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Female group SNSD's performance 'Oh!' followed by 'Star Star Star' was revealed.

Today (February 6, 2010) on MBC 'Show! Music Core!' (Hosted by MC's Tiffany and Yuri), SNSD performed 'Star Star Star' for the first time. 'Star Star Star' has been receiving the same explosive popularity as 'Oh!' on various music charts.

SNSD's new white concept for their performance of 'Oh!' has received much attention.

On this day, SNSD's new attire during their performance of 'Star Star Star' received much attention. The new style introduced a white-colored [dress] concept which differed greatly from the 'Oh!' style. While sitting on top of fairytale-themed roof set, the members conveyed a sense of charm and innocence through the powerful emotion in their performance of 'Star Star Star.'

When SNSD's second complete album was released on January 28th, 'Oh!' and 'Star Star Star' have swept various realtime music charts as #1 and #2, respectively. 'Star Star Star' was popular for its fairytale-themed and beautiful melody that leaves a strong impression on the listeners. As a result, many fans have been curious about the stage concept for 'Star Star Star'

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Watch 'Star Star Star' via YouTube: or download it Here

100206 SNSD @ Music Core - StarStarStar + Oh! HD Download Links

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별별별 (☆★☆) Star Star Star
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This video is a cut from Star King.
It's almost the same with Champagne, Ideal Type World Cup.
MC Kang Ho Dong gave Minho choices between two SNSD members, and his choice will be compared until only one left.

It's quite difficult for Minho to chose between Yuri, SeoHyun.
In the end, he chose SeoHyun over Yuri.

Watch the video cut here.

Thanks to Unknown Carrot for the cut.

Guess all 91-ers love SeoHyun....
U-Kiss Kevin, 2AM Jinwoon, SHINee Key, BEAST DongWoon, MBLAQ Mir and now SHINee Minho.

Here's the video for U-Kiss Kevin (around 0:55)

vid credit :ukissmusicbox

* as a 91er too, I should add myself ^^ Well, she's my favorite member in SNSD ^^
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SNSD's member Sooyoung has kept her promise with the fans.

Yesterday (5th) on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank," Sooyoung pointed at her right eye and winked three times to the camera while celebrating their winning first place for K-Chart.

This was requested by SNSD fans from a music and video community site. They asked Sooyoung, "If SNSD wins first place for Music Bank K-Chart, please wink three times." Seeing this message, Sooyoung accepted the request and took action on air.

Many fans had posted comments like, "This is great that she really did what the fans asked," and "There's nothing else to say other than they are truly the best. Congratulations on winning."

On a side note, SNSD won Music Bank's K-Chart with the title song "Oh!" from their official 2nd album. They won first place after seven days since their comeback. In the thank you speech, SNSD mentioned, "We thank the SM family and the S♥nes who is always standing next to us and supporting us."

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SNSD Seohyun was chosen to have the best body of the group.

Seohyun was chosen as the 'Best body through dancing' of the 9 girls on the MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Relay' which aired on the 5th of February.

Leader Taeyeon stated, "Seohyun exercises in the middle of the night. She stared straight into the mirror and works out."
Seohyun, who was embarrassed at this statement showed a bit of her stretching routine.

Then Tiffany stated, "I often think 'Seohyun is so ladylike and mature now'" and expressed her happiness.

On the other hand, SNSD started their 'Oh!' wave within a week with their comeback on KBS2 'Music Bank' on the 5th.


Credits: Yahoo News
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SNSD's Sunny made a surprise announcement stating that she is envious of the 'adult idol' character.

KBS2 'Invincible Youth' which aired on the 5th showed the girls of IY ice fishing and cooking.

On this day's show, the G7 members were seen slipping and falling on the ice while fishing, eating raw fish that they caught as well as various other images that are not usually shown and brought laughter to the viewers.

Sunny stated in the episode that she was envious of Narsha's 'adult idol' character and drew attention when she said that she wanted to give up her 'comedy idol' character and take on the character of an 'adult idol'.

Sunny, Shinyoung and Sunhwa, who were at a house of one of the local residents during the filming went up on the roof and created a parody of an old program called 'Open your chest'.

Sunny brought laughter to the viewers when she opened up the jacket that she was wearing and shouted, "I'm going to be an 'adult idol' from now on! Open your chest!"

Also on this day's episode, images of the member's brain structure created by a viewer garnered the attention of other viewers.

Especially, Narsha's brain structure image was largely taken over by a section labeled 'adult idol' which brought laughter.


Credits: Yahoo News;newssetid=1352
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SNSD's Taeyeon and Tiffany revealed the fact that they were the moms of the group.

Taeyeon stated, "We have to carry a bell around the dorm" on the MBC 'Section TV Entertainment Relay' on February 5th.

Taeyeon stated, "Tiffany and I started our training 3 years earlier." Tiffany revealed, "We carry around a bell and wake the other members and feed them."

Also Sooyoung expressed her sadness over the fact at the recent survey showing her as #1 on the list for 'Member who seems to be the most intimidating'.

Sooyoung stated, "They say that I seem like the most intimidating but I'm really quiet at the dorm." Hyoyeon supported her by saying, "Sooyoung is the most obedient."

On the other hand, SNSD started their 'Oh!' wave within a week with their comeback on KBS2 'Music Bank' on the 5th.


Credits: Yahoo News
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