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It was revealed that Korea’s popular “beautiful legged” girl group, Girls' Generation, was decided to be the models for Lipton’s tea CMs and appear in the new CM on May 24th. This is Girls' Generation’s 2nd time to appear in a Japanese CM.

The new CMs are for “Lipton Carton Box 500ml” “Sing!!! DANCE! Lipton!” version (15 sec. and 30 sec.) and “Lipton EXTRA SHOT” “Tea Stage” version (15 sec. and 30 sec.). As an artist who can universally express two different views of “cute” and “cool,” have top grade performance, and be popular across all generations, it was decided that Girls' Generation would match the concept of both products and do both CMs.

For the “Sing!!!~” version, all nine members were dressed in 9 colorful clothes to match the image of the product package and appeared on stage with their original Japanese song playing, “MR. TAXI” (released 04/27). With lively dancing, they appealed to the product’s fresh taste. On the other hand, for the “Tea Stage” version, they appeared on stage wearing pure white clothing to give an image of milk in the world of crimson color of strong black tea. Playing a song off their 1st album, “Let It Rain,” (06/01 release), they showed off their beautiful legs wearing short shorts and presented the product with a mature “cool” charm.

With only one rehearsal for the filming, all the members were in synch and there were hardly any NG (no good) scenes. Furthermore, Girls' Generation, who drank both products from before, also drank them during the filming.

The new CM will start to air from 05/27. Also, for the “Lipton Carton Box 500ml,” starting from 06/07, there will be a “Lipton Dream Factory Campaign” and a total of 30,000 people can win portable speakers, original t-shirts, and more. Additionally, for a limited time from the week of 06/20, there will be Girls' Generation printed packaging.

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Girls' Generation has dominated Taiwan!

Girls' Generation's new song "MR. TAXI" has topped Gmusic, one of the five largest music charts in Taiwan. Gmusic doesn't only include Korean and Japanese songs, but Taiwanese and Chinese music, too.

"MR. TAXI" is Girls' Generation's third Japanese single which was released on April 27. This is their first original Japanese songs as the others were adapted from their Korean versions. This song has been attracting the public's attention as "Yellow Soshi" and "steering-wheel dance" continue to be a hot topic.

Even though there weren't any promotional activities in this Chinese-speaking country, Girls' Generation's popularity made them top the music charts with ease.

Girls' Generation's Arena Tour will start on the 31st of May in Osaka and will end on the 17th of July, passing through Tokyo, Saitama, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Altogether, an estimation of 100,000 people will be attending the tour. Girls' Generation will then proceed with their second solo concert, "2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR", on July 23 and 24 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

SM Entertainment announced today, "Girls' Generation will have their second solo concert, '2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR', on July 23 and 24 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium."

Girls' Generation is planning on captivating audiences again with their diverse charms, outstanding singing, showy performances, and perfected stages at this concert. Ticket reservations will begin online through Gmarket on June 7 at 8pm.

As Girls' Generation received positive feedback for having a concert that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages, this concert will have a special family section. These tickets, for 3-4 person families, will go on sale on June 7 at 10am on a first-come first-serve basis.

Girls' Generation will be having their first Japan Arena Tour starting on the May 31, as they will visit 6 Japanese cities with 10 concerts and expect to meet a total of 100,000 fans. Following their concerts in Korea, they will continue their Asia tour in Taipei and Nanjing, along with other major Asian cities.

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UPDATE 1: Information for ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ in Seoul

Date and Time: July 23rd (Saturday), 7pm KST & July 24th (Sunday), 4pm KST
Venue: Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium
Ticket price: 88,000 KRW/US$80 (for all seats)
Reservation: Gmarket (Starting June 7th)


In anticipation of Girls' Generation's 1st Japanese Concert Tour, the Girls' Generation Japanese website has been updated with official concert goods. Among the goods listed are a take-out bag, T-shirts available in gray and white, a sports towel, a hand mirror, and many other items. The prices of these items range from ¥500 to ¥5,000. Fans can browse the full listing of goods at the official Girls' Generation website. There is a link to an Official Online Shop, but as of the time that this article is being written, it currently displays nothing more than a "Coming Soon" message.

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