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I just made this for 1st Anniversary.
Actually I didn't wanted to leak it out so fast but...

Just enjoy it. 
Note: I'm not sure if I'm going to do subs because doing subs alone
is actually pretty hard. Timing, Typesetting Uploading Downloading .
It's not an easy job for only 1 people. So, I just created this for future uses. 

made by Tetsuya @

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101217 SNSD @ KBS Music Bank Year End Special Performance HD - Oh! & Hoot.mp4


소녀시대 The 1st Asia Tour "Into The New World"
◈ 발매일(発売日/Release-Date) : 2010년 12월 23일
◈ 정가(定価/Price) : 20,000원 (\, tax in) (온라인 판매가는 대개 16,000원 전후)
◈ 제작ㆍ레이블(レーベル/Label) : SM엔터테인먼트(SMエンターテインメント/S.M. Entertainment) [+]

◈ 내용(内容/Contents)

◇ CD
1-01. Nine Angels
1-02. 소원을 말해봐(Genie) - Rock Tronic Remix ver.
1-03. Show! Show! Show!
1-04. 소녀시대(Girls' Generation)
1-05. Beginning
1-06. It's Fantastic
1-07. Etude
1-08. Ooh La-La!
1-09. Kissing You
1-10. 1년 後 (One Year Later) / 제시카&온유
1-11. 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘 / 윤아(Yoona)
1-12. Sunny / 써니(Sunny)
1-13. Umbrella / 티파니(Tiffany)
1-14. Hush Hush / 태연(Taeyeon)
1-15. Chocolate Love
1-16. Honey (소원)
1-17. Dear. Mom
1-18. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
2-01. 사랑은 선율을 타고(Day By Day)
2-02. 동화 (My Child)
2-03. Barbie Girl / 제시카(Jessica)
2-04. Santa Baby / 수영(Sooyoung)
2-05. 라벨:모음곡「거울」제4곡「어릿광대의 아침노래」/ 서현(Seohyun)
2-06. Sixteen Going On Seventeen / 서현(Seohyun)
2-07. Over The Rainbow
2-08. 1,2 Step / 유리(Yuri)
2-09. 다시 만난 세계 (Into The New World)
2-10. 웃자 (Be Happy)
2-11. 힘 내! (Way To Go)
2-12. Gee
2-13. Touch The Sky
2-14. 냉면 (차가운 니 얼굴)
2-15. 하하하송(HaHaHaSong)
2-16. Complete
2-17. Baby Baby
2-18. Oh!
2-19. (Bonus Track) Beautiful Girls (feat.유영진)
2-20. (Bonus Track) Singin' In The Rain (Studio ver.)

◇ Bonus : 포스터(Poster)

★ 정보 출처(Credit) :: 알라딘
★ 정리+글쓴이(Poster) :: Yurui (LovAEnAi) []

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101215 SNSD @ Melon Music Award Performance Picture.rar

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 She Does Hoot too :)

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Translating for words in Circles.

Jessica : Nickname Ice Princess, before debut people always call her that!
But surprisingly the ice has been melted, because of sica's sudden change, SNSD on variety shows has been
saying that they could not stand Sica because of her change. Hyoyeon added, when she is contented, you do not want to mess with her!

Tiffany : Before debut, Fany and Yoona has been listed as pupil with the most reputation!
After debut, Fany is still the same, her Dancing singing always has been kept up to a standard in many different ways.
She will always be the Member who has the best Eye smile, and she is a unreplaceable vocalist in SNSD.
Not only a vocalist, Fany is also a little Manager! Because of her injuries during Hoot season, she has been staying at home,
not only for recovery, but she also has been taking note of all mistakes which has made by the other members!

Seohyun : SNSD youngest member, which has been listed by the sisters, smart.
Seohyun never spoil her image, when she thinks that she can't fit her sisters, she would start practicing herself, until she feels okay with it.
Even thou she is a singer, she still take lessons in school, she never gives up on studying.
In < We are married 2 > people has been saying Seohyun has been growing up, since the day it all started.
Because of having such a experience with CNBLUE's Yonghwa, Seohyun has became much more brighter!

Yoona : Although Yoona may not be a good dancer, but whatever kind of dance,she could do it nicely!
Their dance teacher listed, among all the members, Yoona could dance best in boy's style.
It is listed from Tiffany that, when there is a member beside Yoona, then she can do better in Variety.
Even thou she may not be good in singing either, but she is improving!
Whenever her producer tell her to sing, she will never refuse to do so.

Taeyeon : If you have never been in failure, you will never succeed.
Taeyeon isn't born with such beautiful vocals, but even before debut, Taeyeon has been known as the best singer!
Even thou she is not the best in singing or dancing, she has been practicing really hard everyday!
Dear Taeyeon love to challenge herself with songs that are really hard to sing such as < Hush Hush>.
Because of her power singing ability, she had even sang a duet with The One < Like A Star >.

Sunny : Village girl, Sunny.
Loves to play games during rest times.
In vartiety, Sunny's bag has been checked, and were found Books in it, indeed, Sunny loves to read!
Just like Seohyun!

