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It has been revealed that Taeyeon, a member of SNSD/Girl's Generation, was spotted molesting a female victim during one of year-end award ceremonies.

The victim was identified as Nicole, a member of another girl group Kara. The photographic evidence shows Taeyeon approaching her with an innocent smile along with accomplice Sunny, then quickly turning into a hungry beast and digging her fingers into Nicole's money maker while being surprised at the size of the trophy.

The police announced, "We cannot press charges against Taeyeon because first, Nicole did not file any complaints and second, this is just too cute to label as a crime." Neither SNSD or Kara made any official statements regarding this matter.


LOL~ what a relief~

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Yoona was presenting the award to Lee min Ho! ^^
Yoona hair is awesome!

Kim Taewoo and Seohyun impressed their fans by providing an awesome fantasy joint performance on the 31st at Ilsan MBC Dream center, where gagman Kim Goora and Shin Jeong Hwan, along with actress Lee Bo Young MCed the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun.

On stage, Seohyun and Kim Taewoo surprised fans by combining perfect voicing and piano playing for Kim Taewoo's Love Rain. The performance was further enhanced due to the presence of a full orchestra. Seohyun's perfect piano performance and Kim Taewoo's explosive voicing created a fantasy atmosphere in the building.

Other people present on the show were Kara, After School, Park Hyun Bin, Tae Jin Ah, Son Dambi, Jewelry, MC Mong, Kim Taewoo, f(x), SHINee, Park Jin Young, Lee Seungi, Park Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, T-ara, 4minute, 2PM, SNSD, Davichi, Shin Moon Hee, Chae Sor-ri, etc.


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2PM's Taecyeon and SNSD's Yoona presented a lover performance on the 31st on MBC Gayo Daejun where Kim Goora, Shin Jeong Hwan, and Lee Bo Young MCed.

On this day, the two transformed themselves into actors, where they had to pretend to the 'top star couple' and had to argue with each other, resulting in Yoona being angry at Taecyeon. Taecyeon then tried to call Yoona many times with no avail, resulting in fellow members moving out of their respective dormitories. SNSD members then tried to console Yoona into making up with Taecyeon, resulting in her flee from her dormitory as well. On MBC's stage, Yoona was positioned at the corner of one side with an upset expression. The rest of SNSD than sang Lee Hyori's 10minute and Beyonce's Crazy Love.

At this time, Taecyeon appeared and proposed to Yoona, which made Yoona's feeling get better. They then came out together to the centre of the stage and preformed the "Kiss" where their lips almost touched.

When there is news that two people will perform a 'lovers performance', some media companies misinterpret the news and state that there is a love connection between the two individuals. Sadly the relationship between the two idols is just colleagues, and not lovers.

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Korean living legend Kim Gun Mo and popular girl group SNSD preformed together at 2009 KBS Song Festival.

The pleased the large audience watching with perfect teamwork yesterday on the 30th at Yeouido's KBS hall.

Kim Gun Mo and SNSD sang Kim Gun Mo's hit songs such as KISS, Excuse, Speed, and Wrong Encounter. Their performance was very impressive due to high level singing capability shown by Kim Gun Mo, along with the help of SNSD's singing and dance.

Especially in Wrong Encounter, which long time ago sold 2.8 million records. Their harmonious performance which was accompanied by a glorious laser show impressed the audience.

Taeyeon and Yuri expressed that Kim Gun Mo is "a very good uncle who plays a lot", and in response Kim Gun Mo said "I was impressed by the teamwork displayed by the nine members".

Source: [LINK]

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