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Today's Cooky Date was really precious. ^_^
I personally think it was better because Shinyoung unnie hosted it. Keke.
With witty words here and there, she was hosting from about 20 minutes before the girls arrived.

What did we do first...
There was this message board, and she was reading some of them, and then chose a lady and interviewed her.
She then said she'll give her the autographed giant cookie... Everyone was jealous...

Then she said let's learn the Cooky CF dance. She said "Give us the video!" and really began dancing..
Unnie, you were really cute... kekekekekeke

She was looking at the screen and dancing a bit, then when it ended she said, "You saw enough, right?" so I said "Show us the music video!"
The really short versions were replaying, so I asked, and unnie was like "Music video? It's not ready"

...........ah.. okay, sorry... kekekekeke

I was in the very front row, so I was just talking to Shinyoung unnie the whole time kekekeke

She told us how much SNSD would be touched when they see us dancing when they arrive, and tried to make us dance. Kekeke
Then she was embarrassed, so kept telling us to do it with her, and when we start, she said she can't watch us dance anymore. Kekeke

What do you want us to do... kekekekekek

Then did we practice about twice?
Shinyoung unnie said she'll choose 5 people that dances the best and give the autographed giant cookie.
Everyone was looking around, then unnie saw me and said, "In the front... kiss."

I was wearing a shirt with a huge 'Kiss' something something on it.. kekekeke

"Did you ever kiss anyone?"
"Me? No.. kekeke"
"You didn't, so come up."

This is tyranny! Kekekekekekekekekeke

So I danced in the front and thought I was lucky enough that I wasn't dancing in front of SNSD.
Of the five people that danced, I was the only girl, so I was so embarrassed.
But of the ones that came up with me, there was this guy that danced really passionately.. wow.. hehe

Then Shinyoung unnie said to dance again when SNSD shows up, and I said "Unnie, don't be like that.."

After that, I think there was a quiz? Whoever got it right got the giant cookie again. There was 9, each of the members made one.
So after a few minutes, music video was played, then Shinyoung unnie next to me was like "Cute right? Taeyeon's playing well all by herself... keke. Isn't Taeyeon cute? There's Seohyun and Yoona!"

Great commentary kekekekeke... They showed complete making film as well. After, she asked who was our favorite in SNSD, and everyone was busy shouting names, and I shouted that I liked all of them, and she said that it was the correct answer.

Maybe because there was some time left, Shinyoung unnie said to ask some personal questions, so everyone was wondering whether to ask about SNSD or Shinyoung, and she said she visits their dorm often.. kekeke

Q. Does Jessica really sleep a lot?
She sleeps a lot. Even if I'm present in their dorm, she just continues to sleep on the couch. keke

Q. Is the dorm big?
It's big. Big enough to play soccer. keke

Q. Does Taeyeon unnie have braces? I heard she can't eat anything.
Yes, she's getting her teeth fixed. She can't even eat, so I offered her my organic drink, and she declined, saying it didn't taste good.

Q. Are their rooms clean? Kekekekekeke
Who is this?! SNSD is a girl group everyone! Idols! Kekekeke.
(Then Shinyoung unnie started looking around and said "There's no SNSD managers here right?)
I'll just say one thing. There are fairies in the music industry, but...
Then me and everyone else around me stopped her. We wanted to keep their image clean.

Q. Who eats the most?

Q. Does Seohyun brag about her husband?
No. She's always in her room. She plays well with Sunny and Taeyeon.

Oh, and I asked if they really played soccer, but they didn't. It was just that it was big enough to do that.

Q. Whose room is the biggest?
They're all about the same.

Q. Who has the biggest insoles?
Insoles are Sunny!

Q. How many centimeters?
Killer heel, guys.

Then everyone started laughing.

Q. Who is the dirtiest member?
What's wrong with these questions? I'll stop there.

And then Shinyoung unnie said she was the dirtiest... kekekekeke

Q. What kind of coffee does Jessica like?
Then Shinyoung unnie looked confused, and all the fans shouted "CARAMEL COFFEE!" and started laughing.
Shinyoung unnie said don't talk about things she doesn't know.

Q. Is Sica nuna scary?
She's not scary, but she's too frivolous (full of kkap in another word). So she got hit by me a couple of times.

Then fans started laughing, then started ganging up on Shinyoung unnie.
Shinyoung unnie got scared and said that she doesn't kill her, she only hits her softly, so don't do this.

Q. Does Seohyun study a lot? Which subjects?
Huh? I don't know. She's in her room all the time..

Q. Who's the best drinker?
I've never drank with them before. Oh, and Sunny tried chicken gizzards for the first time because of me when she turned 20. She pretended like she couldn't eat, then ate them well. She ate chicken feet too.

After all the questions, with Shinyoung unnie's introduction, SNSD came out!!

T____________________T They were so pretty....

