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As soon as they arrived at work, they searched for the newspaper. They must be determined. As Sports Donga celebrated its two year anniversary, the two have become a 'one-day editor'. They will be editing, organizing, and formatting the entertainment section of the newspaper. The two chosen ones are Super Junior's Leeteuk and SNSD's Tiffany. We gave Tiffany the newspaper from the 23rd. She had a big smile on her face. In a survey done by 100 celebrities, SNSD has been chosen for 'the most popular star of the stars' and decorated the front page. Especially as other celebrities have chosen them, Tiffany seemed really excited and took pictures of the newspaper in various angles. "I sent the photomail to all the members! I have to share this joyful moment!"
▶If I can be a reporter, what would I report on?

When they were notified that editors can become reporters at times, they went into a deep thought. Leeteuk spoke first. "If I had to become a reporter, I would focus on how celebrities invest."

Then, we became curious about how SNSD invests. Tiffany laughed, "All of our members are only saving up right now." Then which member has the most savings? Tiffany quietly said, "Probably me" and slightly winked. She also notified us of her recent donation activities. She did not reveal specific information, but mentioned that it was for the disabled.

"God is not helping me just so that I can live well alone. I also want to be a good example to younger fans..."
▶News told by Tiffany

We inform you of fresh SNSD news!

SNSD has taken over the music industry once again with new image, "Black Soshi". It seems as though they can not be envious of anything, but there was one thing that they envied. The one person that the SNSD members envy is the youngest, Seohyun, who is currently a 'couple' in a variety program.
▷All the members want to marry like Seohyun~

Tiffany stated, "When the members all gather, we only talk about Seohyun. It's just a variety program, but we still can't believe that our youngest is now married, and we're really jealous too. It seems fun being a newlywed."

While watching Seohyun's marriage in MBC's "We Got Married", the SNSD members happily dream about their future lives after getting married. However, the one person that ruins these moments is their manager.

Tiffany laughed, "Our manager oppa said that only Seohyun can pull off that kind of marriage and that we won't be able to live like her."
▶Celebrity and entertainment reporters can sympathize each other!

Leeteuk and Tiffany has experienced the daily life of the employees with the long meetings and article releases. Looking at the certificate given by Sports Donga for their work, Leeteuk showed great enthusiasm about being a reporter.

He stated, "I want to try being an official reporter for at least a couple of days... I have a couple of exclusive news..." and laughed it off. Tiffany suddenly added, "Entertainment reporters have the same mind as celebrities," and showed sympathy. It was a short experience, but it seems as though she learned a lot.

"Like a celebrity can get misunderstood at times, I realized that the reporters can get misunderstood as well. 'I didn't intend to write it like that...' I guess I can say that I am now able to sympathize with the reporters' difficulty."
[omitted parts irrelevant to SNSD]

Credit: Donga ||

Images by: KBS 2TV show screen capture

[Max movie = Celebrity News] Taeyeon wasn't able to attend the 'Win/Win' show due to combination of cold and fatigue.

On March 23rd, KBS 2TV 'Win/Win' show started broadcast without SNSD's Taeyeon and the show's opening song had to be sang
with only MC Kim Seung Woo, Choi Hwa Jung, Kimg Shing Young , and 2PM's Woo young.

Kim Seung Woo started after the opening song saying, 'I think we have to apologies to the viewers' and started explaining Taeyeon's
health conditions, 'Since Taeyeon's sick due to her overwhelming schedule, she will not be joining us today.'

Choi Hwa Jung also added, 'Taeyeon came all way to the studio stage, but she was so sick that she was crying. Then she told us that
she was too sick to be on the show and left.'

After listening to the MC's explanation and seeing how Taeyeon left the stage with tears, the audience also felt bad for Taeyeon.

Taeyeon other than her active participation in performing SNSD's new song, 'Run Devil Run', she is currently working in
'Win/Win' show as MC and MBC FM4U's 'Taeyeon's Best Friend' as radio DJ.


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