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A member of T-ara, Hyomin, said that she would like to be closer with SNSD's Sunny.

Hyomin revealed her hopes for new years on an upcoming KBS2 'Invincible Youth' episode, which will be aired on the 15th. Hyomin said, "This year, I would like to avoid being edited out completely. Also, I would like to be closer with Sunny".

"As long as I'm with Sunny, I'll get more air time", said Hyomin. It snowed so much that it was up to one's knee. So Hyomin followed Sunny everywhere, while shoveling the snow.

When Kim Shinyoung saw this, she joked, "From now on, then we should call Hyomin 'Sunbyung' [a pun of Sunny+folding screen]", and people laughed.

Then Han Sunhwa added, "I improved a lot because I was with Sunny; you can model her and learn a lot".

Meanwhile, 'Invincible' team went out to shovel the snow in Hongchun, Kangwondo because it snowed over 30cm (more than 1ft).

Two days prior to the filming schedule, it has been snowing in Honchung. With fifty soldiers, the 'Invincible' team went there to shovel the snow on ginseng fields and roads in the vicinity of the church. It took a total of four hours to shovel over 2 000 pyong [approx. 71,170.975 675 sq ft].

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Girls Generations maknae (youngest) Seohyun has graduated high school as other maknaes couldn't do so.

Seohyun (legally Suh Joo Hyun), graduated from JunJoo YeSool High School on the 9th. A lot is expected from SNSD members as they all have turned into twenties (Korean age) as twenties are the age of emergence. Seohyun is planning to attend the graduation ceremony.

Earlier, Seohyun was accepted to Dong Gook University as a film and theatre major. She will be attending the university later on this year as a freshman.

We applaud Seohyun as she did what Sohee and Minji decided not to do--graduate high school.

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SNSD's Taeyeon released Self-Cam pictures of herself showing off a 'crazy' personality.

In the waiting room of a music show, Taeyeon took pictures of herself with her mouth wide open, and a facial expression of a person who had lost their mind.

Taeyeon made fans happy with facial expressions of 'mental mind', 'cute face', and ' brightness'.

Netizens that saw the pictures online commented by saying "So Cute!!" and "She is truly pretty". 

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This is what our dorky leader taeng does !! ^^

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SNSD's member Jessica left cynical/humorous replies to her fans questions.

On an internet fan portal site, netizens asked questions to Jessica and tried to get humorous responses. One fan said "Jessica noona, please play with me", and Jessica replied "Learn how to play by yourself please".

Another fan said "Jessica noona, there will soon be a hole in my sock. The threads are coming apart." and Jessica left a reply saying "Go buy yourself some socks".

Other than these responses, there were also "My sister bothers me. Please scold her for me", and Jessica replied "Good job sister, Fighting", while another netizen said "wow ur English is great" and Sica replied "I'll scold you". With that reply, she made many netizens laugh. (*note 'ur' was written like that in the comment)

In response to Jessica's responses, netizens said "I never knew Jessica's humour level was this high" "Jessica is for sure the most JJang Soshi member" (note JJang = best) "I also want to get a cynical response from Jessica".

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Newsen Reporter Lee Mihae]

Will SNSD's Yuri accept a sitcom role as well?

For the sitcom that will follow the current daily sitcom "High Kick Through the Roof" on MBC, Yuri has been suggested for one of the lead roles. She's been chosen for the part of the youngest of three sisters who just graduated from high school and is a trouble maker. Ye Jiwon and Choi Yeojin have already been confirmed for the roles of Yuri's older sisters.

On January 12th, a representative from Yuri's management, SM Entertainment, said carefully through a phone interview, "It is true that she has been asked to play the role, but nothing has been decided yet."

If Yuri does decide to take on the role of this sitcom, this will be her second sitcom appearance. Yuri started her acting career when she acted in KBS 2TV's daily sitcom "Unstoppable Marriage", as an immature high school student who gets involved in a love triangle with Sooyoung and FT Island's Jaejin.

Currently, Yuri is an MC on MBC's music program "Show! Music Core" and is one of the seven G7 girls on KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth", making her a new variety queen. Everyone is curious to know whether she will be good in the acting field as much as she is in music and varieties.

"High Kick Through the Roof" will come to an end on March 19th.

Source: Newsen

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