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So, even SNSD girls have sleeping habits. Oh oh oh oh!

Yoona revealed, “Yuri, who has become my new roommate, does not have good sleeping habits.

There was a time when she surprised me because she woke up and started talking to herself in the middle of the night.”

Seohyun revealed, “Once, I went to go wake up Sooyoung unnie and while still unconscious, she stated, ‘Just mind your own business!’

That statement really shocked me.”

Yuri joined in on Seohyun’s statement as well and added, “I went to go wake her up as well and she said, ‘Do you really want to die?’ to me.”

Watch this on KBS’ Sweet Night (달콤한 밤) on January 31st!

Credits : allkpop

The group had their first comeback stage on MBC Music Core on 30th January, they performed 2 songs – ‘Oh!’ and ‘Show!Show!Show!’ on the show that day.

For their ‘Show!Show!Show!’ stage, the girls did a performance similar to a musical and showed off their sexy charms. And they moved with the bubbly cheerleader concept for their ‘Oh!’ performance.
But near the end to their ‘Oh!’ performance, the screen went blank for about 5 seconds.

TV viewers commented
“So Nyeo Shi Dae was on and then suddently the screen went blank, and I had a shock. Even the TV is in shock with the girls’ comeback”

“They even get a broadcast accident… prelude to a big hit?”etc.

picture credit to Lishathestain@soompi
source: Newsen
credits: Sookyeong.

Show! Music Core - January 30, 2010 @ 4:10 KST.
MC's - Yuri & Tiffany
♬ Comeback Stage
- So Nyuh Shi Dae『Show! Show! Show! + Oh!』<---- 
- Kim Jong Kook『This Is The Person』
♬ Volume UP stage 
- ZE:A『Mazeltov』
- T-Ara『Like The First Time』
- Hyun-Ah (feat. BEAST's Jun Hyung)『Change』
- BEAST『Bad Girl + Mystery』
♬ Sound-holic
- Trax『Let Me Go』
- CNBLUE『I'm A Loner』
♬ Girls meet Boys
- SeeYa/Davichi/T-ara『Wonder Woman』
- Rainbow『Not Your Girl』
- HAM『Tomorrow』
♬ Love Is
- AB Avenue『I Love You Guys..』
- Gavy NJ (feat.BEAST's Doo Joon)『Sunflower』
♬ New Song
- Jo Hye Ryun『Won't Be Long』
- MIJI『Honey』
- Maeng Yuna『고양이 마호』

It is a big possibility that  T-ara won't perform today due to the H1N1 incident of member So Yeon!

According to reliable source ,the girls will be wearing blue cheerleader outfit with head mic (c: bossa747 at twitter)

credit to Dkpop

able to stream at here too @ 4PM KST
Click Here

Part 1 - other part on the user =D

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