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Seungri wants to help Yuri find a boyfriend?

Seungri (Big Bang) wants to introduce Yuri (SNSD) to a "cool man."

Both Seungri and Yuri got accepted into ChungAng University and have decided to attend the university starting this year, making the two classmates.

All eyes went on Seungri when he said he wanted help Yuri get a boyfriend during an interview with the other members of Big Bang during KBS 2TV's Entertainment Relay.

He stated that he was very excited to be a university student and that, "I'm mostly looking forward to those meetings that are part of a university student's lifestyle. Especially with students that major in dance." He also added, "SNSD's Yuri and I have the same major. I'd like to take responsibility and find her a really cool boyfriend. Yuri-sshi, let's become closer. I'll see you at school. Bye."

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Watch the interview here (Seungri starts talking about Yuri at 1:46)

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Credits : OMG Kpop