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SNSD have not even released their come back album Oh! yet and there are hints that they could be working on a new album or single?

As you guys may recall in our previous report, Lisette Bustamante tweeted on her twitter account that she had just finished choreographing a music video with SNSD. Now, Lisette never did mention exactly what song she was choreographing for and for what video.

It turns out Lisette did not choreograph "Oh!", but a familiar SM choreographer has. The mysterious choreographer is none other than Rino Nakasone. Rino has choreographed SNSD's "Tell Me Your Wish" (Genie), f(x)'s "chu~♡", SHINee's "Juliette", "Love Like Oxygen" and "Replay". Also, Rino Nakasone is a member of the Beat Freaks which is a well-known dance crew that were featured on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

Rino recently tweeted on her twitter to check out the "Oh!" video that she choreographed by herself. 

Now that we know that Rino is the choreographer for the upcoming "Oh!" single, what about Lisette? Theories are running rampant right now in regards to Lisette's video. Could Lisette's video be for the second single off of Oh!? Could her video be for a whole new album?

Let's not forget that SNSD have claimed that they have recorded well over thirty songs over the past year and that could definitely be enough material for a second album. Could SNSD be going for the same route as they did in 2009? Dominate the first half of the year with a cute image and sizzle up the summer with a sexy summer mini-album?

Another thing to not forget is that SNSD's stylist revealed on MTV's Girls on Top 2 episode that featured Yoona is that the girls will have a "futuristic" concept. Seeing as how "Oh!" has a very retro/80's feel, it's safe to say "Oh!" wasn't the song the stylist was referring to. Keep checking in with omgkpop to find out!

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Ever wondered how celebrity idols live?

One of the most popular girl idols in the K-pop scene, SNSD, revealed their living quarters to the public for the very first time! It turns out that SNSD’s Yuri had to grow bean sprouts as punishment for the show KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth. As a result, Yuri took a selca of the SNSD house and filmed her challenge in growing bean sprouts. In the footage, she appeared in a beautiful one piece and not in her usual rubber banded pants as a G7 member of Invincible Youth, surprising fans. Additionally, Yuri showed a particular affection for her bean sprouts and referred to it as, “Kongdori,” a pet name for her bean sprout.

SNSD member Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, who were present, watched the bean sprouts grow, but Sooyoung was absolutely baffled. Sunny who was also present said, “All the members helped grow Yuri’s bean sprouts. Yuri would call us and say, ‘Hey are you home? Give the bean sprouts some water. I totally forgot!’” In response, Yuri replied that the hardest part of growing the bean sprouts was watering it every 3 hours.

Wow, idols sure are talented. They even grow bean sprouts now! What next?

Check out a segment of the show here:

Invincible Youth ep.14 SNSD cut

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The girl group SNSD showed us their bright fashionable style before the release of their album on the 28th. The stylish socks that go above their knees, 'over the knee socks' look emphasizes the charms of SNSD. - Picture provided by SM Entertainment

'Focus on the socks!'

What will be the new trend for SNSD? Because SNSD popularizes not only their songs but also the outfits worn during performances, many are curious about the next look of SNSD, whose album will be released on the 28th.

Last year, SNSD popularized the skinny look through "Gee," and the marine look through "Tell Me Your Wish." Of course there is a certain fashion that is dominantly present in the new song, "Oh!" Showing a unique and enthusiastic look along with sophisticated lady-like romantic side, the new style is named 'romantic girlish look.'

One of the SM representatives has hinted that the new 'romantic girlish look' will be composed of "a lot of color" in addition to "checkered shirts and 'over the knee socks.'" The 'over the knee socks' are the item that has attracted a lot of interest. These socks are one of the most popular item throughout the world in locations such as Paris, New York, and Tokyo.

SNSD's "Oh!" is an electronic-pop song with an upbeat melody. A female composer, Kenzie has also composed BoA's "My Name" and SNSD's "Into the New World." SNSD will be coming back on "Show! Music Core" on the 30th as the first stage of the new song.

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[01.23.10] SNSD Predicted to Popularize Cheerleader Fashion

It is expected that SNSD will popularize the cute cheerleader look this time.

The teaser for SNSD's "Oh!" has been released for the first time today (23rd) on the portal site, Naver music. The 30 second teaser video has shown SNSD members' new looks that match the new song.

Because SNSD members changed into cheerleaders and danced to the repetitive rhythm of "Oh!" in scenes such as locker rooms and football field, it is predicted that this will create a new syndrome, like "Gee."

Anticipation about the cheerleader look is building up due to the popularized skinny jeans and military looks through "Gee" and "Tell Me Your Wish."

As soon as the news about SNSD's comeback was released, SNSD was number one searched keyword. Fans have literally counted down the seconds until the teaser was released. Furthermore, there was a period of time when the server was crashed due to the number of interest. This showed the immense popularity of SNSD.

With the unique melody that can be continuously enjoyed, the electronic pop song, "Oh!", captures the enthusiastic energy and charms of SNSD.

SNSD will release the second full album on the 28th and will perform their first comeback stage on MBC's "Music Core" on January 30th.

Written by Choi
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[NewsEn Reporter Lee Mihee]

SNSD's teaser video for their second album title song , 'Oh', was revealed on January 23rd, at 0:00 am. 

'Oh' Teaser video was revealed for the first time on the portal site Naver Music. SNSD's teaser video was 30 seconds long, and showed the viewers a different and new side of them that fit the theme of their new title song, 'Oh'.

As soon as SNSD's comeback was announced, it climbed to the 1st spot in various portal sites, receiving a tremendous interest from the general public. As a matter of fact, their fans were already doing a countdown to the teaser video, waiting patiently while counting the hours that remained. 

'Oh' is an electronic-Pop song, a genre that carries a distinctive melody and has a catchy composition that catches the listeners' attention immediately and gives them a lively and uplifting energy, a characteristic that only SNSD can give to their songs.

On the released teaser video SNSD is seen sporting a colorful checkered and stripes patterned fashion. Furthermore, their short stockings are used as their 'point', attracting the public attention with their fashion code.

In other news, SNSD's second album 'Oh' will be released on January 28th, and will have their first performance of 'Oh' on January 30th on MBC's 'Music Core'.

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