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she teased us by browsing through what appears to be the Oh! Album booklet... it looks thick and is larger than DVD package size!

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TaeYeon #9, YoonA #7? What do the numbers on SNSD’s shirts in ‘Oh!’ MV mean?

The MV to So Nyeo Shi Dae;s comeback song ‘Oh!’ has just been revealed today on 27th January.

In the MV, the girls are featured in 2 concepts for their cheerleader styles – there is one where the girls are seen wearing the pink and white pastel tones reminimsing the Barbie look in the locker room; and the 2nd one featured the girls in blue and white clothes like typical cheerleaders.

Other than that, there has been much interests on the meaning to the numbers on the members’ shirts.

Go under the cut to find out.

In the MV, the numbers seen on the girls’ shirts:

* HyoYeon: 32
* Jessica: 22
* Sunny: 12
* SooYoung: 24
* TaeYeon: 9
* Yuri: 21
* SeoHyun: 11
* YoonA: 7
* Tiffany: 0

A SM Entertainment representative revealed on 27th January, “The So Nyeo Shi Dae girls chose the numbers which they like.”

Meanwhile, the girls will have their comeback stage on MBC Music Core performing ‘Oh!’ coming 30th January.

Source: MyDaily
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SNSD's return is obviously good news for the music programs, given that the ratings have been down since the activities of the more popular idol groups were significantly reduced.

SBS production management said, "Idol groups decorate the stages with their outfits and dances, and thus we will match the lighting and stage sets with the color of SNSD as well."

The ratings of the music programs will rise by as much as 4-5% with popular idol groups such as 2PM, Wonder girls, Big-Bang, Super Junior, 2NE1, Kara, After School, etc. Music programs were really popular when theses idol groups were active last November.

In the case of SBS's "Inkigayo", the highest rating of 12.2% (per TNS Media) on Nov 15th was achieved when Tae-yang of Big bang and 2PM had a return stage and SHINee and Brown Eyed Girls appeared.

However, the Broadcasting ratings dropped significantly in January, since popular idol groups went on vacation one by one to prepare for their next albums.

The producers of MBC Music Center said, "It is true that we feel sorry for the lower level of activities by the idol groups of high popularity. We expect that the situation will improve for this month as SNSD returns to the stage and other popular groups successively come back."

Credits : DKP News
translated by seohyun_is_best @ ssf

[MyDaily Reporter: Kim Kyunmin]

The music video of SNSD's second album title track 'Oh!' has been revealed.

SNSD's newest music video that was released on the 27th presented two different concepts, one of which includes the complete transformation into cute cheerleaders. In a blue locker room, SNSD members were dressed in pink, white and pastel-tone apparels which depicted a barbie-like image, while in a football stadium, the girls were dressed up in blue and white cheerleader uniforms.

However, SNSD members were faced with an unexpected surprise near the end of the music video. Facing the nine cheerleaders from across the room were another set of nine SNSD members with identical facial appearances but dressed up in black leather outfits, who were named as the "Bad" So Nyuh's (Girls). These nine SNSD members dressed in leather outfits were full of secrecy and charisma. 

In regards to the music video, SM Entertainment representative commented, "the ending is intended to show a glimpse of the follow-up track and to raise curiosity amongst the fans about the complete transformation of SNSD."

The music video of 'Oh!' was filmed in Kyungkido, Ilsan and Paju and was directed by film director Cheo Soohyun, who helped display another charmful side of the girls by transforming them into cheerleaders.

In particular, the music video displaying the members as supportive cheerleaders in a football field added more freshness to the energetic, electro-pop track 'Oh!'.

SNSD's second full album will be released on the 28th through online and offline markets, and the group's comeback performance will be held on MBC 'Show! Music Core' in the 30th. 



I'm SNSD's representative.

How have our S♡NEs been doing?
It seems like it's been a very long time~
(It seemed like no one cared about our staff diary so it was hard to write anything...ㅠ_ㅠ)

Although it's late, happy 2010 to all~ our S♡NEs,
I hope only happy things will happen to you~ ^^

And you may all know, but,
In January of 2010, SNSD is coming back with a new album~!! Wow~
You all saw the teaser that was released, right?
Our S♡NEs' exploding interest! (It was so big that the server crashed..ㅠ_ㅠ)
Thank you so so so much~ ^^

Also, when the song "Oh" was released on the 25th, you all gave so much love...ㅠ_ㅠ
Anyway, on behalf of SNSD, who are preparing activities for their new album "Oh"
We hope that you always continue to encourage them~! (__)

Now all that's left to be released is the music video, album, and first performance, right? Hehe
As much as S♡NEs are anticipating this, our staff is nervously waiting too...ㅜ_ㅠ

I thank you for always giving SNSD so much strength during their activities,
I hope you anticipate their album "Oh!" and their future activities, and continue to love them~!

I'll find you again with more good news~!

+) A bonus~ to all the S♡NEs who take care of our girls~

-> 091128 MBC Show! Music Core

-> 091201 MTV The M

-> 100123 MBC Show! Music Core




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