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After rumours of Girls’ Generation postponing their album release dates started to circulate on the internet, SM Entertainment has finally released an official announcement with regards to the matter.

Girls’ Generation was originally planning on releasing the audio for their title song, “The Boys” in both Korean and English on the 4th of October. This release was scheduled not only to be in Korea, but across various Asian music sites, as well as a worldwide release through iTunes in the United States and Europe. After which, Girls’ Generation was planning on releasing their official 3rd album in Korea on the 5th of October.

However, at 10.20PM on the 30th of September, SM Entertainment released a statement confirming the postponement of Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album release date. A representative revealed, “It has been decided that Girls’ Generation will be releasing a US album. In order to reinforce the plans of having a worldwide release of “The Boys”, we are planning on changing the release dates of the album in Korea as well. Further details about our decision will be announced when they are confirmed.”

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5 year-old Lincoln made a cute love confession to Taeyeon.

Lincoln who stars in tvN’s ‘Real Kids’ Story Rainbow’ recently sent a photo of himself carrying a hand-drawn picture with the message, ‘SNSD Jjang!! I love you, Taeyeon Noona (sister)’ to the production staff of the programme.

At the bottom corner of the picture that Lincoln was holding, Lincoln drew himself and Taeyeon holding each others’ hands, with a cute red ribbon on Taeyeon’s head.

Once, on a program aired on Chuseok, Taeyeon had also expressed her fondness towards Lincoln. Not only that, Taeyeon also showed her love towards the little boy through her UFO Town reply (a fan asked, “If dookkong and I were to fall into water, who would you save first?”, of which Taeyeon replied, “I…will save Lincoln first”).

A production staff stated, “After listening to what Taeyeon had sincerely said, Lincoln, who is a huge fan of Taeyeon, has been thinking of giving Taeyeon a reply. With the help of his mother, the 5 year-old boy conveyed his cute love confession to Taeyeon through handwritten-message and heart-shaped stickers pasted on the picture”.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Please let Taeyeon and Lincoln meet”, “I also want to have a dongsaeng like Lincoln”, etc.

‘Real Kids’ Story Rainbow’ is aired on every Saturday at 11am KST.


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Product Title: Girls' Generation Vol. 3 - The Boys
Singer Name(s): Girls' Generation
Release Date: 2011-10-07
Language: Korean
Disc Format(s): CD
Package Weight: 400 (g)
Shipment Unit: 2 
Publisher: SM Entertainment
PRICE - 14,900won

02. 텔레파시(TELEPATHY)
04. TRiCK
06. MY J
10. 제자리걸음(SUNFLOWER)
11. 비타민(VITAMIN)

Title song composed and arranged by Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson Producer)
Song will be available in iTunes (Worldwide instead of Korea only)
Oct 1 - 1st Teaser Release - 0AM
Oct 3 - 2nd Teaser Release
Oct 4 - Title Song The Boys release online - 0AM
 3rd Album The Boys release Online and Offline
(Update* - The Release date has been postponed)
Oct 7 - Music Bank Comeback Stage

Interpark -

Source and Credits : SMent ll Yesasia ll Sosiz ll Yurui912 ll

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110926 SNSD 3rd Album Teaser Image Picture HD - The Boys.rar

Song and MV will be in both Korean and English
Title song composed and arranged by Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson Producer)
Song will be available in iTunes (Worldwide instead of Korea only)
These teaser images will be release in order starting from Today (110926)
Comeback on 5th October
Single Title The Boys will be release on 4th October
3rd Official Album Title Single ' The Boys'
There are 9 Images (Solo) and group Image and also 1 Teaser to be released
1st teaser video (Oct 1. 0am)
2nd teaser video (Oct 3)
 Title song「The Boys」to be released online (Oct 4. 0am)
 3rd album『The Boys』to be released online & offline (Date not confirm)
 KBS『Music Bank』comeback stage (Oct 7)
  (Update* - The Release date has been postponed )

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the image
the image
Sooyoung - Updated
 Jessica - Updated
Tiffany - Updated
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110930 SNSD @ SPAO Promotion Pictures.rar

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