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101107 SNSD @ SBS Inkigayo Performance HD - Hoot, Win.mp4


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Photos are from THSUTLEO (also known as Kimtang9 previously)
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From 090124 - 101101

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Credit : Thsutleo / Kimtang9
Compiled by :Shootyoudown@twitter 

Release on 12 November
Information Here

001 Introduction of snsd: Let's Dancing! Member/Dance/Fashion/Goods

010 Introduction

017 Chapter 1: Secret story of Snsd's formation
The birth of snsd/a new group introduced on the homepage...etc.

031 Chapter 2: Secret of the cuteness of the 9 members you want to know more about.

032 Yoona: The mischievous and sweet natural beauty
The most popular among guys?/ YoonA fans are increasing even in the show business world/ her crying while watching Kimura Takuya's drama! and the reason of those tears...etc.

040 Sooyoung: long, beautiful legs that unintentionally fascinates, the reliable older sister who speaks Japanese fluently.
She actually debuted already on ASAYAN./ We want to be successfull in Japan but also in America! ...etc.

048 Yuri: The dark skinned beauty who spreads her interest in health.
full of playfulness, a girl that plays pranks a lot、the health enthusiast who drinks ma juice every day...etc.

056 Seohyun: a refreshingly innocent girl that everyone wants to protect
her thoroughgoing self-discpline / a serious and beautiful 'model student'/ 'self-development' is the favorite book genre of this diligent girl...etc.

064 Jessica: She even attracts soushoku-kei danshi* / a cool and strong-willed queen.
her freewheeling personality which everyone falls in love with./ Her younger sister is Krystal. The younger sister talks about her elder sister's kindness...etc.
*shoushoku-kei danshi: boys whose personality is quiet, soft, gentle, not wild. This type of guy is a new phenomenon in Japan. so for more explanation go here:

072 Taeyeon: She also had solo activities, the leader of snsd.
her aspiration is to become like BoA. /Will she also succeed as a solo artist!?...etc.

080 Sunny: She is small, but the hardest worker in snsd
Her complex is that she is only 155cm./ Member by her own merit!...etc.

088 Hyoyeon: Her nickname is dancing queen.
trains hard in male-oriented dance style (popping)/She has thought about quitting snsd before...etc.

096 Tiffany: The popular member that even others in SNSD acknowledge.
Suffering from vocal cords nodules and injury to her foot. She was unlucky!/snsd is like a cake or dessert...etc.

104 Snsd the friendly sunbae/sempai and the close kouhai/hoobaes

105 Chapter 3: Snsd's touching stories
9 girls that debuted brilliantly/ participation in charity activities...etc

120 Snsd's footsteps/tracks

124 Fashionable generation
Snsd changed into dolls!?/ SNSD occupied the cover (of a magazine) with rainbow colors ...etc

128 The birth of a big hit dance
Yoona's concern/ Jessica's thoughts 

credit translation: bekkychan@twitter
editors: hiros2008@twitter, ramunemarble@twitter, reliablematt@twitter

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On November 4th, the latest SNSD game for iPhone called “SNSD Find It – Girls’ Generation! ‘Find the hidden picture’ game” was released. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s not easy at all. Very addictive, yes, but if you think you can finish the game within a day, think again!

There are 3 levels all together – Normal, Item and Survival. You’ll have to clear all games in each level before proceeding to the next. Basically, you just need to spot the differences between two pictures. The no. of differences that you need to spot are displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen. When the game starts, you’ll hear SNSD’s music in the background. Too bad it’s pretty short though. So is the time given to spot those differences. However, there are mini games/quiz while you’re on a game and if you complete those quizes/mini games, you’ll be given bonuses such as extended time, mirror image and a quick view of where the differences are (it’s useful if you have a photographic mind).

Sounds fun? CHECK IT OUT HERE if you want to know more about it. Here are some screen shots of the game:

Taken from:fanwonder

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cr 벅스 ll SMent ll Yurui ll Tetsuya@SONEms

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101106 SNSD @ KBS Road for Hope Concert Performance - Hoot.mp4


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cr tagged ll reuploaded : Tetsuya@SONEms


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