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100711 SNSD @ Ceci Covergirl Promotion

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Remastered by MEKEMEKE
(Release: 2010.07.11)

01 태연 - Good-bye Days (Studio Version)
02 태연 - It's Happy Line (Studio Version)
03 태연 - Skyline (Studio Version)
04 태연-제시카 - 당신과의 키스를 세어보아요 (Radio D Version)
05 써니 - 편지할게요 (Radio Version)
06 태연 - 바보같은 내게 (Radio Version)
07 써니 - Tell Me (Studio Version)
08 태연-제시카-티파니-써니-서현 - Beautiful Girl + Honey Honey [with성민] (LaLaLa Live)
09 태연-제시카-티파니-써니-서현 - 아름다운 구속 (LaLaLa Live)
10 태연-제시카-티파니-써니-서현 - Sorry Sorry (LaLaLa Live)
11 티파니 -  Hero (Vox 35 Version)
12 태연-제시카-티파니-써니-서현 - Gee [Acoustic Rock] (LaLaLa Live)
13 태연 - 바래진 기억에 [with 메이트] (Studio Live Version)
14 써니 - Lost In Your Eyes (Radio Version)
15 태연+고준식 - 어제의 너 내일의 너 (Stage Live Edit Version)

01 티파니 - Poker Face [Acoustic] (TV Stage Live)
02 제시카-티파니-써니-수영-서현 - Wannabe (TV Stage Live)
03 소녀시대 - Sweet Dream + Get The Party Started (TV Stage Live)
04 태연 - The Christmas Song (TV Show Live)
05 소녀시대 - Santa Baby (TV Stage Live)
06 제시카-티파니-태연-써니 - I'll Be There [with 브아걸-다비치] (TV Stage Live)
07 태연-써니-유리-서현 - Dreams Come True (TV Stage Live)
08 제시카-티파니-서현 - Oh My Love (TV Stage Live)
09 제시카-티파니-수영-효연 - Now (TV Stage Live)
10 제시카-써니-윤아-수영-효연-서현 - U-Go-Girl (TV Stage Version)
11 소녀시대 - 3! 4! (TV Stage Live)
12 유리-수영-윤아-써니-효연-서현 - 여름안에서 (TV Stage Live)
13 써니+S.E.S. - Tell Me (TV Stage Live Mix)
14 써니-티파니 - Hot Issue + Bo Peep Bo Peep (TV Show Live)
15 써니-제시카-수영-서현 - Rock U + Pretty Girl (TV Show Live)
16 티파니 - 이 노래 + 내 눈물 모아 + 잊지말아요 (TV Show Live)
17 서현 - 1.2.3 (TV Show Live)
18 서현+김연아 - 만약에 (TV Show Live Mix)

Able to Distribute from now on
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Girls' Generation Live Remastering Vol8.0 
(ENG Ver.)

 Girls' Generation Live Remastering Vol-8.0 Remastered by MEKEMEKE.rar

Remastered by MEKEMEKE / sosiz

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During the first half of 2010, the music industry was an absolute powerhouse. Between SNSD, 2 AM, Kara, CN Blue, Wonder Girls, 2 PM, and other idol groups, there was nothing but fierce competition.

Among them, SNSD’s comeback, ‘Oh!’ was especially receiving the public’s hot love . The variety styles of music, such as idol groups 2 AM and CN Blue that rose in popularity and brought in attention. During Lee Hyori and Rain’s comeback, idol groups had to take a break for the solos.

Music web site, Monkey3, listed, during the first half of 2010 (January 1, 2010—June 30), the source of the streaming and the most downloaded song totaled up to be ‘Oh’ as #1. ‘Oh!’ had a record of as the #1 and #2 most downloaded, as there was a general rise in the rankings. Easy to sing along with a familiar melody, it occupied the top spot immediately after it was released. In the all of the nation’s music charts, it placed top.

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Credits to: 오나래 기자
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okay i definately agree that she's so cute here ^^
her eyes are so big ^^

cr snsdchina ll Tetsuya@SONEms


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