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When the concert just started, people did not notice anything weird, until when the girls started their self introduction, sones noticed that Sunny was not as bright. And from Etude onwards, Sunny never appeared on the stage, her solo stage was also cancelled.

No one knew what happened to Sunny, until towards the end of the concert, Taeyeon told everyone that Sunny went to the hospital.

Yet after that Sunny suddenly appeared on the stage, she was still wearing the outfit they used for the first stage. She kept apologising to everyone, saying that “Sorry for making everyone worried for me, because I’m not the only one who’s not feeling well due to the busy schedule, but thank you everyone for giving us support and energy.”

She also said that “I’m not the only one who’s sick in SNSD, but I left the stage halfway, I’m so sorry! I went to the hospital for some infusion just now.”, and she continued apologising.

And then Taeyeon cried, Seohyun also cried. Taeyeon also hugged Sunny and said thank you. Everyone shouted “Sunny” to cheer her up.

Seohyun also said, “Having a tour concert has been our goal and dream, because of you we’re able to let it come true within a short period of time, thank you!”

It left with the last song – fantastic. Sunny really sang along, but all nine girls cried hard while singing. Seohyun cried especially hard, she even hugged Sunny all of a sudden, while Sica helped Sunny wipe away her tears.

After the concert ended, no one left. Everyone shouted “So nyuh shi dae”, waving their lightsticks. And this lasted for some times before everyone left.

Japanese Sones all commented that they feel proud knowing SNSD, at the end of the concert.

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watch this fancam. It's when Sunny is crying hardly and other member are trying to help out =C

SM Entertainment recently revealed pictures of SNSD’s poster for their 2nd solo concert, entitled “2011 Girls’ Generation Tour”.

In the picture, SNSD members appeared very mature, especially YoonA and Seohyun who showed their refined and elegant appearances through their ‘Goddess’-like postures. Netizens commented, “A perfect Goddess pose”, “I can feel the confidence from their eyes” and “Feels more and more mature as time goes by” etc.

On the other hand, why do YoonA, Seohyun and other similar girl group stars appear attractive to the people?

Doctor Pak Jun Han from the MyungJak Cosmetic Surgery Hospital made the following comments about this question:

“SNSD and other similar girl group stars have been doing long term vocal and dance trainings, they also do physical trainings to maintain a well-balanced body shape. Through broadcasts they also revealed that after their debut, they have been working very hard to train their musical talents and good bodies even during their busy schedules. Top ranking stars are also working endlessly towards building their reputations and being a good role model for the people.”

According to representatives of the advertising industry which is sensitive to the reaction of the public, SNSD are the leading figures in the CF market. They have strong influence on products such as food, franchise and fashion sales targeting at people aged between 15 to 19 years old. They also have extreme influence on women of age group between 20 to 30.

Besides these, SNSD have also made huge waves outside Korea, especially in Japan.

SNSD, who released their Japanese debut single album “Genie” in September 2010, has been obtaining top rankings on the Oricon chart for every single/album they released since then. According to Japanese news site Sankei Sports, the total profit from SNSD’s releases alone in the 2nd half of 2010 was 800 million Yen (10.7 billion Won).

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Taeyeon talked about herself being a “Cosmetics Otaku” on Japan’s Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’ on June 3rd. Before presenting their stage performance, SNSD went through a talk session together with Japanese top stars like Hey! Say! JUMP and Alisa Mizuki. SNSD members were asked to talk about which kind of ‘Otaku’ (Otaku in Japanese means a person with abnormal addiction to certain things) they are.

The Kid Leader, Taeyeon revealed that Tiffany is a ‘Pink Otaku’. Taeyeon made a surprise comment, “She really loves pink, so not only all her stuffs are in pink, her room is also decorated in pink”.

Next, Sooyoung revealed that, “Taeyeon is a Cosmetics Otaku”. She said, “This time our members brought very big suitcases because we’re going to stay in Japan for a very long, but compared to other members who brought a lot of clothes, Taeyeon’s suitcase was filled with cosmetics”.

Taeyeon, who was feeling rather shy revealed, “I brought along 20 lips-related products, 10 make-up brushes and 5 cosmetics bags this time for the Tour”. This confession surprised Japanese artistes who were sitting adjacent the girls.

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On June 3rd, the nine goddesses of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) guest starred in Asahi TV’s “Music Station” along with some of Japan’s greatest stars. During the recording, the program’s hosts asked, “Does Girls’ Generation had any otakus?” Otakus is a Japanese term to refer to people with obsessive interests. 

SNSD’s Tae Yeon stated, “Tiffany’s obsessed with the color pink.” She added, “Not only are all her things pink, her entire room is pink.” 

Soo Young also commented, “Tae Yeon is crazy about cosmetics. While the rest of us brought suitcases full of clothes to Japan, Tae Yeon brought suitcases full of make-up products.” Tae Yeon solidified her status as a cosmetics otaku by confessing, “I brought over 20 lipstick and lipcare products, 10 make-up brushes, and 5 cosmetic bags.” 

Currently, the girls of Girls’ Generation are busy with their Japanese arena tour, traveling to cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, Hiroshima, Nagoyam and Fukuoka. Once they complete their ten concerts in Japan, Girls’ Generation will return to Korea to prepare for their “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR,” which will kick off in Seoul July 23rd.



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