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Epop: Sunny – What is the food you would like to eat most now?
Sunny: Actually, I think the other members have more things that they would like to eat, so I will just eat whatever they want!

Epop: If you could choose to live your life again, what kind of life would you like to experience?
Sunny: Because I’ve already experienced life as a singer, I would like to experience the life of a normal college girl, leading a normal life.

Epop: Yoona – What is the one thing you would like to learn the most now?
Yoona: I would like to attend cuisine classes so I can learn how to cook. When I get married in the future, I want to be able to cook well before I marry. It would be better if I could cook good Korean cuisine! Although I am not picky with my food and I like to eat most types of food, but if I were to pick my favorite dish, it would be Kimchi soup! ~^_^

Epop: To you, what is the best gift you could receive from a friend?
Yoona: I would like my friend to write me a letter, so I do not need anything else. If not, I would like a photo book or a diary that is full of memories. I like things that have more sincerity and meaning.

Epop: After promotions are over, what would you like to do?
Tiffany: If there is no schedule, I would like to practice dance with the members. Lately, I’ve been into Lady Gaga and a lot of British pop music!

Epop: Tiffany – Who do you think in Girls Generation is most like your rival? [*Not in the enemy sense]
Tiffany: Hyoyeon. She is someone who is very interesting, and she has been very active in variety shows nowadays, so I would like to learn how to joke around [*as in, have more fun] from her. Actually, I’ve been observing her a lot lately and I’ve been thinking to myself, “Oh… So this is how it is…”

Epop: Ever since the RDR repackage album was released, Taeyeon’s Black Soshi concept was very popular. Do you know that?
Taeyeon: Me? I’m not sure if my popularity rose because of that, but I think that the cheering and support has been greater, especially from our fans, who have been more energetic in supporting us. From the stage, we can see all the fan’s happy reactions, and because of their cheers, Girls Generation will definitely try our best!

Epop: Taeyeon, what is the one thing you would like to learn nowadays?
Taeyeon: I would like to learn the guitar. If there is a chance, I would like to play it for the fans.

Epop: When Girls Generation is together, what is the most common topic that you talk about?
Hyoyeon: Whenever it is or wherever we are, we will talk about food! I’m not sure if it’s because we’re girls, that’s why we’re interested in food. If we hear of a nice place to eat, we will definitely go to try it out. After going, we will also let others know to try it! Because we’re mostly above 20 now, we’re also interested in guys. When watching television actors, there are times we exclaim, “XX is so cute/handsome”, and our conversation would be about the actor.

Epop: Sooyoung, where is a place you would like to travel to?
Sooyoung: Either America’s New York or LA, especially a place where I can rest while experiencing the sea breeze. If in Korea, I would like to go to Busan, because there was once I went there with my parents during my break, so I have a deep impression of that place. Also, the food there is amazing, especially “???” [*not sure what particular dish it is] and Busan’s beef!

Epop: Seohyun – what is a book that you have recently read?
Seohyun: I’ve been reading a book that my mother recommended me, called “Acabar”. When I’ve finished it, I’ll introduce it to everyone!

Epop: Girls Generation hasn’t had a proper break since your debut. As a twenty year old girl, do you feel that you have no private time to yourself?
Taeyeon: As a singer, performing is our job. When there is time, I would give myself a manicure. If it’s time to go to school, I will. Time is always squeezed out of our schedules~

Epop: In Girls Generation, whose figure is the best?
Tiffany: When I first saw Sooyoung, I thought she was not only tall, but with really nice long hair. She made me think about Korean models Shin MinA and Jeon Ji Hyun! But recently she did not seem to watch her weight, so she gained a bit of weight…
Sooyoung: It was not easy to gain 3 kg, and it was my heaviest weight ever!

Epop: Jessica, what do you want to learn nowadays?
Jessica: I want to learn tennis. Not only is it a form of exercise, I love the charm of the girls who play tennis. [*As in, she likes the impression of what girls who play tennis portray]

Epop: Average amount of time Girls Generation sleeps?
Yuri: About 4 hours at night, but we catch up with sleep in the car, so it’s still okay!

Epop: Yuri – Impression of the best place for a date?
Yuri: Impression of a date? In the car? Ha~ Actually I have never gone on an official date, but I would like to go to the amusement park!

Epop: Girls Generation has a lot of fans overseas, do you know that?
Hyoyeon: We know that many fans imitate us overseas. Not only their expressions but also their dances, it’s exactly the same! Really cool~
Yoona: Even the countries we’ve never been to, we still see videos of them imitating us online, it’s really cool! I would like to perform in a concert there.

Epop: After seeing fans from so many countries, which country’s fans are the most passionate?
Sunny: Southeast Asia fans. Maybe because of the hot weather, I find they are also very passionate! Especially when we are performing, we can see them follow our dance steps, so I’m really thankful~
Yuri: Seeing overseas fans giving us so much support, sometimes I feel very bad. Because we don’t have a lot of activities overseas, but we still get so much love from them, so we will definitely work hard from now on!

Epop: Do you feel that your image from debut days until now has changed a lot?
Taeyeon: This time, RDR’s “black Soshi” image may give off an “evil woman” image… Even the torn stockings are torn by us (to give off a sexy image!)
Tiffany: Whether it is the song or the choreography, the first album’s choreography is more powerful…
Hyoyeon: Especially ITNW’s choreography with the high-kick part! When we do that part, many of the guys will go “wow!”
Tiffany: When we started performing Gee, the choreography theme was to “act coquettishly” [*kind of like, to flirt? But the original meaning was to act like a spoilt child], and the crab dance too!

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