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wow this is just awesome, but i doesnt know which exact date it is ><
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Encore - Win!
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[NewsEn Reporter: Lim Seiyoung.]

On February 26, girl group SNSD's Yuri (Kwon Yuri) and idol group Big Bang's Seungri (Lee Seunghyun) attended the Chung-Ang University's opening ceremony at the University's main hall of the art centre in Dongjak-gu Heukseok-dong, Seoul.

Both Yuri and Seungri were accepted into the College of Arts at Chung-Ang University and will be studying Theatre and Acting.

Despite their busy schedules, both individuals attended the opening ceremony as they begin their college experience.

Meanwhile, Yuri is currently promoting SNSD's second album 'Oh!' while Seungri recently returned from Big Bang's promotional activity in Japan and is recording for Big Bang's new album.



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100226 SNSD @ Cyon MAXX Quiz Event.avi

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This is just hilarious, Taeyeon in a baby giraffe costume? haha!
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still don't know what it is, the title in sosiz just written Variety show photo~ lol~ ><


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i can tell you i like this phone more than iPhone
really! Cyon MAXX T_T but i know it's expensive

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this headphone i remember that it's from the lucky thingy from star collection card event!
what a lucky sone!

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[Edaily SPN Kim Eun Goo reporter] SNSD Seohyun and CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa will be put into MBC's variety show "We Got Married" season 2 as a new couple.

Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa's appearance was first seen by the netizens who saw them filming on the 15th. They were also the ones who confirmed the couple's appearance on the show.

Seohyun who was born on June of 1991, now 18, will be married to Jung Yong Hwa who was born on June of 1989 in the imaginary-marriage TV program, "We Got Married." The first couple to be on this season is Gain(1987, September) and JoKon(1989, August).

Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa's marriage is perfectly legal under the korean law code 807 which states that "Anyone 18 or over can marry".

On the other hand, the fans who heard of this news showed various reactions toward the new couple. Some fans couldn't believe that it was happening, while other thought it had to be some other TV show that was casting the couple. Of course, some fans just didn't want these two to be married. There were also some fans who showed positive interest in the new couple. However, some thought that since these two couples are too young, it might not be as fun or entertaining as watching other couples.

Meanwhile, Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa will be put into, "We Got Married" with the original couples; JoKwon and Gain, Lee Sun Ho and Hwang Woo Sul.


wow she signed the picture of Legally Blonde too!
nice fanservice T_T i hope i can get one
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2010년 2월 27일 (토) / 제 201회 

대한민국 음악의 중심! 쇼!음악중심! 

♬ Comeback stage
․ 섹시한 ‘루팡(Lupin)'의 등장으로 2010년 가요계는 Game set!!
보다 화려하게! 보다 파워풀하게! 돌아온 
카라의 New Show가 지금 바로 시작됩니다~
- KARA『Umbrella + 루팡(Lupin)』 
♬ Special stage

․ 늘 똑같은 무대는 No! No! No!
보다 더~ 특별한 곳에서 만나는 소녀들의 "Oh!"무대에 Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
- 소녀시대『Oh!』

♬ sound-holic
․ 2AM의 Perfect 하모니는 계속되어야 한다!
이렇게 아름다운 노래가~ 어떻게 쉽게 질리겠어~♪
- 2AM『죽어도 못 보내』
․ 언제나 열정을 Burning하기에 사랑할 수밖에 없는, 
CNBLUE의 Untouchable 감성 사운드 속으로~
- CNBLUE『외톨이야(burning ver.)』 
․ 생각대로 She can CHANGE! 
stage 위의 기류는 이제 모두 그녀에게로 Change! Change! Change!
- 현아(feat.BEAST 용준형)『Change』
․ 중독성 200%! 귓가에 ‘빙글빙글~’ 맴도는 the U-Kiss sound!
- U-Kiss『빙글빙글』 
․ 자꾸 자꾸 듣고 싶은 강력한 주문, Mazeltov! Everybody 손잡고 함께 즐겨~
- ZE:A『Mazeltov』

♬ heart to heart
․ 이보다 더 달콤할 수는 없다! 
‘한 남자’ 김종국이 들려주는 소설 같이 아름다운 이야기 
- 김종국『이 사람이다』 
․ 겨울처럼 차갑게 식어버리고, 가슴에만 남은 사랑을 노래하다...
- 언터쳐블(feat.시크릿 지은)『가슴에 살아』
․ 잊는 법을 모르는, 오직 한 사랑밖에 모르는 그녀들의 사랑법 
- gavy nj (feat.U-Kiss 동호)『해바라기』
․ 가슴으로 노래하는 남자, 민경훈의 감.성.충.만. stage!
- 민경훈『아프니까 사랑이죠』

♬ New Song 
․ 강렬한 사운드에 꽂혀~ 티아라의 새로운 매력에 미쳐! 미쳐! 미쳐! 
- 티아라『너 때문에 미쳐』 
․ 투야, 베이비복스 리브의 리드 보컬, 안진경의 당찬 솔로선언! 
- 안진경『못된 사람』 
․ 유쾌한 삼총사의 경쾌한 음식예찬! 고민 고민하지 말고~ 먹어! 먹어!
- 삼총사『먹어 먹어』 
․ 하얀 겨울의 감성 그대로! 봄을 부르는 Mr.2의 따뜻한 보이스에 귀를 기울이다...
- Mr.2『세레나데』 
♬ 살리고! 살리 Go!
․ 토요일을 Hot!하게 스테이지를 더욱 Hot! Hot!하게 달구는 뜨거운 남자!
- 박현빈『앗! 뜨거』 
․ 신나는 음악이 좋아? 트로트가 좋아! 조아의 ‘점점점’이 점점 더 좋아!
- 조아『점점점』 

◎ 출연자
소녀시대 . KARA . 2AM . CNBLUE . 티아라 . 현아 . gavy nj . 김종국 . 민경
훈 . U-Kiss . ZE:A . 언터쳐블 . 박현빈 . 안진경 . 삼총사 . Mr.2 . 조아

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