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Seohyun and TRAX -  Let You Go



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SNSD finally made their comeback last week with their second album and a peppy music video. With explosive first day sales, the nine girls performed their addictive hit track Oh! on KBS Music Bank!

The girls definitely know how to liven up the stage and get the crowd going with their cute outfits, wonderful choreography and long slender legs. We’ve still got a follow-up music video with a new concept to look forward to, so enjoy this colorful cheery mood while it lasts as a dark and sexy one will be coming your way soon!

And that was not all and you must have expected this when the SNSD girls had announced their comeback earlier.

The competitors for the first K-Chart of February 2010 were 1-time winner CNBLUE with I’m a Loner. 2AM with Won’t let you go even if I die and SNSD with Oh!.

And it was the girls who came out on top with an amazing overall score of 23,077 points, far surpassing the amount garnered by CNBLUE and 2AM. Will they go on a super run like Gee in 2009? Well, we will just have to wait and see.
here the video:

But it looks like they just might! One down, 8 more to equal Gee’s record.

Cr:shockimpulse @allkpop 

The wireless music portal, Lunchbox, will unfold a "Music Dream" donation campaign along with national idol girl group SNSD.

In the Music Dream campaign, Netizens will click the "join" button on the site Dosirak and 3% of the purchase price will be accumulated as a reserve. This reserve will be delivered to the donation group, "Korea Make Wish Foundation". The Music Dream campaign will carry the cute and lively voices of SNSD and will be broadcasted via TV stations KBS, MBC and SBS.

Dosirak is trying to attract the Netizens' participation with a quiz, "who is the owner of the voice that participates in the Music Dream campaign?". Donation certificates will be given to all the participating Netizens.

KT Music staff said, "We prepared a space in Dosirak where sharing can be practiced via music" and "We anticipate that the Netizens will join the Music Dream campaign and hopefully we can convert the joy of listening to music into the joy of sharing."


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SNSD’s Tiffany is a hot trend right now. Using photos of celebrities and creating lists are currently taking off in Korea.

What kind of a list?

Well, fans take photos that are similar in nature and as you’ll see below, the left is an example of a “good girl,” while the right is an example of a “bad girl.” Making these good and bad lists has become quite the fun trend for fans and hilarious lists are popping up everywhere. Take a look at some examples below!

Cr:shockimpulse @allkpop

On the upcoming episodes of KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo, SNSD/Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun will be performing alongside fellow SM family artist, TRAX!

Now, Seohyun won’t actually be singing but will instead be playing the piano for the rock band. It’s been long known that Seohyun has magic fingers when it comes to the piano and it looks like we’ll finally be able to get a taste what she can do.

TRAX will be performing their title track Let You Go with Seohyun on the piano at this week’s Music Bank on the 5th and on Inkigayo on the 7th!

Cr:shockimpulse @allkpop

SNSD's Yuri and Kara's Hara establishing the Human Rights Committee Board in the latest Invincible Youth episode had attracted the attention of viewers.

Upon hearing from the netizens who suggested the change of "Invincible Youth" to "Yuri youth" or "Hara youth",Yuri and Hara noticed that they do not have any features and their broadcast components are getting lesser and lesser, they decided to establish the Human Rights Committee Board.

During the latest broadcast of "Invincible Youth",both Yuri and Hara started the topic when they talked about their broadcast components are getting lesser and lesser.

Hara said (with joking accent): "Although every week I will prepare childish gag,but because of my apprentice Hyunah are getting stronger on gag,all the broadcast component are being snatched."

Yuri also told the IY staff that: "I had did a lot for the broadcast,but it only broadcast when I'm dazed during recording."She also protested that:"Even the editors didn't edit out the part where my belly hair was shown."

Credit : FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation
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As we know,SNSD is popular around the world for their music & dance.
Their singing and dancing skills are always the hot topic among the netizens and fans.

There are various versions of their songs on the net.

Here we introduce 3 of their popular songs,"Gee","Kissing you" and "Naengmyun".
All these are played by different orchestra bands.

If you are looking for instrumental version of their songs like "Gee" and "Kissing you". These orchestra versions may be the best choice for you!

Credit : akihiro1701 & FansTaengoo @ NOW it's Girls Generation
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The Korea public's are concerned about their national star "Kim YunA" whether she will be able to grab Gold medal in coming "Vancouver winter Olympic" which to be held on 12th Feb.
In mean time, a survey title "the female celebrity most suitable to be figure-skater" has garnered much attention amongst public.

The 'Monkey 3' music portal site had conducted the survey during 22th till 28th January, the result showed that SNSD's 'Yuri' had been voted as #1.
Yuri had been obtained 578 out of 2182 votes which nearly 26% of total votes, the reason was Yuri has best S-line and possesses yoga like body flexibility as well as good dancing ability.

2nd place went to 2NE1 'Park Sandara' with 537 votes (25%) out of total and the 3rd place goes to f(x) 'Sulli' with 362 votes (17%) out of total. Next, fourth went to T-ara 'Jiyeon' who also starred for KBS 'God of study.

I couldn't agree more to the votes.

Original Korean article:
Credit : snsdlife@NOW it's Girls' Generation

A recent photo of SNSD’s leader Taeyeon and CNBLUE’s leader Yonghwa is gathering much attention on the net.

The photo was released on the 3rd when Yonghwa was a guest on Taeyeon’s Chin Chin Radio Show. The two posing together have netizens saying, “They look really good together. There’s no other good pair.” and “The two are the same age, I wish they could be more than just friends.”

What do you guys think, would they make a good couple? After all, the two have a lot in common… they’re both leaders of a popular group, they were both born in the same year and they’re both Korean (shocking)!

Currently, the two are both leading a group of sexy girls and boys as they engage in live album promotions. Taeyeon is leading SNSD with Oh! and Yonghwa is leading CNBLUE with I’m A Loner. Both have gained much success and will be performing on February 5th via Music Bank.

With CNBLUE winning last week’s K-Chart and SNSD coming on strong after releasing their new single, who will come out on top?

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