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So, as topic said, that my SNSD's Genie Album ,that is the 2nd mini album has arrived to my home!!
Finally!! Since 25th November as a sone, I ordered it at December . I ordered it at MyKorea . The deadline for this thing was 20th December . and it arrive on macie's hands in the 4th of January and she sended at 18th and i've received at 19th wow.! that was fast!
She sent at 18th because she was in her hostel and not at her home at faraway from her hostel!!
I wanted to thank her that she managed to get Genie album Poster !!
I thought that it was no hope to get the poster because it's long already, nearly half year because of out of stock!! and she managed to get the poster!!
Thanks macie!.
I was tired from school and after i went home i become so energetic when i saw a pack of things infront the table and have a paper written '' Americaras Express '' .
At that moment i knew it is the album that have arrived and i'm so suprised!
This is my 1st SNSD goodies i get and also the 1st SNSD album i get.
I've also ordered Gee album 2weeks ago from a shop and other 3 album from mykorea.
Now waiting patiently at my home ^^
Here's the picture of it!
My 1st album and poster of SNSD ! (=D)
Click to view very huge pics!

picture credit to Tetsuya@mysone,SONEms if you want to share/transfer ^^

G.O.D Kim TaeWoo on Jan 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Sang Sang Plus” season 2 last recording will reveal the initial reason of him participating in “Invicible Youth” show!

Kim TaeWoo,” After the military discharge, “Invicible Youth” PD in charge came to me and offered me to take part in this new show together with 7 female idol. Yet, when I heard the show will be filmed with 7 female idol I was hesitate to take part,” he confessed.
He continues,” But, when I heard that SNSD Yuri is one of the female idol, I decided to joined the show,” he said.

Then, the PD in charge reveals,” Actually, the reason for inviting Kim TaeWoo to the show is because of the scandal,”he said while laughing.
Meanwhile, the initial reason of Kim TaeWoo joining the show receives complaints from the G7 members  (SNSD Yuri & Sunny, BEG Narsya, Kara Goo Hara, 4minuteHyunAT-ara Hyomin, Secret Han SeonHwa) at the show.
Catch this episode on Jan 19,2010 at 11:05 pm local time.

Chin Chin Radio Station's 18 . 01 . 2010 Pictures

Taengoo is just so cute and dorky ^^
that's our leader!
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upic free image upload center , picture and photo upload for free | سایت آپلود رایگان عکس
upic free image upload center , picture and photo upload for free | سایت آپلود رایگان عکس
upic free image upload center , picture and photo upload for free | سایت آپلود رایگان عکس
upic free image upload center , picture and photo upload for free | سایت آپلود رایگان عکس
upic free image upload center , picture and photo upload for free | سایت آپلود رایگان عکس

credit to 아푸지마탱구 @ sosiz  ll Tetsuya@mysone,SONEms

total 20 Pic


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SO either download it or click the pictures one by one ^^ your choice
Download is easier ^^

Download link here

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credit to LovAEnAi @sosiz  
From :

Yuri will be able to meet many viewers through her sitcom.

MBC's daily sitcom that is to follow after "High Kick through the roof" will feature SNSD's Yuri.

Within the three sisters that will be shown on the sitcom, Yuri will play the youngest sister, who is kind of a dorky screw up. Yuri's sisters will be Ye Ji Won, who was in the movie "Old Miss Diary", and Choi Yeo Jin who portrays an intelligent image

In the year of 2007, on a KBS daily sitcom, Yuri, along with Sooyoung and FT Island's JaeJin portrayed high school students entangled in a love triangle.

Currently, Yuri is also the host of MBC's "Show Music Core" as well as a member of G7 in KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth".

On one hand, "High Kick Through the Roof" Was supposed to end on the second week of March, but the last episode's air date has been extended to March 19th. 

Source: LINK

These artwork are all drawn by SNSD ^^
lol~ watch them.. Hope you can read SNSD's name ^^

credit to 예시카@sosiz

OMG Big head dorky taengoo on the move!!

credit to tangpa 소녀시대 탱구 galio3rd


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