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[SportsChosun T-News Reporter: Baek Jieun]

A parody video of SNSD's broadcasting accident is becoming a hot topic.

In the latter half of SNSD's comeback performance of 'Oh!' during the [January] 30th broadcasting of MBC 'Show! Music Core,' the screen went black for 2-3 seconds before the stage reappeared due to technical issues. Subsequently, Netizens have identified a parody video involving the broadcasting accident and a brief scene from a Korean drama KBS 2TV 'IRIS.'

The parody video was created by combining SNSD's stage blackout incident and 'IRIS' drama scene of Lee Byunghun expressing his anger after watching a particular scene from his cell phone.

Netizens commented on this rising parody, "Whoever made this parody is the best," and "This is awesome."


Source: SportsChosun

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[Arts News = Reporter Park Jinyoung] Girl group SNSD's Yoona's unusual hobby has been revealed by her close friend.
On KBS 2TV's Sweet Night (MC'ed by Shin Dongyeob and Kim Hyejin) on the 31st of January, Yoona from SNSD (Yoona, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Sooyoung, and Yuri), was given the time to meet with her close elementary school friend for the first time in 10 years. This friend was one of the group of girls that used to call themselves "Charlie's Angels".

The elementary school friend embarrassed Yoona by saying, "When Yoona was in grade 3 she enjoyed playing GoStop, but she was so good I thought she was a gambler."
[Note: GoStop is the traditional Korean gambling card game - totally different than the standard playing cards, and is usually played on a blanket or something]

The friend also said, "We were playing GoStop at a friend's house and when we heard somebody coming, Yoona covered the blanket and threw it in the closet by instinct. I never knew Yoona could be so fast," and made everybody on the show burst out into laughter.

On this episode, they showed an apology letter that Yoona wrote after getting into an argument with her friend and upon seeing this, Shin Dongyeob asked, "Did Yoona have a bad temper?" In response, the friend made everyone laugh again by saying, "When we were in elementary school, we liked to dance to Baby VOX songs, and when somebody told her, 'Yoona, you're supposed to turn at this time," she felt like her pride had fell and said, "I'll do whatever, so don't tell me what to do or what not to do.'"

Translation of the letter: 
To Jimin,
Hi Jimin! I'm Yoona, I'm really sorry I fought with you! I've decided to fix my habit of fighting with my friends! Stay bright and healthy during grade 4. Don't forget me during grade 4, okay? I'm sorry for the argument~
Febuary __, 2000.
-Your friend forever,

The friend surprised everybody and said, "Once, the teacher told us to write down 3 names of the people who we would like to pair up with. The teacher wanted to keep it a secret, so she tore up the notes when we were done and threw it out. But Yoona said, 'I'm curious to see who wrote down my name,' and dug through the garbage. She went into the boys' bathroom to put the pieces together to check."

Yoona, embarassed from this story, said, "This is so not it! You can't twist the stories to make it funnier just because you're on TV," but another friend said, "It was Yoona's hobby to go into the boys' bathrooms," and everybody in the studio burst into laughter again.

On another note, this episode of Sweet Night also reveals Hyoyeon's elementary school crushes, and how Yuri met the employee who always gave her extra food from the Chinese restaurant they often ordered from. The episode will also show Sooyoung who cries after meeting her former teacher from elementary school.


Arts News

SNSD is in dilemma. Though the second album "Oh" is top ranked in various charts, they are struggling due to the lack of album promotion activities. SNSD barely got together during the weekend to perform on the music programs.

First of all, many of the members have fixed schedules in entertainment programs. Along with Yoona in SBS Family - Season 2, Yuri and Sunny are both in Invincible Youth, and Taeyeon Djs on Chin Chin Radio. Tiffany and Yuri also take the MC roles in MBC Music Core. The recording times all these programs differ and it is always the case that 2-3 members cannot make it to all of the schedules.

Yuri was named as the main character of a sitcom that was to follow High Kick through the roof, but this has become void due to her already busy schedule.

SM Entertainment said that "due to the lack of time that all the members can get together, we cannot arrange the promotion schedule including interviews. We are absolutely short of time to practice dancing and singing as well".

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