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On KBS N’s ‘Inside Sports’ aired on May 16th, Lee YongDae revealed his ideal girl. On ‘Ideal Type World Cup’, Lee YongDae selected YoonA as his ideal girl.

Lee YongDae sent a video message to YoonA saying, “As I mentioned that you’re my ideal type and it seems that we have never met before, in the future if there’s time I hope to meet you even if it’s only once”.Besides talking about his ideal type, Lee YongDae also talked about ways to release stress.

Netizens commented, “YoonA is indeed thousands of men’s ideal type”, etc.


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Music portal site, Bugs! conducted a survey entitled ‘Idol groups that give out a family-like atmosphere’ from May 10th to 16th involving a total of 5804 participants. From the result of the survey, SNSD who garnered 50% (2846 votes) of that total figure, topped the survey.

Big Bang came in 2nd with 43% (2445 votes), followed by CN Blue in 3rd with 5% (260 votes), 2PM in 4th with 3% (127 votes) and T-ara in 5th with 2% (82 votes).


"Kkang! Shuik! Wow~" The white arc pierces the clear sky with a cheerful sound. It's been a month since professional baseball season has opened, the sport people recall with the beginning of summer, and it has been overflowing with excitement. Following its start with six teams on March 27th, 1982, professional baseball has reached its thirtieth anniversary with a total of eight teams this year. Baseball has proven to be the best professional sport in Korea, both in name and reality, after accumulating over 100,000 fans last year. Behind its great popularity, there is also the love and passionate, unified cheers from celebrity fans. With the start of the new season, we looked into stars that live and die for baseball.

Doosan Bears' winning goddesses are girl group Girls' Generation?

Something that has become one of the most entertaining things to watch during games is the first pitch. With the increase in baseball fans visiting the stadiums, there have become heated competitions between teams as to whom they will choose to throw out the first pitch. We had a question and answer session with Doosan's marketing team, asking questions that have been surfacing about celebrities throwing out first pitches that have become lively following its start in 2007.

Q. How are people chosen to throw out the first pitch?
-It's a fifty-fifty case of either the pitching department of the team casting them personally, or the team receiving a request from the celebrity. With the increase of interest in throwing out the first pitch, the waiting list has about 30-40 people on it. The most important thing when choosing a pitcher is whether the person really has any affection or love for the team. Because there are so many fans watching, it's only a matter of time before one can see if the celebrity really is a fan.

Q. Do they receive separate training to pitch?
-Persons throwing out the first pitch is usually chosen ten days before the game, so they have to practice themselves. On the day of the game, they come an hour early and receive one-on-one lessons from the players. The lessons are usually conducted by the youngest players, but when Girls' Generation, KARA, Secret, or other girl groups come to pitch, the other players volunteer to teach them.

Q. Do pitchers get paid separately?
-There is nothing like that. The most we do is give them the uniform, hat, and baseball as souvenirs. Once the season ends, as a way of giving thanks, we give them a framed photo of them pitching.

Q. Whom would you choose as the goddess of luck out of all pitchers?
-Of course, it's Girls' Generation. We met in stadiums three to four times since 2007, and the results were always good. Along with Yoona, Seohyun, Yuri, and Sooyoung pitching, Doosan beat Samsung during the 6th game of the playoffs in 2008, at which Girls' Generation sang the national anthem. When it comes to the general skill of pitching, Hong Sooah is the best. She pitches so well, that you may say she's unrivaled.

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SNSD’s first studio album ‘Girls’ Generation’ which will be officially released on June 1st topped Japan music sites’ pre-order list upon the announcement on May 16th.

In just 8 months after their Japanese debut in September last year, SNSD will be releasing their first Japanese album which includes their previous hit songs such as ‘Genie’, ‘Gee’ and ‘Mr.Taxi’. Once the pre-order was opened on Amazon Japan, the Deluxe Edition sold like hot cakes and rose to no.1 on the pre-order chart while the Limited Edition was ranked 5th.

Meanwhile, all 3 editions of SNSD’s ‘Girls’ Generation’ grabbed the top 3 spots of the pre-order chart on CD Japan. On HMV Japan, the Deluxe Edition was ranked 1st while the Limited Edition came in 2nd.

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Girls' Generation's Tiffany is becoming a hot topic among netizens for her "Japan 1st Album" pictures.

On May 16th, SM Entertainment Japan officially released details on their 1st Japanese album that will be released June 1st. Pictures of their album covers as well as individual shots were released beforehand, drawing attention from fans. Dressed in white outfits and with soft makeup, their looks emphasized on their femininity and gentle sides.

Many fans are excited about Tiffany's new look which showcases a different side of her. Her maturity radiating from the picture as compared to her more active and cheerful image is being well-received by both fans and the public alike. Instead of a cute appearance, her softer aura is appealing to many as well.

Netizens left comments like, "Tiffany is becoming more and more mature", "She looks similar to Jessica" and "She's a goddess."

Which member do you think looks most different?

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It seems like Girls' Generation's Yoona will most likely make an appearance in Shinee's new Japanese music video for their first Japanese single, "Replay -君は僕のeverything- (Replay -You're my everything-)". Through the teaser, fans pointed out that the snippets of the female spotted in the video were similar to Yoona. As pictured above, the female seems to be shaped like a sculpture, keeping many interested as to how the storyline will be like.

EMI Japan doesn't allow embedding, so show your support by watching the video HERE.

Shinee's Japanese debut music video will be officially released in June 22nd, so don't forget to mark your calendars so we can find out if it's Yoona!

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