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okay this photo is old, but still wanna share it!
the word SOSI appreared! Epic! really!

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I ripped this out
taeyeon was shouting G.O.D Jjang!
Too cute so i can't resist and put it as my ringtone keke!
so i wanted to share this out!
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 G.O.D Jjang! - Taeyeon.mp3

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# New Release #
SNSD “Run Devil Run”
2AM “I Did Wrong / 잘못했어”
# Take 7 #
KARA “Lupin”
T-ara “Crazy Because of You / 너 때문에 미쳐”
BEAST “Shock”
Epik high “Run”
Outsider “Acquaintance / 주변인”
# Hot Music # 
K.Will w. H-Eugene “선물”
OneTwo “WaLaLa LaLaLe / 와랄라 랄라레”
# Fresh Music # 
Kim JongGook “못 잊어”
M4 “널 위한 멜로디”
JJ “A little bit more / 점점 더”
Defcon feat. 구지성 “How to Leave the Rapper / 래퍼들이 헤어지는 방법”
Wink “얼쑤”
JungIn “Hateful / 미워요”
Geumbi  “콩닥콩닥”

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That so fast !


[Newsen Park Seo Yeon reporter]

SNSD members left a message for Jung Yong Hwa after leaving Seohyun in his care.

MBC's "We Got Married" aired on March 20th with Yong-Seo couple (a.k.a Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun). Since Jung Yong Hwa is in CN Blues and Seohyun from SNSD, they exchanged an album containing signatures from their own group.

However, the album Seohyun gave to Jung Yong Hwa attracted a lot of attention as it contained some interesting comments left by SNSD members.

Yoona wrote,"Our Seohyun grew up without knowing much about guys." revealing her thoughts as an older sister who just sent the younger one away to marry.

Tiffany wrote, "Our Seohyun is known for her whining and stubbornness, but please do take care of her. If you every make her cry, all 8 members are going to hate you."

Jessica wrote, "Hopefully, you will become a man who's better than a sweet potato for Seohyun." making the audience laugh.

HyoYeon first wrote, "It feels like our youngest sister is really getting married" and continued on saying, "However, that $1.75(2000won) couple-ring seems like it's going to melt every time you wash your hands." which showed her worries.

Seohyun of course, wrote her own comments in the album for her 'imaginary husband' Jung Yong Hwa in the album. She wrote, "Yong oppa, we are still a bit awkward around each other. I known that I'm lacking and there are still things I've to learn but, thank you for understanding and making me feel comfortable. Each and every meeting is important so we should make a lot of happy memories. Please take good care of me Yong~~~"

On the other hand, Yong Jung Hwa in one of his "We Got Married" interviews described his interactions with other SNSD members, "Nothing really happens when I meet other SNSD members, during a music program we met and they always showed me their smiles. However, I can feel what all 8 of them are saying through their eyes and they are asking if I'm taking good care of Seohyun or not." then continued with the interview saying, "When I see something like this, I know I have to do better. I will not stain Seohyun." which showed his dedication.

Park Seo Yeon


This part, "they are asking if I'm taking good care of Seohyun or not" is supposed to said with threatening tone/look from SNSD members

Also, when I translated this part, ""Nothing really happens when I meet other SNSD members, during a music program we met and they always showed me their smiles. However..." When I say smile, I mean like eye smile or smiling looks from their eyes.


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