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Just two days after their much talked about performance at Hanyang University, members of Girls' Generation were spotted at an English Village in South Korea earlier today. Pictures of Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun quickly surfaced, and the girls were found dressed in the same yellow outfits they wore for their "MR. TAXI" music video.

SHINee's Key was also found alongside the girls in one the pictures. Though the purpose of their visit to the English Village is still unclear, many are already waiting in anticipation and making their own guesses.

English Villages provide a short-term immersion English experience in a live-in environment where only English is spoken to promote English learning and to build cultural awareness. They can be found in places like Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.

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Sooyoung and Seohyun

Key, Seohyun and Sooyoung

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Girls' Generation have topped a survey by Jamsil S-Neurosurgery clinic that asked which girl group had best self maintenance to avoid shoulder injuries common amongst girl groups.

In the week-long survey, participants were asked "Among girl groups that have outstanding choreography, who do you believe are 'Shoulder Girls' who take good care of themselves to avoid injury?". Girls' Generation won with a clear majority of 52.2% and were hailed as the best "Shoulder Girls". They were followed by Orange Caramel with 14.2%, Sistar with 12.5% and T-ara with 11.1%.

Head of S-Neurosurgery, Dr. Yang Seungmin, believes that the survey shows which girl group the public think take good care of themselves. "Many girl groups are assumed to face the risk of injury. However, the participants have managed to select groups that are able to be active without any great injury, which led them to believe that they were the best at taking care of themselves," he said.

Dr. Yang also revealed that many idol group members have received treatment in 2010 due to shoulder and back pains from their activities. It is common for idols to be performing while in pain due to Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. 

"They perform choreography that will please their fans which ultimately result in injuries to shoulders and back. For a group that travel in and out of the country like Girls' Generation, there is a deep recognition that the group avoids injury through consistent exercise and practice," Dr. Yang explained. This belief and trust in Girls' Generation is the result of the group's devotion to giving the fans the best performance possible all this time.

With this survey, public perception of the girls is clearly on a positive rise as their hard work and dedication are being recognized by the public. What do you think about the results? Share your thoughts!

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Girls' Generation appeared at a festival held at Hanyang University.

Girls' Generation has been appearing as a hot issue on online communities, such as Twitter and other social networking services. This is because Girls' Generation was on stage at the Hanyang University Festival that took place on the 17th.

That day, Girls' Generation performed "Gee", "Run Devil Run", "Oh!", "Hoot", and other hit songs, providing excitement at Hanyang University. Girls' Generation called for an especially loud cheer when they said they flew in to Korea during the middle of promotions in Japan just so they could attend this university festival.

There was also a huge response to Girls' Generation’s performance.

One netizen said, “I never knew I’d come back to a school from which I’ve already graduated at this age just to see Girls' Generation. I’ve never followed a celebrity before, but I waited three hours just to see Girls' Generation and I still had a difficult time getting to the front.”

This person also made people laugh by saying, “The male students’ lion-like roars on May 17th will be forever remembered as a victory cry for Hanyang.”

Another netizen said, “I thought Hanyang was going to collapse. As soon as the girls came out on stage, it’s like every student lost their minds.” He continued by saying, “I witnessed for myself the army-like chanting in unison, especially during 'Gee'.”

This person continued, “The crowd was so intense that it’s just a relief that nobody got trampled and killed. The crowd was great for YB as well, but to be honest, Girls' Generation took the cake that day.”

On another note, Girls' Generation will start their first Japan tour in arenas with 10 shows in 6 cities starting with Osaka on the 31st of May. On June 1st, their first Japanese album “Japan 1st Album--Girls’ Generation” will go on sale.

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