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100131 SBS Inkigayo - SNSD Comeback Stage - Show! Show!Show! HD
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100131 SBS Inkigayo - SNSD Comeback Stage -Oh! HD
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maybe it's from music core because they mc the show =D

[MyDaily Reporter: Kim Kyungmin]

The stage on SBS 'Inkigayo' in which SNSD performed on closely resembled the locker room stage used for the music video of 'Oh!'.

In the broadcasting of SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 31st at 4:00PM, SNSD performed their second album comeback tracks 'SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!' and 'Oh!'.

On this day, SNSD's performance of 'Oh!' became a topic of interest, as the stage closely resembled the locker room used for the music video.

Many fans praised SNSD's performance on SBS 'Inkigayo', commenting that today's performance was "much more charismatic than their comeback performance [on MBC 'Show! Music Core']" and that "both the stage and SNSD's outfits were perfect."

Meanwhile, the broadcasting of SBS 'Inkigayo' on this day featured Super Junior's Leeteuk, Heechul and Shingdong as MC's for the Vancouver Olympic special episode and showed 80 minutes of stage performances.

[Last part of the article was omitted as it was irrelevant to SNSD]



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SBS Inkigayo 2010.01.31
Special MCs - Leetuek, Heechul and Shindong

Starts at 4:00pm KST

# Comeback Stage #
* Kim Jong Kook

# Special Stage #
* CN Blue + Kim Jang Hun
* 2AM + Beast
* HyunA + T-Ara + See Ya + Rainbow

# TAKE 7
* HyunA
* C.N Blue
* See Ya + Davichi + T-Ara
* Beast
* 2AM

# Fresh Music #
* Park Mi Kyung

# Hot Music 
* ZE:A
* Trax
* F.Cuz
* Rainbow

 Credits to Inkigayo Thread @ Soompi for the Performers List!

Cr: DKPOPnews

It seems that the members of 2AM, 2PM and SNSD are nuts for each other! Their close friendship resurfaced again with the release of SNSD’s new album OH! In the thank you & acknowledgments section of the album, YoonA, Tiffany and Sunny wrote a special thanks to the “Nuts Meetup” members. The members of this highly prestigious club includes YoonA (Pine Nut), Sunny (Peanut), Tiffany (Almond), 2PM’s Taecyeon (Walnut) and 2AM’s Seulong (Cacao). It is rumored that admission into the club is highly sought after, and that the waiting list to get in can be as long as 17 years!

In their new album, YoonA thanked Cacao and Walnut, Sunny gave a shout out to the Nut Meetup members and Tiffany left a longer message in which she thanked Cacao & Walnut as well as corrected that she was an almond and not a pistachio nut.

Tiffany’s correction is a reference to the thank you Taecyeon wrote in one of 2PM’s albums “And our get-together members~ Peanut, Pine Nut, and was it Pistachio?? Let’s hurry and meet up!!” Seulong have also mentioned the nut members in one of his thank yous in the past “[Thanks to] Seulong-OkOng line, I love the nuts!”

Oh Seulong, if only you knew how wrong that sounds in English. Even still, I would have to say that I agree with him on that one because I too love the nuts. Although the difference between us is that I don’t announce my love of nuts to the world. This is primarily because every time I tell people that I love nuts, they always misunderstand me. I mean I can’t have people walking around thinking that I love peanuts and almonds, yuck!

Credits : allkpop
Thanks to for the translation.

The photo above shows the gender ratio of the viewers of SNSD's "Oh!" MV!

This charts is obtained based on the viewers of SNSD's "OH!" MV on Naver,the results is really surprising as females paid more attention on SNSD's MV.I thought SNSD has a lot of male fans but the statistics seems to have proven me wrong!

Charts credits to Lemon99 @ Soompi!
Credits : DKP News

now we can see that snsd have more male fans than girls =O shocking 

With "Oh" return to days of their youth and their precious fate again.

Girls' Generation (Taeyeon,Yuri,Tiffany,Jessica,Yoona,Sunny,Hyoyeon,Sooyoung,Seohyun) participated in KBS 2TV "Sweet Night" latest recording.

And through the "16 ideal type world cup" , the girls open their hidden ideals.

Prior to the "sweet karma, long time no see" session,the girls re-encounter their friends whom they never met for 10 years, the pure love during primary school days, and the teachers and past people who guide them the right path throughout their life.

Especially in this day of the show that starred about the young girls with a 7 years fate with a staff of the Chinese restaurant, viewers are curious about whether the girls are able to recognise the Chinese restaurant staff or not.

Yuri,as the representative of the girls,recognise the staff of the chinese restaurant, the one that always serve and accept orders from the customers with warm and friendly tone.

And this day,after meeting with her primary school mentor,Sooyoung shed tears because she is feeling touched.

When Sooyoung recalled back about the past, she said " Till now,I still had the scene when my teacher kneeled down and persuaded me" .

As for the teacher,when re-encounter Sooyoung again,she said "Even till now she still remember me,I'm already very grateful" .

This show "Sweet Night" scheduled to be aired on 31 January.

For now,enjoy the preview as followed.

Credits : DKP News/ Fanstaengoo@Now it's Girls' Generation


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