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they said either is Italy or Rome.

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100811 will release their DVD contains MV + Bonus
100825 they will debut at Tokyo Ariake Coliseum
September , they plan to release their new album through Universal Music

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On the 10th, Popular Korean idol group SNSD announced their summer Japanese debut. On August 11th seven of their hit music videos will be released on a DVD temporarily called “SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc”, and on the 25th at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum, about 10,000 fans will be invited for a great debut event. Asia’s number one girl group is going to make a suitable, brilliant and magnificent start.

A whirlwind of girl groups from Korea are blowing in, but among them the overwhelmingly popular SNSD finally heads to Japan.

In addition to their cute looks, they also have great legs. Debuting in 2007 with an abundance of different personalities, wide range of men and women began to like them as they became popular and they had a big break. Last year they released “Gee” and on KBS’s music program they created a new record with 9 consecutive wins, they also received first place on charts in Thailand and the Philippines and they took home the end-of-the-year awards. This year they also had consecutive hits with “Oh!” and “Run Devil Run” keeping up their advancement.

Last year, Universal Music’s staff saw the girls’ music videos and were shocked at quality of the songs and videos. At the same time they noticed their Korean accomplishments and immediately started a contract negotiation. Several record companies competed with one another, and in May a contract was decided (with Universal Music).

A universal staff explained this about the group, “The 9 members emphasized their beautiful legs, showed us matching uniforms and not only that have a synchronized dance. I’ve heard their music many times, the songs are toxic.” The staff also gave high praise, “They’re noble and refined, as females I’m attracted to them, as artists I’m also charmed by them.”

You can feel how great their appeal is, and the DVD has been decided as their first step into Japan. On August 11th the DVD “SNSD’s Arrival” will be released and will feature 7 hit music videos and bonus footage. In September their single will be released (Currently, they’re working on choosing a song) and they will carry out their official debut.

Asia’s number 1 girl group is preparing for a suitable debut. On August 25th at the Ariake Coliseum, 10,000 fans are invited to see their first Japanese performance. This is the greatest debut from any Korean artist coming to Japan. Although there’s a high expectation forming (for SNSD), Japan’s leading girl groups like AKB48 and Morning Musume are also a threat (to them).

Taeyeon (21) sends a message about their long-cherished Japan debut, “I’m very nervous, my heart is racing. I’m really happy for this blessing. We’re preparing with all our might, so please look forward to us.”

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Girl group SNSD will do a large-scale showcase for 10,000 people on August 25th in Tokyo, Japan.

On the 11th, SM Entertainment revealed, "SNSD will have their showcase at the Ariake Colosseum located in Tokyo, Japan. It is planned that this will mark their flashy, first stage of their Japanese promotions." and "Ariake Colosseum is a huge venue that seats 10,000 people and as much as SNSD is the best girl group, they will present their powerful stage and connect with the 10,000 audience members at their first showcase in Japan."

SNSD, signed to one of Universal Music Japan's record labels, 'Nayutawave Records', will release their Japanese debut single in September. After that, on August 11th, their first DVD containing all their hit song music videos will be released.
Among Universal Music's 12 joint-company labels, 'Nayutawave Records' possesses the most influence and 'DREAMS COME TRUE' as well as 'GReeen' are signed under them.

The attention is on SNSD and whether they will become a hot issue in the world of J-pop as they take their first step forward in Japan.

Article written by: Hong Donghee
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On the 10th, Korean 9-membered “beautiful legs” group SNSD announced their full-blown Japanese advancement. They plan to hold their first concert in since arriving in Japan on August 25th at the Tokyo Ariake Coliseum, which holds 10,000 people. In September, they plan to release their Japanese debut single through Universal Music. SNSD follows other performers like 4 Minute and KARA which have also came to Japan this year, more and more star performers are appearing.

In August 2007, SNSD debuted in Korea with Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Seohyun, Jessica, Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon and Tiffany which formed the 9 member group. In March 2009 they created a record on KBS Music Bank with 9 consecutive wins with their song “Gee”. They’re the top group in the “Korean Girl Pop” scene and have done commercials for cellphones, drinks, sports brands, etc . and have commercial contracts with 15 companies. Their influence also spreads throughout Asia, they’ve received first place on various music charts in Thailand and the Philippines and have gone to places like China for their Asia Tour.

Their greatest attraction is their ability to synchronize their dancing with one another. Fans are fascinated with their costumes and legs. They’re popularity can already be seen in large CD shops in the K-POP section. With both their popularity and true ability we can see signs of a BOOM for their Japanese debut and the music staff has high expectations.

So far, the songs’ music video with special editing has been announced and bonus footage has been recorded. Their first DVD temporarily called, “SNSD Arrival ~ First Time in Japan Commemoration Disc” will be on sale on August 11th. On August 25th 10,000 people who purchase the DVD will receive an invitation to the Showcase Concert in Ariake Coliseum to debut to Japanese fans.

Translator Note: In Japan the girls are going to be known as "Shoujo Jidai" written as 少女時代. We will still abbreviate as SNSD to avoid confusion ^^

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SNSD's Yuri and Sunny, and 4Minute's Hyunah said their goodbyes to the remaining G7 members of KBS 2TV's 'Invincible Youth'.

On the goodbye special of 'Invincible Youth', after 8 months of friendship, Yuri, Sunny, and Hyunah promised to meet again with Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Goo Hara (Kara), Hyomin (T-Ara), Han Sunhwa (Secret), etc.

On the day of filming, the G7 members started the shoot full of jokes as usual, but when the Yoochiri villagers brought food and said their goodbyes, they could not keep in their tears.

Especially, Sunny brought a Greeny-shaped candle made by her mother and asked the empty spot to be substituted with the candle, making everyone sad. Not only she showed sadness in parting with the G7 members, Sunny showed sadness in parting with Greeny as well.

Also, Hyunah said her goodbyes with each and every one of the show's cast and staffs, and for Yuri, it was visible that she was so close to tears, but tried very hard to not lose her bright expression.

Hyomin, who was very close with Sunny in the program, read out loud her letter written for her. Listening to her, the cast could not keep in their tears.

The last episode with Yuri, Sunny, and Hyunah, who all decided to leave the program due to foreign activities, will air June 11th on 11:05PM KST.



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