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Here's a clip of SNSD dancing Oh! @ Sweet Night !

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Daesung, Yoona, and Taekyeon from top idol groups Big Bang, SNSD and 2PM are taking on Lee Seungki’s ‘Triple Crown.’

Lee Seungki received much love last year as ‘Heodang Seungki’ on KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’, ‘Rough Seungki’ in SBS’s ‘Brilliant Legacy,’ and as ‘Romantic Seungki’ with his digital single album ‘Will you marry me?’

While there are many stars crossing-over into other areas, Lee Seungki is the only one to successfully conquer all three: variety, drama, and music. It just goes to show how difficult it is to do well in three completely different fields of entertainment. But in 2010 there’s a lot of anticipation for these three stars to take on the challenge of the ‘Triple Crown’ and become the next ‘Post-Lee Seungki.’

The one with the biggest advantage is Big Bang’s Daesung. For the past few years he’s grounded his footing as one of Korea’s top idol group stars with hits like ‘Lies,’ ‘Haru Haru,’ ‘Last Greeting,’ and ‘Sunset Glow,’ and has also had success with his solo album.

Daesung was also a part of SBS’s very popular ‘Family Outing’ which at one point reached past 30% viewership ratings, and was highly active in all sorts of variety programs, dominating as top ‘variety-dol.’ (t/n: variety+idol=variety-dol) With music and variety under his belt, he has been casted for the drama ‘What’s up’ and will be making his small-screen debut very soon.

Daesung’s last obstacle before winning all 3, ‘What’s up?’ is highly anticipated as its writer Song Jina has also penned the hits ‘The Eyes of Dawn,’ ‘Sandglass,’ ‘Daemang,’ and ‘Story of a Man.’ He has also received nods of acknowledgement for his performances in the musical ‘Cats’ last year, and with the decision to not be in Family Outing 2, he will be able to better focus on his acting.

If Daesung’s last task is acting, then SNSD’s Yoona’s is variety. Last December, SNSD swept various award show winnings and has dominated as today’s best girl group. Yoona also was the star of 40% viewership ratings as Jang Saebyuk in KBS’s immensely popular daily drama ‘You are my Destiny.’

Yoona’s last step before attaining the ‘Triple Crown’ is ‘Family Outing.’ Even though she was casted in ‘Family Outing’ season 2, the show’s popularity is not guaranteed based on the success of the first season alone. It’s also unsure whether she’ll be ready to throw away her image and be able to adapt to ‘real variety’ as band-mates Sooyoung, Yuri and Sunny have.

Compared to the other two, Taekyeon from immensely loved 2PM (‘Again & Again,’ ‘I Hate You,’ ‘Heartbeat’) is at a disadvantage. In addition to being casted as Jungwoo, a lead role in upcoming ‘Cinderalla Unni,’ he was also added to the cast of ‘Family Outing.’ He will have to tackle both acting and variety at the same time.

There’s no doubt Taekyeon will feel the pressure of having to digest the extremely hectic filming schedule of a mini-series while going on overnight trips to the country -side every 2 weeks. There will also be the difficulty of having to maintain a humorous image on variety shows, while in his drama he’ll be portraying a character that silently yearns for the girl he loves.

However, not all is at loss. He has already shown he’s got an excellent knack for variety in MBC every1’s ‘Idol Army Season 3’ as well as Mnet’s ‘Wild Bunny.’ He will also have strong co-stars Moon Geunyoung, Chun Jungmyung, and Seowoo in his upcoming drama, so he definitely has the potential to reach for the ‘Triple Crown.’

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After releasing their title track Oh! on the 25th, SNSD/Girl’s Generation has been holding onto the #1 spot on online music charts for the past week, which isn’t at all surprising considering the fact that they sold 30k albums on the first day. Now, the girls have been dubbed the “Top Girl Group” in Korea.

A representative of the music portal site Monkey3 said, “Last week, girl group SNSD climbed to the #1 spot. Their hot track Oh! might stay that way for a while now. But the girls do have some competition because 2AM’s ballad track is receiving great praise as well.”