Yuri : In the beginning of SNSD, Yuri is not really the famous one, but her darkskin tone made her specia,
and that made her, BLACKPEARL!
but after 4 years of being with the members, they conclude that Yuri has transformed from a blackpearl
to a elegant goddess!
In one of her solo performance, where by she did a pair of sexy dance, had catches many pupil's eyes!
And because of these, the Yuri now even said on variety show, among all she's the most renowned person!

Hyoyeon : She, Kim Hyo yeon, maybe to some people, who only thinks that her dancing ability is superb, but deep inside,
she is really hilarious! her actions sure made the members laugh!
Fany added, Hyo is natural funny!
Yoona also thinks that Hyo should go on more variety shows because of her funniness.

Sooyoung : She is the master in variety shows, hosting, acting and even replying, shes wonderful!
But she do not have the ability to prove it all due to times, Sooyoung is really got at cosplaying other Members.
She also had a really warm hearted heart, how great can it be if Sooyoung is my girlfriend~ fans added. Because like girls, whenever they sees something they like, they would buy, but to Sooyoung, she would return and say that if she spends the money, she will not have enough savings.
So isn't it great to be Sooyoung's the other half? But members added, when Sooyoung sees something cute and useful, she would just buy it.

cr DarthVader@soshified ll

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Page 1/2
Words in circles are basic information of the Girls
Translating for words in red box.

Taeyeon : Leader Taeyeon is a kind kid, being listed by the members " Our Mommy Taeyeon "
also the oldest members among the others, not only have to take good care of the kids and play the role of
a mother/sister.
Taeyeon do not look like what her facial does, deep inside shes a little girl who loves to joke around.
Cute little Taeyeon has even won many singing awards too!

Jessica : Member who received the longest training time in SM, was one of SM's most taken care of student, has been receive much attention because
of self taken images which has been posted on the net. Her beauty is not describable. Whenever it is in Magazine, Music video, cold or sweet, Sica always
bring people different feelings! Jessica's vocals is parable with Taeyeons's when it comes to singing!

Sunny : Sunny the last member who joined SNSD, a mystery member. In her early debut, none has known her real name, her ageyo is unbearable!
Strong vocal, sweet voice, SNSD smartest little fella, which had a 2nd graded driving license, who had 97.5/100!

Tiffany : Cute girl from overseas, in 2004 her smile eyes and smile shocked everyone during audition, not really fluent Korean is definitely our FANY!
Taeyeon, sunny and Fany is being listed as SNSD's Jokers, joy and laughters were being brought in the group because of them!

Sooyoung : Girl who won the collaborate competition in Korea, Sooyoung had many experience in Japan activities, she do have a fluent Japanese.
She has been alone in Japan when she is young, which made her a very mature and responsible member in the group. Sooyoung is a fashionable person, with her angel like
figure, it catches many pupil's eyes.

Yuri : Friendly smile, ordinary girl who wore a student uniform behind a rider's back is SNSD's [BlackPearl], winner of SM's dancing competition, awesome dance move had
surprise everyone, Yuri do like Inline-skating and boxing too!

Hyoyeon : Dancing queen of the next generation, Hyoyeon had receive many dancing training from stars like Justin, Janet Jackson. No matter it is Jazz, Hip hop
or popping, she can portrait it really well!
Because of her dancing ability, she has even been featured in BoA's musicvideo! Her madarine skills also had made a great respond due to her lesson in China!

Yoona : Member who had first performed among SNSD, who had a cute and pretty face.
She has been gaining reputation when she has been featured in DBSK's Musicvideo.
She has been in many CF and Magazine shot, which allow her to gain experience. In 2002, Yoona joined SM and receive acting lessons, Yoona has been really hardworking where she has to take at least 5 hours of acting and singing lessons a day. Even thou, she may not be the best in singing in the group, but her hardwork totally made her capable of being a part of SNSD.

Seohyun : Member who had received many cares from many people, Seohyun is a hardworking kid, when she is free, she would start taking out books and study.
Seohyun Chinese and Japanese are excellent due to her studies. Seohyun's mother is a pianist in her school, because of that, Seohyun is really good in playing Piano.
Before debut, she had been featured in Fashion show with DBSK members.
Strong little Seohyun has receive much care from both fans and other members.

The girls had been publishing 2 different album in this the year 2010.
The album had sold 16 hundred thousand copies! In the lyrics singing Oppa oppa, had melt many man's heart.
Even many women is cos-playing in their dance move! Many variety show had invited them due to their popularity.
This year August, SNSD had held a showcase in Japan, instead of holding a show, the place was packed with many cos-players.
In September, the album had reach a hit of 10 hundred thousand copies!
After that, they had held a show in Taiwan, 2 Thousand ++ tickets were being bought off in less than a hour!
In October, SNSD had released where by the girls holding guns and wearing sexy outfits.
With their sexy looks, and Yuri Yoona Sica leading in front, the album has surpass 15 hundred thousand copies!
Because of their reputation in, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand Etc, singing, dancing all kinds of ability has made them
the greatest idol of the year 10 and 20 GENERATION!

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