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Girls' Generation Seohyun greeted me blinking her round and black eyes. When I handed her a picture of brain map, she showed excitement saying it's a fun interview. But she started thinking right away.

Seohyun apologized in advance, "Usually, when I receive this, I can't fill this out quickly". What did she write down as her recent interest after thinking? We explored her brain.

"What is justice?"
Recently, Seohyun was deeply moved by reading a book 'Justice: What's the right thing to do?' by Harvard professor Michael Sandel.
While she was reading the book, she constantly asked herself, 'Am I going into right path?' and 'Am I acting according to my beliefs?'.

Seohyun thinks a lot and has careful personality, that she definitely might have thought a lot. As a woman in early 20's, she said she lives life asking philosophical questions, setting her own rules.

"Parents, Soshi unnies, fans, I love you"
Parents, the reason why she exists, 2nd family Girls' Generation that she was able to choose, and fans, are who she loves the most. Seohyun stated that these three are most important to Seohyun and need to be thanked.

"Future singer songwriter?"
Recently, Seohyun is deeply into composing songs and lyrics. She said when she listens to new music, she starts composing new songs by her instinct. It's wrong to think girl group just dances to choreography made in advance and pursues music that only becomes one hit wonders.
There are people like Seohyun who searches deeply looking for meaning of music.

"I can't forget Yongseo Couple"
Another discovery of Seohyun through MBC variety program 'We Got Married', she sincerely gave full effort even if it was small present. Many male fans became 'Seohyun-deprived' as they watched Seohyun who looked for happiness in her daily life.

On show, Seohyun expressed her love for sweet potatoes. In result, she said she received different types of sweet potatoes such as purple sweet potato, pumpkin sweet potato, chestnut sweet potato.

"I want to go to school"
As Seohyun is attending Dongguk University acting major, she is currently taking time off from school due to busy schedule. She said she learned something big as she took philosophy course in first semester. She answered back that though it's a study that is hard to understand right away, that's the beauty of it.

Not only that, Seohyun is deeply into studying Japanese to communicate with Japanese fans. She said she now has no problem understanding and speaking without translator. She expressed her desire to expand that ability for English.

"Airport fashion, always a concern"
Girls' Generation airport fashion is always a hot topic within the netizens. She honestly said it's something that she can't worry about because she is revealing herself to fans off stage. I look forward to her airport fashion as she looks like a goddess wearing just jeans and a shirt.

Translated by 오이사랑싴
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source: Nateon | SSF

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Singer cum actor Lee SeungGi made a confession that YoonA is his ideal type.

On MBC’s ‘Yoo JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come To Play’ aired on May 2nd, Lee SeungGi said, “A lot of women thought that I’m a difficult man to approach. However, once they get to know me, they’ll find that I’m a friendly man”.

When a topic about his ideal type was raised, SeungGi’s mentor, Lee SeonHee revealed, “When I asked SeungGi ‘Isn’t SNSD’s YoonA pretty?’, he just answered ‘yes’”. Lee SeungGi then confessed, “I like SNSD’s YoonA. I think she’s really pretty”.


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After reaching the top of the charts in Japan within a few days, Girls' Generation's newly released single 'MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run' managed to sustain its momentum, selling 100,000 copies in the first week of its release. The single also managed to reach second place in the weekly Oricon rankings. With the strong sales of their first original Japanese single and the enthusiastic response to the Japanese concert tour, the girls' popularity in Japan is at an all-time high.

In related news, the 'MR. TAXI' dance PV that was released last week has surpassed 2,000,000 views on the official Universal Music Japan YouTube page.

Source: Oricon


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