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SNSD's Tiffany and Yuri will leave their MC spots on Music Core for 3 weeks.

On the live broadcast of Show! Music Core on May 22nd, Tiffany and Yuri announced that they would be absent for 3 weeks.

The two said, "Don't be sad. Very cool people will be here to fill our place," and, "you have to miss us while we're gone!"

SNSD recently wrapped up their album promotions so that they can promote throughout all of Asia. Sunny and Yuri have already left KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth.




[TVdaily= Choi JoonYong Reporter] Girls' Generation made their fans go wild from their two different charming points.

On this day of 22nd, 7PM at Seoul Mapo District Seoul World Cup Stadium, 'Love You Korea 2010 Dream Concert' was held and Girls' Generation participated with official 2nd Album 'Oh!' and repackage album title song 'Run Devil Run'.

Girls' Generation's 'Oh!' stage on this day boasted their refreshing and vivacious choreography, and on the following 'Run Devil Run' stage, contrasting from 'Oh!' stage, they made their fans go wild by haughty and charismatic eyes and more impressive choreography. Especially from the choreography where the members grab onto each others shoulders bouncing off their pelvis, their charming points were more appealing. 

On this day, Super Junior's Kim Heechul, Sin Saekyung who have joined the rank of popular star through MBC TV 'High Kick through the Roof', and 2PM Taekyeon managed to be the 'Dream Concert' MC and progressed the concert.

On 'Dream Concert', Lee Hyori, Rain, Girls' Generation, Wondergirls, Super Junior, SS501, 2PM, KARA, SHINEE, ZE:A, After School, T-ARA, U-Kiss, 4minute, BEAST, CN Blue, f(x), and many more top artists in Korea have been all called out and opened up fabulous stages.

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[Newsis Reporter Lee Yeonwoong] It has been revealed on the 21st that in Kyungki Namyangju, there will be a free football game and a congratulatory performance by SNSD to help starving children. 

At the [American] football game in Namyanju city, SNSD will appear to give a performance. Families, couples, and friends will be there to hopefully have a good time as there will also be a donation event for the Hope Care Center to help underfed children. 

The performance with SNSD and the event will take place on May 22nd from 9AM to 5PM at Namyangju city sports center, with free admittance for everyone.

On this day, Goryuh University and Yeonse University will kick off at 9AM with an opening performance, and at noon, Seoul University will play against Hanyang University with a half-time show by the national cheerleading team.

At 2:20pm, there will be a flag football game between Namyang's Little Vikings and EeU Middle School as well as the game between Yongin Foreign Language High School and EeU High School. At 3PM, there will be a game between the Seoul Vikings and ADT Caps Golden Eagles.

The opening performance will be at 11AM, where SNSD will have the opening kick of the game and a performance with Oh! and Gee. SNSD will also have a ball-signing event for fanservice.


Source: Newsis

Best idol girl group Girl’s Generation sent the military men of Dochon-do into a crazy frenzy.

On the most recent episode of “Family Outing 2”, part of SBS’s “Good Sunday”, the family members were shown in the middle of a surprise concert for the military men of Dochon-do. This was the first performance in this region since 63 years ago. 

On this night, the number audience number reached 1500 people when Girl’s Generation’s Yoona took the stage with a different feel. At this point, due to nervousness Yoona made a mistake. But the audience cheered her on my shouting “It’s Okay! It’s Okay!”. And thus Yoona continued her sexy dance routine causing chaos in the crowd.

The Family’s MC for the night “Popeye” Lee Sang Yong then surprised everyone with Girl’s Generation. The members came due to Yoona’s request and thus 7 other members came to give strength to the concert.

Due to conflicting schedules, leader Taeyeon was unable to make it and thus 8 members of Girl’s Generation performed their hit song “Oh!”. After Yuri made the crowd explode by saying “Soldier oppas, seeing you in front of us makes us really excited”.

The soldiers then encouraged the members to sing “Gee” by chanting “Gee, Gee, Gee, Gee, Baby Baby Baby”.

When the concert was over, the excited faces of the family members were shown rejoicing, showing their inner feelings.

The next morning, the family members had to prepare a food for 400 people. They prepared a chicken dish. 

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