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Rihanna visited Korea on February 10 for her new album "Rated R" promotion, and was questioned about her opinion on SNSD's accusation.

During a press conference held 12:30 PM on February 11 relating to her newly released album, Rihanna was asked what her thoughts were about the recent accusation. In response to this, Rihanna responded, "I never heard such story. Since I've never heard it, I have no comments about it."

Soon after "Oh!" was released, accusations arose that the SNSD's song had plagiarized Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive," which was one of Billboard's Top 10 songs.

Rihanna will be staying in Korea until February 13 for the album promotion. In regards to having no concerts for this promotion, she said, "I will be starting a world tour beginning in April. I will be all around the world, and around autumn, I will be going around Asia. I'll be in Korea around October. I will come back."

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=D haha rihanna didnt knew about it ><



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It has been released that Sunny visited the emergency room due to fatigue and body aches resulting from tight schedule.

On February 10, after filming KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth" near Gangwon province, Sunny complained of cold symptoms and went to the emergency room with her manager after arriving at Seoul.

Due to this, Sunny was unable to participate in SNSD's schedule. SNSD was a guest for MBC Radio's "Shindong & Kim Shinyoung's Shim Shim Ta Pa," which lasted 12AM to 2AM, but Sunny was absent for the show. Kim Shinyoung notified that Sunny headed to the hospital because she felt ill.

In relation, SM Entertainment's representative stated, "After visiting the hospital last night due to fatigue and body aches, it was recommended for Sunny to receive an IV, but she suggested to just rest at the dorm. We will decide whether to revisit the hospital after seeing her condition in the morning."

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Sunny! Get Well Soon!


Wow a boy version of Oh! came out like this ? o.o lol

Part 1 here. rest on the channel!


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Intro and Outro

SNSD/Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung celebrated her 21st birthday with her fellow members on the 10th (KST). After her private soiree, Sooyoung is going to be having another party with her fans!

An SM Entertainment rep said, “After Sooyoung finishes up her schedule she will be hosting a party with fans that were selected through a random drawing.”

As a birthday gift, fans banded together and collected money to donate 1 million won (roughly $865 U.S. dollars) to Sooyoung’s college tuition. Not only that but they also donated money to a leukemia cause, 32 boxes of ramen to a welfare food market and 2 million won (roughly $1730 U.S. dollars) to handicapped patients.

On a SNSD fan cafe a fan said, “We wish to send our birthday greetings to Sooyoung.” Regarding the mass donations they added, “We want to be a fan base where the SNSD members will be so proud that they’ll brag about us.”

In addition to their donations, the fans also made a special cake just for Sooyoung.

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A good news for those who are watching SHINee's Hello Baby since the show aired!

In the 5th episode of SHInee's Hello Baby which will be aired next week,SNSD,Super Junior and other guests of Star King will be featured in Hello Baby next week.

Members of SNSD,Super Junior as well as MC Kang Ho Dong have some interactions with Yoo Geun,watch the trailer here to find out more about that episode!
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