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Taeyeon Celebrates Birthday With Her Fans!

What’s the best way to celebrate one’s birthday? With a birthday party, of course, and that’s exactly what SNSD’s kid leader, Kim Taeyeon, did. Although she will officially be turning 21 on March 9th, Taeyeon held a simple party within SM Entertainment’s office building with several of her fans and fellow SNSD members on the 7th.

Official spokespeople from SM Entertainment told Newsen, “Although it was small, Taeyeon held a meaningful birthday party within SM and met with her fans. Taeyeon expressed her thanks for her fans’ love and support, and she was glad to be able to share this day.”

SNSD’s fanclub, S♥NE, celebrated her birthday by placing an advertisement in the newspaper for Taeyeon’s birthday and by donating nearly $2,000 to charity.

Talk about mutual fan service! It’s fantastic to see such great interaction between celebrities and fans! Happy birthday, Taeyeon! May you always be the dorky kid leader that we all know and love!

Source: Kim Hyungwoo, Newsen, 3/8/10