Hyuna ,Hyeoyun, Niki , Hyomin dance stage
Super Junior and 2PM and SNSD and 2ne1 and T-ara 8090 'Mystic' singer dance stage
Wonder girls video
Baek Jin Young, Son Dam Bi , Lee Seung Chul ,Kim Tae Woo Stage

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Source :[싸이월드 선물가게]

2AM's Maknae member, Jinwoon, has decided to share with the fans the holy grail of true fandom, otherwise known as his computer password.

But what could it possibly be?

'2amForever'? 'JokwonRocks123'?

Nope. It's 'Seohyun' of SNSD, apparently Jinwoon's dream girl.

On KBS Cool FM's Super Junior's Kiss the Radio which aired on the 31st, idol boys born in 1991 gathered, including Key of SHINee, Dongwoon of BEAST, Mir of MBLAQ, and lastly Jinwoon of 2AM. These four young boys spoke in unison, "Yes, I would really want to invite SNSD's Seohyun for our 91's gathering if we have one."

Jinwoon then added, "I love Seohyun so much that I set our (2AM) computer's password to 'Seohyun'." How generous of him to reveal the password to the world.

While it amazes us that he revealed his love for this faceless girl member, we're equally amazed that he had the balls to publicly reveal his password.

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Looking at the pictures i think it is a prize redemption thingy~

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