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After 5 weeks of being on board KBS 2TV Happy Birthday, SNSD’s Jessica finally bids goodbye to the show next week.

Following the footsteps of her fellow SNSD members, Sunny and Yuri on Invincible Youth and Taeyeon on Chin Chin radio – the main reason behind bidding adieu to the show is due to SNSD’s upcoming overseas activities.

“Jessica was only supposed to be a part of the show for 4 weeks, and we have been having 2-3 guests appear on the show every week,” said the staff. Being a permanent member on the show, Jessica has showed her witty social skills with the other guests. The staff also announced that they are not yet looking for a replacement.

On her last appearance, Jessica shared the happiness of childbirth with the show’s other members. This episode airs on the 7th at 11:05pm (KST).

Source: Bae Sun Young @newsen
Translation: ch0sshi @kpoplive

part1  here
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part 1 here
rest on the channel


[Newsen Kim Sohee reporter]

Yoona received a happy birthday from 'FO2' members.

On May 31st, at the filming of the 1st part of SBS 'Good Sunday', 'Family Outing', there was a birthday party for SNSD's Yoona.

During a phone interview, the producers of 'FO2' said
"Yoona's birthday was on the previous day, May 30th. On this day (the 31st), after finishing their schedules, the members (Kim Wonhee, Yoon Sanghyun, Ji Sangryul, Shin Bongsun, Jokwon (2AM), Yoona (SNSD), and Ok Taekyeon (2PM) had a birthday party for Yoona."

The producers said, "They smeared cake on each others' faces and played pranks and it was an amicable atmosphere." and "After getting ready to sleep, the members had to wash up again", sharing behind the scene stories.

It was said that on that day, the special guest, Gain, while everyone was washing up for the second time, said that she couldn't let anyone see her makeup-less face and was the only one that didn't wash up.

On the other hand, that day's filming was of the 'best friend special part 2' and BEG's Gain, Kara's Nicole, and actors Shin Hyunjoon and Gong Hyungjin participated in the filming. Scenes of a 100 year old mother's birthday party that were recorded at Jeonnam Damyang will be shown on June 13th.

Yoona's filmed birthday scenes will be shown on June 13th and 20th, for 2 weeks.

Article written by: Kim Sohee, Newsen reporter
Translated by:
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Girl group SNSD was selected 1st place as the girl group that suits pro baseball pitching best by DMB viewers.

QBS, which broadcasts the terrestrial DMB pro baseball telecasts, created a survey from May 17th to May 30th, targeting 508 total DMB viewers asking which 'girl group would suit pro baseball pitching best'.
It resulted in SNSD placing 1st with an overwhelming figure of 54% (279 votes).

Kara was supported with 17%, placing 2nd (91 votes), After School placed 3rd with 10% (54 votes). It is known that After School's Uee is the daughter of Nexen Heroes' pro baseball coach, Kim Sunggab.

QBS's organization manager, Lee Heedae said, "Pro baseball's popularity along with pitching events becoming recognized as an actual event are causing girl groups to compete for participation in these events and the interest in being a pitcher is high." and "In the recent Jamshil opening game, 1st place SNSD's Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Yoona participated, receiving massive responses and left good impressions on DMB viewers."

Article written by: Lee Miyoung reporter
Picture credits to: Park Youngtae reporter
Translated by:
Original link: 

For this edition's celebrity interview, we met with SNSD, the current most popular and valuable group. The newspaper club asked a few questions for the students who are thirsty for answers made by SNSD. 

Q. Did you guys have any regrets of becoming a celebrity?
SNSD: There are some things that we left behind, but we have gained so much more by becoming a celebrity, so we have no regrets. 

Q. Out of all the albums released, what are your favorites?
Tiffany, Hyoyeon: Tell Me Your Wish!
Jessica, Sunny: Into the New World.. Because it's the very first album, and the concept is too fresh and young that I don't think we can come back to that. 
Sooyoung: SNSD's Girls' Generation. (probably referring to the first official album)

Q. Please tell us some things that fans should and should not do.
SNSD: We hope that they would refrain from doing prank calls or coming to our dorms. As our dorm is in a remote and isolated area, if we run into fans, we often get scared. What we like the best is when the fans follow along with us with the fan chants when we are on stage. 

Q. What is one thing that you can show off to the public that's different from other groups?
Tiffany: All of our kids are like sponges. Each album has different concepts, and there are members who fits so well into the concept while some does not fit in well at all. Whenever this happens, while practicing, we absorb each other's pros and cons. When we finally go up on the stage, it feels like we became one. 

Q. What are some fashion style that you guys each prefer?
Hyoyeon: I like colors that stand out, as long as it's not embarrassing. But Sunny's a little embarrassing. 
Sunny: I'm usually too lazy, so I just wear anything, but I tend to dress up nicely at important occasions.
Sooyoung: I like jackets. I also like jeans, and because of my height, I tend to wear flats. And Tiffany only wears shorts, as if she knows that her legs are pretty. 
Tiffany: No, that's not it. I'm just too lazy to wear long pants when I wake up in the morning, so I look for shorts. Especially because that the weather is getting warmer, I enjoy wearing shorts.

Q. Your number one treasure?
SNSD: We don't really have obsessions over objects, so it's probably each other or our family.
Jessica: Myself. (laugh)

Q. Do you guys have any pets?
Tiffany: I have a very small, cute, and white puppy. Its name is "Jackson Hwang".

Q. You guys probably have a different vacation season than others. How will you guys spend your vacation?
Sunny: My dad's in Kuwait, so I decided to go there for vacation.
Sooyoung, Tiffany: We're planning to go to the US. Try and find where we're going to go~
Hyoyeon: Try finding me too~
Jessica: I'll just rest at my house.

-YoungDong High School Newspaper Club

Credit: Sosiz

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