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SNSD’s Taeyeon kidnapping incident caused a lot of concern for fans of Kpop singers but it appears that incident was nothing compared to what happened to a Chinese singer. A Chinese singer named “Mu Do Ja” (23, Korean Romanization translated into English) was slapped at her new album press conference. While the press conference was underway a man ran into the event and tried to drag out “Mu Do Ja” from the concert.

As “Mu Do Ja” tried to get free, she got slapped in the face and the man said, “Know your place.” While the reporters looked on the man screamed at them saying, “Do you know who I am? I will destroy your cameras.” The bodyguards came in and tried to get the man but he ran off got in his Porsche and drove off.

Source: Paran

An online poll was recently conducted to determine which idols antis would be most afraid to run into. Over 1,000 netizens took part in the poll.

Coming in first place was SNSD’s Jessica. Nicknamed “Ice Princess”, netizens voted for her because “it seems like she would be the type to take revenge on others.” However, fans of SNSD defended her, saying she has a kind heart and would feel sad if hated by others.

Grabbing second and third place were 2AM’s Jokwon and SNSD’s Sooyoung. However, the reasons netizens gave were bizarre. Due to Jokwon’s image of being crazy on variety shows, netizens feel that he would go crazy and force them to say why they don’t like him. In regards to Sooyoung, netizens suggest that she would be the type to yell back at the antis, and possibly start kicking them with her long legs.

In fourth and fifth place are f(x)’s Victoria and Big Bang’s T.O.P. Netizens are afraid that Victoria would fight back in Chinese, which the antis would not understand. On the other hand, T.O.P. appears to be the type that would not care about antis; therefore, antis would feel a sense of failure for not receiving a response from him.

Source: Liberty Times
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Girls' Generation's Yoona's fans celebrate her birthday. Two fancafes, "CISTUS" and "Smile Yoona", celebrated Yoona's 22nd birthday by collaborating to put an ad in today's edition of a Korean newspaper.

When Girls' Generation performs on stage, Yoona is usually in the middle, earning her the names "Center Yoona" and "Girls' Generation's Face". In the ad, the fans wrote "Your eyes are similar, your neck is long and slender," comparing Yoona to a deer, another nickname that fans have called her.

Last Saturday on the 28th, "CISTUS" and "Smile Yoona" members volunteered at the Chungbook branch for the Children's Foundation, doing outdoor activities with the disabled people. "CISTUS" has also been donating under Yoona's name on a regular basis.

Donations and volunteer activities by Girls' Generation's fancafes have occurred regularly in celebration of each member's birthday. The fans have moved on from the first level of fandom of simply going wild for their idols. They are taking the lead in a second level of the fandom by raising the status of their idols through activites contributing to society.

Source: Yonhap News
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Back in March, Universal Music Japan announced that Girls' Generation will be holding a national tour of Japan. The tour originally consisted of seven performances in four cities, starting with Osaka on May 31st.

On May 29th, the agency announced that four more concerts will be added due to fans' demands. This will turn the tour into eleven performances in six cities. The newly added concerts are:

June 28 & 29 - Yoyogi National Stadium (Tokyo)
July 3 - Green Arena (Hiroshima)
July 18 - Marine Messe (Fukuoka)

Starting on May 31st, the group will be holding concerts in Osaka, Tokyo, Saitama, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Since their Japanese debut in August 2010, Girls' Generation gained immense popularity in said country and became the first Korean girl group to place No. 1 on the Oricon charts. They will be releasing their first full-length Japanese album, "GIRLS' GENERATION", on June 1st.

Source: 10asia

Tiffany’s resemblance to model Lee PaNi has become a hot discussion topic recently.

The comparison surfaced after SM Entertainment revealed the image of SNSD’s 2nd solo concert, ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’ on May 25th. Besides their various hair styles and fashion concepts that emphasize a more mature look, what caught the netizens’ eyes was Tiffany’s resemblance to Lee PaNi.

Netizens commented, “Tiffany and Lee PaNi really look alike”, “Even their names, Tiffany and Lee PaNi, sound almost the same”, etc.


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