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100903 Taeyeon, Yuri Postcard to Sooyoung + Translation

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Woori Sooyoung (:
You, really~ so interesting that whenever we meet our eyes it makes us laugh~?! Kekeke we always have the same code~ ♥
You are so lovable to me, that I almost want to bite you
Your body language, glances, and hand gestures every one of them makes me laugh~
Just what are you eh?! I love you
I mean it truly, let's be together always!
From Phuket... 2010.8
- YUL -

* Yuri signed the card then wrote below: "Later in life.. when things are difficult sell this ^^"

Taeyeon to Sooyoung:

To my friend Sooyoungee ♥
Unlike how you look on the outside(way it seems) woori Sooyoung doesn't have great athletic ability.... But your sense of fun and quick wits are second to none!!
It would have been fun if I could have been in your team at least once^^ 

Translated By sillis7noy2@soompi

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