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This is SMTOWN Staff.

We happily announce to you that SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS has its OFFICIAL GOODS.
You guys can have a chance to get souvenirs from SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS at le zenith de PARIS on 10th and 11th.

The booth outside opens 13:00 - 24:00 and inside from 17:30 to 23:00
Total 10 Types of Item is waiting for you at le zenith de PARIS!

Hope you guys would not miss your chance to own SMTOWN's first Europe Tour's present.


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SMTOWN Live Concert in Paris to be Broadcast Worldwide by Facebook and YouTube!

Expected to meet Explosive Response from Global Fans!

Highlights of ‘VISIT KOREA YEAR 2010-2012’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS will be broadcast in worldwide through Facebook and YouTube on June 10~11th (Paris time). 

The concert highlights will be broadcast through YouTube SMTOWN channel ( right after the concert. In addition, photos of SM artists such as TVXQ!, SuperJunior, Girls` Generation, SHINee and f(x) will be updated continuously on Facebook SMTOWN page ( Pictures will be taken at the airport, concert rehearsal, concert scenes, and artist’s daily life.

Especially, after the decision of the tour in Paris, countries in Europe and South America heated up by organizing the relay of various flash mob events asking for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR. To meet global fans expectations, S.M.Entertainment decided to provide opportunity which lets fans in the world enjoy the video highlights and photos from the concert.

Facebook SMTOWN has received nearly 170,000 ‘Likes’ in a week of its launch on the 1st of June and there is a growing influx of users who speaks English, Spanish, French and other Asian languages from different countries. This proves the global power of SM and SM artists, again.

Furthermore, Facebook SMTOWN page is receiving a large number of requests for SMTOWN LIVE tour in America, Mexico, Australia, Italy and other countries by the ‘comments’, so it’s very clear to say that SMTOWN LIVE TOUR is in a fever.

Meanwhile, ‘VISIT KOREA YEAR 2010-2012’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS will be held for two days at the ‘Le Zenith de Paris’ in France, Paris on June 10th and 11th. 

[Korean script]

SMTOWN LIVE 파리 공연, 페이스북과 유튜브 통해 월드 와이드 중계!
전세계 팬들의 폭발적 반응 예고!
오는 6월 10, 11일 양일간 프랑스 파리에서 개최되는 ‘2010-2012 한국 방문의 해 기념’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS의 공연 하이라이트가 페이스북과 유튜브를 통해 전 세계에 중계된다.
이번 공연의 일부분을 편집한 하이라이트 영상은 10일과 11일 공연 직후, 유튜브 에스엠타운 (채널을 통해 전 세계에 공개되며, 페이스북 에스엠타운 (에서는 동방신기, 슈퍼주니어, 소녀시대, 샤이니, 에프엑스 등 아티스트들의 입출국 장면 및 파리에서의 다양한 모습과 리허설 장면 등이 담긴 사진이 지속적으로 업데이트될 예정이어서 화제가 될 전망이다.
특히 프랑스 파리 공연이 결정된 후, 다른 유럽 지역 및 남미에서도 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR를 개최해달라는 다양한 플래시몹 이벤트들이 릴레이로 일어날 정도로 뜨거운 열기를 보여줬던 만큼, 전세계 팬들이 이번 공연의 하이라이트를 영상으로나마 함께 즐길 수 있는 좋은 기회를 제공해 폭발적인 반응이 예상된다.

더불어 페이스북 에스엠타운은 지난 1일 오픈과 동시에 일주일 만에 무려 17만 ‘Like’유저를 육박하며 아시아 지역을 비롯, 영어, 스페인어, 프랑스어 등 다양한 언어를 쓰는 각국의 유저들의 유입이 눈에 띄고 있어, SM 및 소속 아티스트들의 글로벌 파워를 다시 한번 입증하기도 했다.

또한 페이스북을 통해 미국, 멕시코, 호주, 이탈리아 등에서도 SMTOWN LIVE 공연 요청이 쇄도하고 있어, SMTOWN LIVE 공연에 대한 전세계 팬들의 열기를 보여주고 있다.

한편, ‘2010-2012 한국 방문의 해 기념’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS는 오는 10일과 11일 프랑스 파리 ‘Le Zenith de Paris’에서 개최된다. 

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MTV Korea recently conducted a survey in which they asked users what idol they thought had "K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body". The votes are in, and ten celebrities were chosen for their enviable physique. However, Rain, "K-Pop's Sexy Icon", secured the top position by a landslide, bringing in nearly 35% of votes.

