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Sooyoung: Good evening. I'm Sooyoung who likes Woody from Toy story.
Yuri: Good evening. I'm Yuri who likes cooking.
Tiffany: good evening. I'm Tiffany a girl that loves music.
Seohyun: good evening. I'm Seohyun snsd's maknae who likes healthy food.
Hyoyeon: good evening. I'm Hyoyeon who likes peaches. (she said the Japanese word for peach several times wrong so cute)
Jessica: I have a slight cold today. I'm Jessica
Yoona: I'm Yoona who likes milktea.
Sunny: I'm Sunny who recently started to like pudding.
Taeyeon: I'm Taeyeon who likes puppies.

MC: Your legs are really long. They reach around this area. (she points right under her armpits) It's so pretty. What kind of efforts do you do? (like what do you do to get those beautiful legs)
Hyo: stretching.
MC: every day?
Hyo: yes every day.
MC: the dance where you use your legs is so pretty.
does it happen that your legs get entangled?
Sunny: It happens. We have a lot of members so in order not to bump into each others feet/hands we have to be very careful.

What Japanese food do you like?
Hyo: Sukiyaki
guy presenter: didn't you say just now you liked peaches?
Hyo: ah momo momo. (lol)
Seohyun: sushi
Jessica: yakiniku (korean bbq)
Yuri: takoyaki (fried octopus balls)
seohyun: lately I eat a lot of natto. (fermented soybeans, very sticky and they have a bad smell)
female MC: Natto?
Seohyun: yeah it's good for your health.
Mc: are there other girls that like natto?
Yuri: HAI (yes)
and Taeyeon and Fany too.
MC: How about the others? Just so-so?
the rest doesn't answers
Mc: ah so not really.

What is the Japanese word you recently remembered?
Sunny: nikiniko sh1teiru. (means smiling)
Sooyoung: mimi ni nokoru (meaning: linger in my heart or ring in my ears)
Seohyun: I don't know what to do (or, I'm having trouble), because (my) children won't listen to me.
Mc: wow a whole phrase.
Mc: have you been in such a situation?
Seohyun: I read it in a book while I was studying.

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