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With the recent broadcast of Girls' Generation's first performance for 'MR. TAXI' being the talk of the town, fans are offered yet another piece of excitement with what is being named the "BIG NEWS". On May 16th, which is only three days from now, Girls' Generation fans can expect an announcement with regards to the girls' promotions in Japan.

Girls' Generation's official Japanese website, as well as Universal Music Japan's Girls' Generation websitehave included a banner on their main pages, hinting to fans of what is to come. No other information has been released, and many have already begun their personal speculations.

What do you think the "BIG NEWS" would be about?

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Singer and actress Jang Nara is gaining attention for singing Girls' Generation's 'Girls' Generation'.

In the newly broadcast KBS drama 'Baby Faced Beauty', Jang Nara's character, Soyoung, was fired from her job as she was deemed too old. In order to feel better, she drank her emotions away. While in a drunken state, Jang Nara's character overcame her depressed mood by singing Girls' Generation's song 'Girls' Generation' in a cute manner. In order to make the scene more fun and comedic, a picture of Girls' Generation (the group) was even shown briefly on the television screen.

Netizens responded to her singing the song by saying, "As expected, she has an unrivaled baby face", "I watch the drama because I want to see Jang Nara", "As expected, she's a baby-faced beauty".

Jang Nara plays a 34-year old spinster who attempts to overcome bad credit and only having a high school diploma in order to achieve her dreams and find love. The romantic comedy also features Choi Daniel, Ryujin, and Kim Minseo.

It seems like the recent korean dramas enjoy featuring the girls, don't forget Kim Taehee's cute 'Hoot' dance in 'My Princess'!

Sources: Nate
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SNSD’s 3rd Japanese Single title track ‘Mr.Taxi’ secured top spot on Japan’s largest mobile ringtone chart Rekochoku as soon as it was released officially on April 27th. The single is also expected to make a huge wave on Oricon Daily Singles Chart and subsequently the Weekly Chart after its release today. (Read More)

Yuri seemed to have lost a lot of weight recently and it was apparent during SNSD’s appearance at the 2011 KBS INPUT Concert aired live on May 11th.

On online community boards, pictures of Yuri before and after diet (Korean article probably made their own assumption that Yuri’s on diet) were posted to show the obvious comparison.

From comparisons made from the photos posted, it was apparent that her cheeks have become smaller and her body figure is clearly different from the older photo.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “The agency should feed her better”, “All SNSD members seem to be underweight”, “When did she become so thin?”, “Her V-line is awesome” etc.


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Sunny received birthday greetings from SONEs and Sunshiners ahead of her birthday on May 15th.

On May 13th SNSD’s fancafe published an ad on a newspaper to convey their birthday messages and greetings to Sunny who will be turning 23 in just a couple of days. You may have seen the word ‘썬탄절 (SseonTanJeol which sounds like SeongTanJeol which means ‘Christmas Day’)’ floating around on fansites and various social network sites. It actually carries the meaning ‘The special day Sunny was born’.

A member of the fancafe said, “As Sunny’s birthday, May 15th falls on a Sunday, we decided to publish the ad on May 13th, ahead on the actual day”. On May 7th, the members of the fancafe had also carried out voluntary activities at farms in Yeoju County in Gyeonggi Province.

The members of the fancafe also stated, “We wish that all 9 members of SNSD will always stay healthy. We are looking forward to their great activities in Japan”.


Sooyoung’s elder sister Choi Soojin shared a story about Sooyoung and herself during their school days.

On SBS ‘One Night TV Entertainment’ where the loyals fans and families of the stars are revealed, Sooyoung’s elder sister Soojin who is currently an active musical actress made an appearance on the episode aired on May 12th. In the past, there was a topic that mentioned about Soojin being prettier than her younger sister, Sooyoung.

On Sooyoung, Soojin said, “Because my sister is very popular, people’s attention will be fixed on us once they know we’re together. Honestly, it feels rather awkward”.

In reply to the statement ‘You seem to be very popular as you are really pretty’, Soojin revealed and laughed, “My sister and I, we were not popular in school. We were kind of more farsighted than our peers”.


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon has been nominated under the category 'Best Newcomer' for her musical 'Midnight Sun' at The 5th Musical Awards.

With the recent increase in idols advancing into the musical scene, there is much interest in whether Taeyeon will be able to clinch the award. Taeyeon is up against artists like Sunmin, Ivy and Lee Jiram. Fellow SM Entertainment artist Yesung from Super Junior has also been nominated for 'Best Male Actor' for his third musical 'Spamalot'.

The 5th Musical Awards, which will be held on the coming June 7th, is co-sponsored by the Korean Association of Musicals, Joongang Ilbo and jTBC. It will be held at the Grand Sejong Grand Theatre.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Girls' Generation continued their strong push into Japan, as the 'MR. TAXI' single topped the Billboard Japan Hot 100 Chart for the second consecutive week. Billboard Japan touted the high quality vocals, the crisp "steering wheel" dance moves, and the yellow and black visual concepts. The Japanese market will continue to get a healthy dose of 'MR. TAXI', as the girls are set to perform the song on TV Asahi's Music Station later on today.

In yet another display of the powerful impact 'MR. TAXI' has had on fans, the official dance MV recently surpassed 3,000,000 views on YouTube.

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