Out of over 100,000 votes, Rain brought in an impressive 34.4% of total votes, beating out second place TVXQ's Yunho by over 7,000 votes. Of the female candidates, Victoria of f(x) came out on top, who, coincidentally, was recently chosen as a new model for "Carribean Bay" water park, along with her "We Got Married" husband Nichkhun of 2PM, who she beat out by 1,250 votes!

Unfortunately, 2AM's Changmin and Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls were eliminated from the master list of ten for lack of sufficient votes, as seen below:

Check out the top ten idols with the "Hottest Summer Bodies" below:

1. Rain

2. TVXQ Yunho

3. Super Junior’s Siwon

4. f(x)'s Victoria

5. 2PM's Nichkhun

6. After School's UEE

7. Wonder Girls' Yubin

8. Lee Hyori

9. Girls' Generation’s Yuri

10. Big Bang’s Taeyang

Do you agree with the results? Who do you think has a body that would drop jaws at the beach?

Source: MTVK
Credit : gokpop


1. 6 DVDs and 44page Book Phuket Special Photos (Premium HardCardboardBox)
2. Measurement - w - 290x h - 290x t - 21
5. Approximately 715min
7. Region Code . 3
8. Subtitles - Korean/English
9 Release Date - 30 June 2011

Track List

DISC1. [Variety In Phuket] 
l Girls' Generation's Mystery Action Story “REAL TREASURE” 

DISC2. [Free Day In Phuket] 
l 윤아(YOONA)’s Free Time 
l 태연(TAEYEON)’s Free Time 
l 유리(YURI)’s Free Time 
l 티파니(TIFFANY)’s Free Time 
l 서현(SEOHYUN)’s Free Time 
l 수영(SOOYOUNG)’s Free Time 
l 써니(SUNNY)’s Free Time 
l 효연(HYOYEON)’s Free Time 
l 제시카(JESSICA)’s Free Time

DISC3. [Self Talk in Phuket] 
l 윤아(YOONA)’s Self Talk 
l 태연(TAEYEON)’s Self Talk 
l 제시카(JESSICA)’s Self Talk 
l 유리(YURI)’s Self Talk 
l 티파니(TIFFANY)’s Self Talk 
l 서현(SEOHYUN)’s Self Talk 
l 수영(SOOYOUNG)’s Self Talk 
l 써니(SUNNY)’s Self Talk 
l 효연(HYOYEON)’s Self Talk 

DISC4. [Girls' Generation’s MUSIC VIDEO] 
01. Music Video 
l ‘Echo’ 
l ‘다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)’ 
l ‘소녀시대(Girls' Generation)’ 
l ‘Kissing you’ 
l ‘Baby Baby’ 
l ‘오빠나빠’ 
l ‘Gee’ 
l ‘Gee’ Dance Ver. (Color) 
l ‘Gee’ Dance Ver. (White) 
l ‘힘내!(Way To Go)’ 
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D) 
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D) 
l ‘Oh!’ 
l ‘Run Devil Run’ Dance Ver. 
l ‘Run Devil Run’ Story Ver. 
l ‘Run Devil Run’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D) 
l ‘Run Devil Run’ 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D) 
l ‘훗(Hoot)’ 
l ‘훗(Hoot)’ Dance Ver. 
l ‘Beautiful Girls’ 

02. Individual Clips of ‘훗(Hoot)’ 
l 윤아(YOONA)’s Clip 
l 태연(TAEYEON)’s Clip 
l 제시카(JESSICA)’s Clip 
l 유리(YURI)’s Clip 
l 티파니(TIFFANY)’s Clip 
l 서현(SEOHYUN)’s Clip 
l 수영(SOOYOUNG)’s Clip 
l 써니(SUNNY)’s Clip 
l 효연(HYOYEON)’s Clip

l All About Girls' Generation “Paradise in Phuket” DVD Jacket Sketch
l ‘Echo’ M/V Sketch
l ‘다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)’ M/V Sketch
l ‘다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)’ The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Story 
l Girls’ Generation in Hanbok Costumes for Chuseok Event 
l THE 1st ALBUM ‘소녀시대(Girls' Generation)’ Jacket Sketch 
l ‘소녀시대(Girls' Generation)’ M/V Sketch
l ‘Kissing you’ M/V Sketch
l Mobile Photoshoot Sketch 
l THE 1st ALBUM REPACKAGE ‘Baby Baby’ Jacket Sketch 
l Mobile Photoshoot – Meet & Greet Sketch
l THE 1st MINI ALBUM ‘Gee’ Jacket Sketch
l ‘Gee’ M/V Sketch 
l ‘Gee’ The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Story 
l THE 2nd MINI ALBUM ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ Jacket Sketch
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ M/V Sketch
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Scenes 
l everysing Sticker Photoshoot Sketch
l “SPAO” Photoshoot Sketch 
l THE 2nd ALBUM ‘Oh!’ Jacket Sketch
l ‘Oh!’ M/V Sketch
l THE 2nd ALBUM REPACKAGE ‘Run Devil Run’ Jacket Sketch 
l ‘Run Devil Run’ M/V Sketch
l ‘Run Devil Run’ Manito Game 
l ‘Oh!’ The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Scenes 
l THE 3rd ALBUM ‘훗(Hoot)’ Jacket Sketch
l ‘훗(Hoot)’ M/V Sketch
l ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 3D M/V Sketch