Shinyoung unnie asked for episodes from the CF shoot, and no one was answering, so she said to say something.
Then Yoona unnie said during the last part, "Soshi's Cooky!", when everyone was holding a cookie, the cookies broke.
Shinyoung unnie looked at Yoona and said, "Yeah, that's a really big episode," and Yoona unnie didn't know what to do and started laughing.

Somone asked how was it making their own cookies, and Fany unnie received the mic. I saw Music Core and was really worried about her throat. She was talking well, but unnie, don't overwork. T_T Fany unnie said they didn't make it well, but ate so many..? Something like that. I was too busy worrying -_-;; Then Shinyoung unnie said to give back the mic if she was done talking. Kekeke.

Then I think it was Sooyoung unnie? Someone found a mic behind the table and said she found a mic, but Shinyoung unnie was on the other side, distracted, so she didn't hear. Kekekeke So Sooyoung unnie made a face and put down the mic.

Before the fan signing began, they took pictures with the signed cookies. Fans couldn't take pictures, and only the reporters....
The most memorable cookie was Fany unnie's..

I told you guys that I sat at the very front, so I was one of the first ones to get autographs. The girls usually quickly sign and don't talk very much, so I didn't expect much. I thought of what to say to the girls before hand but....
Aigoo, Shinyoung unnie!!!! Are you really going to be like that?! T________T

It was Yoona unnie, Joohyun, Taeyeon unnie, Soonkyu unnie, Miyoung unnie, in that order but... but.. ahhhhhh

When I went up and said hi to Yoona unnie, Shinyoung unnie recognized me and said, "(reading the name off of the paper) Ah~ Sunyoung. This person... for the Cooky CF"
"Ah~ Unnie, don't be like that~ kekekekekekeke"

I quickly realized that what she was going to say... kekekeke

"Don't say it! Don't say it!!!!"

I was trying to hard to stop it from happening... kekekeke

"Show it to us just once~"

So...... slkdfajwoifjslkdfjwe T_____________________________T

I danced.....

I danced in front of SNSD again!!!! T_______________T I promised myself that I never would do it again... T____T

Yoona unnie what is "Ohhh~~" T______________T That leaves a scratch in my heart.. T___T

Joohyun next to her said something, and Shinyoung unnie said "Cute!" and Soonkyu unnie said "You're good!" T_T

I bought Joohyun a book for her birthday gift. I believed that other people might get her self-development books, so I bought her a novel that I got recommended for.
Read it well, Hyun... Ah.. I never got to say happy birthday,, kekeke I went crazy after dancing...

The signing paper was going by so fast, that I didn't have enough time to say what I wanted to say...

I saw Taeyeon unnie, and wanted to say that the MuBank stage was awesome and that I cheered for her during pre-recording and I was happy.......

But,, unnie... don't pass the signing paper so fast... T_______T

"Unnie, the MuBank stage was awesome... I went to the pre-recording...."
That all I said before the paper went to Sunny unnie... ACK!! kekekeke

My saying..
My thoughts..
My mind...

All up in the sky now...

Sunny unnie suddenly asked if I was a good dancer, and I said eh? uh?... nooo... and I was lost..

I'm a very soft-hearted Sone~ My heart beats so fast when I see you guys... Soonkyu unnie~ I love you~

I was so worried about Fany unnie's throat, and asked her if her throat was okay and was literally crying, and she gave me a big smile... Fany unnie is an angel.

I only said hi to Yuri unnie and Sooyoung unnie...Everything that I was gonna say went away thanks to the dancing.. T______T

Oh and I might've gone crazy, and asked Sica unnie if she remembered me...... WHY WOULD SHE REMEMBER ME YOU IDIOT....crazy... Why did I even ask... I should've just said she looked pretty... Anyways, I said "The one that danced Run Devil Run" and she said "Ah~". Does she really remember? Please forget about it.. kekekeke

I was gonna ask for feedback if she liked the Dream Team support items, but my mind and my mouth plays separately... "Unnie, you're so pretty".. it just came out of my mouth.. When your mind is blank, praising is the only thing you can do.. Unnie said thank you, and I almost bowed to her.. Thank you more, unnie.

My signing was over like that...
It feels like the only thing I did was dance... really...
I was supposed to have a date with the girls, but what is this.....

Posted Image

This is a fortune cookie with Seohyun's message. (Passed out to everyone)

During the signing event, SooRi unnies had a kkap explosion. Sooyoung unnie started it.
Whether this one 10 year old kid was cute.. or amused by her, starting with Yoona unnie, they started conversing with her... That's what I wanted... Anyways, she was cute.. kekeke
Taeyeon unnie's eyes were like o_o while talking kekekeke.

Then, when Sooyoung unnie asked for a handshake? The kid didn't want to. So you know that "oppa~ oppapapa~" voice... She kept asking for a handshake in that voice...
And Yuri unnie next to her was joining in...
What were they two doing!?
I was laughing like crazy.

