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101007 SNSD @ Daum ScreenSaver + Download

To get screensavers, go to and search in the search engine "@소녀시대와 검색놀이"
Once you done that, wait for it to load, and then you will see "일반버전 다운받기" beside the SNSD pic
"일반버전 다운받기" - Low Quality/Regular quality
"고화질버전 다운받기" - High Quality
Other two are the same but for Mac Users
Click on the one you prefer. After that it should start downloading~
When it finishes downloading Install it, then go to your screensaver setting and there should be something like "Daum_Screensaver_[type]"

Video source: Daum
Video credits: SmoothyEcoS04 @ Youtube
Download step credits: HyungBaeEunji @ Youtube