l 070805 인기가요 ‘다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)’
l 071118 인기가요 ‘소녀시대(Girls' Generation)’
l 071125 인기가요 ‘소녀시대(Girls' Generation)’ & 뮤티즌송 수상
l 080127 인기가요 ‘Kissing you’
l 080217 인기가요 ‘Kissing you’ & 뮤티즌송 수상
l 080323 인기가요 ‘Baby Baby’
l 080413 인기가요 ‘Baby Baby’
l 080525 인기가요 ‘오빠나빠’
l 090111 인기가요 ‘Gee’
l 090118 인기가요 ‘Gee’ & 뮤티즌송 수상
l 090301 인기가요 ‘Dear. Mom’
l 090308 인기가요 ‘힘내!( Way To Go)’
l 090628 인기가요 ‘Etude’ , ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 
l 090705 인기가요 ‘소원을 말해봐(Genie)’ 
l 100131 인기가요 ‘Show! Show! Show!’ , ‘Oh!’
l 100207 인기가요 ‘Oh!’
l 100321 인기가요 ‘Run Devil Run’ 
l 100411 인기가요 ‘Run Devil Run’ 
l 100530 드림 콘서트 ‘Run Devil Run’ & ‘Oh!’
l 091003 아이돌빅쇼 ‘다시 만난 세계(Into the new world)’, ‘Gee’
l 090226 김정은의 초콜릿 ‘Girls' Generation Special’
l 090816 김정은의 초콜릿 ‘Girls' Generation Special’
l 100411 김정은의 초콜릿 ‘Girls' Generation Special’

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Sones get your wallets ready, because SNSD will be releasing a DVD series titled, “All About Girls’ Generation ‘Paradise in Phuket‘”!

Produced by SM Entertainment and SBS Contents Hub, the DVDs are meant to be like a mini-photobook that contains everything about the girls from their debut to the present time.

The DVDs will also include special clips taken from Phuket, as well as all their hit music videos, an unreleased version of “Hoot” with individual member versions, album jacket and music video making-of films, and performances from SBS shows such as “Inkigayo” and “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.”

Whew! Although that’s already quite the list, the six-part DVD still has much more left to show, as it also contains a variety show SNSD filmed in Phuket titled “Real Treasure“, a music video for “Echo“, and self-camera clips of each member talking about one another, their families, and their fans.

“All About Girls’ Generation ‘Paradise in Phuket’ is scheduled for release at the end of the month, so stay tuned for more updates!

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver
Taken from: Allkpop

The ‘SNSD Praise Song’ which was revealed on Japanese TV program ‘Hey Hey Hey’ on the 6th of June also became a hot discussion topic among Korean fans. Besides praising SNSD using the line “Sonyuhs created an era (Shi Dae) in Japan”, the lyrics also covered SNSD members’ detailed personal interests and characteristics.

This SNSD special Heyx3 episode covered a chatting session with SNSD, as well as videos on Kpop fever etc. Japanese comedian, Amemiya also performed the ‘SNSD Praise Song’, accompanied by guitar and harmonica.

While the song was played, SNSD members’ reactions were captured on the screen. It was actually a touching song yet presented in a comical way, which made the members laugh.

The song started with “Been through hardships as trainees, shed tears and thought of giving up in sorrowful nights. Even like this, the 9 SoNyuhs encouraged one another at the Incheon Beach, and created their era in Japan.”

As the song continued with “Suffering as they maintain their body shapes, everyday having 800 calories, and main course being broccoli”, SNSD members shook their heads as in disagreement.

The song went on, “The SoNyuhs who have strong characters became Korea and Japan’s fashion leaders”, followed by description of each member’s characteristics like “Jessica who falls asleep anytime and anywhere”, “YoonA who has bad sleeping habits”, “Sunny who baths fast” and “Seohyun who likes sweet potato” etc.

The lyrics were presented with Korean translations. Korean netizens who watched the broadcast commented, “The singer was really a well-prepared and careful person”, “He seemed to know SNSD much more than their fans”, “Looking at SNSD’s satisfied expressions made it funnier” etc.

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