As for the rest of the rankings…

2nd: 2AM’s Even If I Die I Can’t Let You Go
3rd: CNBLUE’s I’m A Loner
4th: Lee Seungi’s Love Is Teaching Me To Drink
5th: 2AM’s I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
6th: Big Mama’s It Hurts
7th: Women’s Generation’s Wonder Women
8th: Gavy NJ’s Love Is Like That
9th: Yim Jaebeom’s Stigma
10th: 2PM’s Tik Tok

So what do you guys think, does the Top 10 Songs of January list seem about right or do you think it should be a little different? And do you agree that SNSD is the “Top Girl Group” in Korea?

Credits : allkpop

Recently, there were rumors about SNSD’s Yuri joining the main cast for an upcoming sitcom. This new sitcom is going to come on after Highkick Through the Roof ends. The sitcom is supposed to start around March and many fans were getting their hopes up for Yuri’s new role.

Sadly, Yuri had to turn down the role because SNSD already has a packed schedule: it’s been revealed that the girls will be doing Japanese promotions starting in May.

An MBC entertainment representative said, “Yuri had to back out so we’re looking for a new actor.” It’s probably going to be hard to find someone to fill Yuri’s shoes.

Yuri let go of this opportunity before signing the contract. The news of Yuri being cast in the sitcom came in mid-January but SM Entertainment, SNSD’s company, never made an official statement on whether or not Yuri had accepted this request.

The MBC rep said, “I heard SNSD will do Japanese promotions starting in May. It would have been impossible to do a 5-episodes-a-week show and handle overseas promotions at the same time. She gave up a solo activity for her group’s good.“

Yuri’s was supposed to play the youngest daughter who is really immature and had no plans for college after her high school graduation. The confirmed actors for the sitcom include Ye Ji Won, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Sang Woo, Choi Yeo Jin and more.


Remember how MBC’s VJ Special, Behind Story revealed that SNSD / Girls’ Generation only ate 800 calories a day each? Well according to the girls themselves, it’s completely false.

In a recent interview with Sports DongA, SNSD was asked about their real diet.

Tiffany said, “Wow. If you ate only 800 calories a day, wouldn’t you faint? I bet we eat thousands of calories a day but we have rules to keep our body fit.”

According to the girls, there only two rules:
1. Stay away from all drinks except water.
2. Don’t eat anything after 7:00PM.

Tiffany added, “It’s actually kind of hard to follow these rules.” It sounds so simple but I agree with Tiffany. Who can resist a midnight snack?


As you can see from the above table taken from Hanteo's system (Korea offline album calculation system),the 'Oh!' album sales were skyrocketing for the past few days and they are getting closer to their goal of 50,000 sales count by the first week with 48,000 already sold.

Congratulations to the girls and i hope their domination will continue to rule all over.

Do support the girls by buying the 'Oh!' album!

Credit : snsdlife@NOW it's Girls' Generation
Edited by zheming. 

SNSD's "cheer girl" fashion seems already to be setting the trend since they came back to the stage with their second album.

SNSD revealed their title song, "Oh", for the first time on Jan 30th and 31st through music programs, and attracted the gaze of music fans with a fresh and witty cheer girl fashion, which was accompanied by a perfect intensive performance.

The fashion concept of "Oh!" this time focused on sporty looking cheer girl outfits, and it is planned that SNSD will reveal more interesting cheer girl outfits. It is also interesting because each individual member has their own preselected number that will be shown on their jersey/outfits.

It is not exaggerating to say that this year is the Year of Sports given the Vancouver Winter Olympics and South African World Cup. Therefore, the aspiration catches our eyes in that SNSD, nationally beloved, transformed themselves into the cheer leaders to support and encourage our athletes.

Since SNSD's fashion, as well as their songs and dancing attracted high popularity when they presented colored skinny jeans in "Gee" and the uniform fashions in "Tell Me Your Wish", it is expected that the cheer girl fashion will also come up in people's conversation.

Meanwhile, since the first broadcasting on the 30th, SNSD is enjoying an explosive popularity not only in the music source charts but also in the music record charts. This syndrome has been spread to the on-line and the situation is that SNSD related parodies are pouring out.



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