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All 9 members of SNSD visited Haha's home.

On the 25th, SNSD appears on the grand corner of SBS 'Haha Mong Show' (Director Lee Jiwon), where there is a job service to be a star's mom for a day.

On this day, Haha and MC Mong received a request from Sooyoung's mother and became SNSD's mom for a day, gifting them with a special, meaningful day.

Haha invited his "daughters" to his own home because they had a difficult time taking a proper vacation, after doing continuous activities for some time. Haha couldn't contain his excitement and drew laughter by saying, "Just the fact that I invited SNSD goes down in this home's history."

On this day, Haha and Mong, who are the moms for the day, brought in a foot massage expert for the daughters that are constantly wearing heels and dancing on stage and checked the health of their feet as well as gave them a foot massage.

Also, the moms (for a day) received Sooyoung's mother's handwritten special recipe and had a 'beansprout cooking' challenge, showing their affectionate, motherly side.

Through the 'Confide in Mom' corner, they (SNSD) revealed everything they had kept in their hearts to Haha mom and Mong mom. The nine members shared an honest talk after revealing letters from their families.

In the 'SNSD' episode, since the concept involves visiting the mom's house and having a restful day there, Haha mom and Mong mom's efforts to create a restful day and memories were visible.


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On the 16th, the broadcasted show KBS “Invincible Youth”, the G7 members met in the rain, in the middle of a village at Hokkaido, Japan and broke up with tears with Sunny (SNSD) and Hymoin (T-ara) reunion.

2 week featured broadcasted show KBS “Invincible Youth-G7 Goes to Japan” went to Hokkaido in the rain from their town, as the G7 members (Narsha, Goo Hara, Hyomin, Han Sun Hwa, Victoria, Lee Joo Yeon, and Kim So Ri) accepted the invitation and conducted the first overseas location.

Departure from the airport seemed excited as they threw off the floral rural costume and presented themselves with brilliant fashion in the airport.

Especially, the moment the G7 arrived at the airport, in front of them was SNSD Sunny appeared and without a change appeared with her “Funny Doll” appearance.

Meanwhile, the G7 members were in the rain at a snowy mountain, the scenery in front of unfolded before their eyes a hot bath. From the early morning they rose up the mountain, and in a bath hotter than they thought, they had bouts.

The episode will be broadcasted two times, the 16th and 23rd.

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Popular girl group, SNSD (Girls' Generation) leader, Taeyeon, recently revealed her past photos, attracting attention from the netizens.

In the photos, Taeyeon was seen with clear skin with no blemishes, big round eyes as well as a cherry red lips which became a hot topic in the community board.

Hot responses like, "She looks cute in any way", "Taeyeon, your fresh face is really adorable" and many positive comments were given.

Why do koreans look so fair? Taeyeon's face looked really porcelain-like, just like a doll. With the face and voice like an angel, Taeyeon is really a gift of god.

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SNSD’s Sooyoung celebrated her first birthday 19 years later on the HahaMong Show?

In Korea, the first birthday of a baby is a huge celebration. On the show, Haha and MC Mong took care of the girls as mothers for one day. Sooyoung’s mother and sister joined the girls on the show to celebrate her past first birthday.

Your first birthday is called “Dol Celebration.” Dol means year one. Sooyoung’s mother had the idea of celebrating her 20th Dol Celebration. Sooyoung never got to have her first birthday party so her mom wanted to make up for it.

Sooyoung shed tears because she was touched by everyone’s efforts to celebrate her 20th birthday. Stay tuned on July 25th for the episode.

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4Minute, SNSD and Kara will be having their Japanese works on sale respectively in Japan next month. Being the most iconic girl groups of the K-Pop industry in the first half of the year, the battle of Hallyu girl groups is carried on to Japan. Although SNSD has been claiming the top spot in Korea, Kara and 4Minute have been preparing themselves for the Japanese market since May.

SNSD will be holding a showcase in Tokyo on 25th August while Kara will be releasing their new album on the 11th followed by various promotional activities such as handshaking sessions and public showcases starting on the 14th.

4Minute on the other hand will be using I My Me Mine from the group's second mini album as the title track for the Japanese single and attending various events. I My Me Mine is expected to expand the group's Asian market after the first attempt with Muzik. According to Cube Entertainment, "They will enter the Japanese market at the end of the month and attend various shows."

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TaeYang was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 20th July.
On the show that day, TaeYang talked about his encounters with
So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri, starting with a blind date set up by common friends between them.
He added, “
We had a meal together once, and I have been invited to her concert before and because I don’t want the other members to have misunderstandings, so I went to the concert alone. But it was a good experience. I look forward to more activities in the future.
SeungRi who was also present on the show added, “
Only the 2 of them know what kind of relationship goes on between them right? I hope they turn out well.
TaeYang then responded, “
Me and Yuri are definitely not in that kind of relationship. But if we are to really be together, I will not openly say it out like this.

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Actor Lee SunHo revealed his unusual relationship with SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal.

On the 20th, Lee SunHo met with reporters on the 20th for an interview for the daily sitcom, ‘More Charming By the Day‘. During the interview, he told the reporters, “I have an unusual relation to the new cast member, Krystal.”

Lee SunHo stated, “I was surprised when Krystal was cast for ‘More Charming By the Day‘. This is because I was getting a chance to work with both sisters, as I worked with Jessica for a music video.”

He worked with Jessica in 2007 for singer Kim JoHan’s ‘Love is Late, I’m Sorry‘ mellow music video.

The production crew then revealed, “Lee SunHo looks after Krystal a lot. If asked who helps Krystal the most on set, Lee SunHo would be one of them.”

Lee SunHo said, “If there are more female cast members, the guys are bound to be happy about it. I just look after her because I’m worried about her having any trouble after joining in the middle of the production.”

He continued, “I was worried at first, but was surprised after seeing how good she was at acting. After working with her sister though, Jessica seemed to be a little more familiar with acting.”

Krystal, who was also at the interview, stated, “I’m glad that Lee SunHo is my opposing actor. Only if our ages were similar…” To his mentioning of acting with her sister, she added, “My sister is a fan of Lee Sunho and asked me to tell you she said ‘hello’.”

More Charming By the Day‘ is about a mom and daughter that depend too much on one another, with a father and son-in-law stuck in between, portraying the episodes that happen within family. f(x)’s Krystal took on the cute role of ‘liar’ SooJung. The love line between Lee KyuHan and Choi YeoJin has also been garnering attention.

: Choi Bo Ran / Kim Young Hwan
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