After that, kekekekekek so funny.. kekekekekeke....... there was this person with something written on front and back of their shirt and the unnies bursted out into laughter kekekek..

There was this one person, while getting SNSD's signature, they were talking on the phone.. Seriously... Sooyoung unnie was like "How can you talk on the phone at this time?" with that same voice.. kekekek and Yuri unnie joined again.. kekekeke

There were so many things but aigoo I can't remember... Thanks to SooRi unnies exploding, Sica unnie was about to die from laughing too hard.

Once in a while, I was waving my hands to say hi, but it must've looked funny right?

Sooyoung unnie smiled at me once and waved her hand, and so did Soonkyu unnie.. she was the best.. I'll tell you the reason later.. Oh! And I said hi to Fany unnie too. She was bowing to my side, and I did the same thing.. T_T

My friend who came with me asked if Tiffany was really bowing to us, and I said I don't know but still do it, because we're in the front and she'll be able to see... Then she said that we'll look like a fool, but I said fans can look like fools.. hehe. That's just my thought...

After the signing event, it was time for pictures with SNSD. ^^...
It was 20 people at a time... SNSD were in the back, and two rows of fans..
The girls were in between people, and they were busy playing around with each other.
From my position, I was able to see Hyun, Yoona unnie, Soonkyu unnie, and Taeyeon unnie..
Hyun seemed happy, because she was playing around with Yoona and Soonkyu unnie.. and Soonkyu unnie was busy playing with Shinyoung unnie as well...

The drawings~ I didn't win any... I'm not sure if the numbers weren't mixed well, but most of the prizes went to the people in the back.... I'm jealous.. hehehehe.

Yoona unnie was like, "This one is.... lucky number 99!"..... but there was no 99 kekekekekek..... and Yoona unnie frowned and said, "99 is a lucky number....." kekekekekeke...

Yuri unnie was doing the drawing for the biggest prize, the netbook. I was saying I wish that I won the prize.. and she was about to say the number, then paused and asked, "Are you guys curious?"... There was no moments where it was not funny.

Finally, Shinyoung unnie was closing up the event and asked how it was to Sooyoung unnie.
Sooyoung said, "I heard only the ones who bought the Cooky phone came.. did you guys like today?" and everyone shouted "YES!"
Then she said, "Hehe. We like it too. It was a wonderful time, and next time, we want to see you guys with much longer time and with more events. Hope you guys made great memories," and everyone replied "Yes!"

Then Sunny unnie~ She said it was good seeing us after a long time, and there wasn't much opportunity to meet and it might still be like that due to Japanese activities.. T_________T
She also said that it was a very memorable event and hope we all leave with a good memory and to wait for the girls, and everyone screamed "YES!"... I don't know how many times we yelled "Yes".. kekeke.

And finally, in the end~ one, two three.
Then everyone was looking around, and the member who was holding the mic said "Right now~"
and all the fans and the girls said, "SNSD!" Then, when the girls were going down, I shouted,

"From now on, it's SNSD! Forever SNSD! SNSD jjang!!!"

... and I thought everyone else was gonna join in, but I was the only one shouting... kekekekeke... then I don't know about other unnies, but Sunny unnie saw me and mouthed thank you.. kekekeke

It was a really really happy day for me.. 

Posted Image

Oh, and LG prepared really well. There was food and everything, and cookies as well.

Posted Image

Posted Image

And this is.....

Posted Image

Taengoo unnie's giant cookie T_____T
How am I supposed to eat this...
Should I eat the border and leave the middle part... but.. that's just...brutal...

Thanks for reading my really long and pointless fan account.
Today's event went smoothly and well, and I was in the front row so I was really nervous, but it was really a unique and happy event.
I hope not only the fans who attended make great memories, but the girls as well.. ^_^

... but now my problem is..
How am I supposed to eat this cookie........

Credit: bestiz

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[Newsen Kim Jiyoon Reporter]

Girls' Generation Tiffany has came back as a MC of "MuCore"

On the 26th, Tiffany and Yuri has appeared on MBC 'Show! Music Core' with their special smile. Tiffany and Yuri attracted people with their blue and white mixed outfit that symbolized coolness on the middle of the summer.

Tiffany has been suffering from vocal fold nodule and been receiving treatments. Unfortunately, her condition has gotten worse recently. Also, they were away from 'Show! Music Core' for three weeks because of their temporary vacation.

On this day of 'Show Music Core', CNBLUE, f(x), 4minute, Seo Inyoung, IU& Im Seolong(from 2AM), Orange Caramel, MBLAQ, So Yeon from T-ARA, Koyote, Sistar, NS Yoonji, Flower, Dae Gook Nam Ah, Infinite, Electro Boys, Seo Youngeun, Sookhee, Lina, X-Cross has appeared.

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