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101227 Seohyun & Yung Jung Hwa - Banmal Song Video HD

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*A Softer World is a thrice weekly webcomic by Canadians Joey Comeau and Emily Horne. It first came online on February 7, 2003. Early comics had been published, intermittently, in zine form. With the launch of the website, the comic has gained wider recognition, most notably when Warren Ellis linked to the comic on his blog, and then began to feature it as a "Favored Puny Human". 
~ Wikipedia

한걸음씩 천천히다가와
말음해졸래 널사랑해


go ma wo ra neun geu mal do
annyeong i ran mal do
nae gen neo mu eo ryeo wo yo
jeongmal gam sa haeyo
manhi ko ma wo yo
mo deun ge cheo eum I ra seo
na sa shil eun neo mu na seo ton geol yo
eo ttoh ke mal halkka
mweo ra go mal halkka
na neun o neul do mang seol i jyo
eo ri seo ro ban mal ha neun sa I ga doe gi reul
a jik jo geum seo tu reu go o saek han de do
gomawoyo ra neun mal tu dae sin
jom deo chik ha ge mal eum hae jul rae
o ri seo ro ban mal ha neun sa I ga doel geo ya
han geol eum ssik…cheon cheon hi da ga wa
nae du nun eum ba ra bo myeo
mal eum hae jol rae neol sarang hae


S: It’s so hard for me to say ‘thanks’ or ‘bye’ to you [t/n: these are informal words in Korean.]
All I can say is “thank you” or “thanks so much” [t/n: these are formal words in Korean.]
Everything is brand new to me, so I’m a little unsure
How should I say it? It’s still really awkward
Even today, I worry about it
YS: hopefully we can be a banmal relationship
though still unnatural
Y: rather than saying “gomawoyo”
let me hear more intimate words
Y: When we met for the first time
Even our smiles were shy
After today we should be closer to each other
I’m both excited and looking forward to it.
YS: hopefully we can be a banmal relationship
though still unnatural
Y: rather than saying “gomawoyo”
let me hear more intimate words
YS: we can have a banmal relationship
one step at a time, slowly walk closer
Y: look at me in the eye
can you tell me
YS: “I love you”

Romanized and Hangul -
english translation: MountainMadman & wishwash @SeoHwa soompi thread + baidu


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