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100415 Jessica @ Legally Blonde Musical Picture Fantak

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success concert!
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this picture is huge o.o
yes i mean huge!
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here's what redstar said!

Dear GG/SNSD fans, this is what we've got from SME " For GG's concert in Malaysia, we've concluded that we will not add any more country on the current list as GG's production is toooo huge. We will do Shanghai concert (this Sat), Bangkok's (July) and Taiwan (Nov) only.Thanks for your interest, but sorry for...". *pouts* However, we are currently discussing to bring GG for a fan-meeting, let's wait for more okay. ;D

yea!! although we cannot have a concert for 1st Asia Tour Concert, Maybe we can have at 2nd? ^^
yea. dicussing on the fanmeeting! I will definately went there for sure! truely!
take some picture for u guys if it succeded kaka~

yes and yes that SM concluded that their last stop at Taiwan November. said that if i'm not wrong~
so hope the 2nd concert will come at Malaysia~ 

If you do not know what RedStar is, RedStar is a company that brings artist to have fanmeeting concert and etc, recent activity are SuperShow2 @ Malaysia


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[TvDaily = Choi Jun Yong reporter] SNSD fans have made an advertisement on a newspaper for Jessica's birthday

On April 16th, Jessica fans have put up an ad in the newspaper for Jessica's 22nd birthday.
and this ad clearly expressed the fan's love for her.

Jessica's actual birthday is on April 18th, but the fans decided to put this ad in the papers
for the 16th because the 18th was Sunday and it was very likely that not many students or
workers will see the ad.

On the other hand, Jessica enjoyed her pre-birthday party on April 13th with SNSD fans at the
SM Entertainment which is located in Chung Nam Dong, Seoul. Also, other members of SNSD
were seen in the party.

SNSD, for their Asia Concert Tour on the 17th, left for Shanghai on the 16th of April. This Shanghai concert will
start in Thailand and move on to other parts of Asia.

[TvDaily = Choi Jun Yong reporter] / photos by: SNSD representitive fan cafe (Cistus)]
****NOTE: I will put up the news paper translation on the translated goodies page for those who are interested, Happy Birthday Jessica****


DJ Taeyeon is withdrawing from MBC Chinchin radio.

According to a staff from MBC Radio, Taeyeon will cease her DJ duties from 27th onwards. The staff said, "Due to Taeyeon's circumstances, we had decided to replace her with another DJ". Taeyeon's last radio session will be on 25th.

Responding to the withdrawal, SM Entertainment said, "Taeyeon will take this chance to rest and recharge and she will be busy with her upcoming musical as well as overseas promotions after that."

After Joo Jungrin left, Taeyeon took over and was partnered with Super Junior's Kang In for ChinChin. Ever since Kang In dropped out of the program last year, Taeyeon had been hosting the program as a solo DJ.

Taeyeon became the DJ after Joo Jungrin have left. For a while, she partnered up with Super Junior's Kang In. However, after Kang In dropped out last year, she has been hosting radio sessions as a solo DJ.


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