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Within ten days since its release, Girls' Generation's first Japanese album has topped Japan's iTunes chart, once again proving their domination. The first week of June was filled up with news of Girls' Generation's whopping sales in various charts, and it doesn't look like the chart-topping is going to end anytime soon.

After completing a few concerts for their Arena Tour across six cities in Japan, the nine girls are currently in France, preparing themselves for the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS concert, which will be held on June 10-11. MBC will edit the two concerts into a one-hour show and will broadcast it on July 2.

On a side note, Girls' Generation will continue on their Arena Tour on June 17 in Tokyo, Japan.

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SNSD’s leader Taeyeon had a mini-interview on MBC FM’s ‘Son Suk Hee’s Spotlight’, where she gave fans updates on her health and on SNSD’s activities abroad.

The interview began with the host asking Taeyeon on how she took care of her health. Taeyeon replied, “I don’t take especial care of it. I try to eat properly, and I think I get exercise naturally though stage performances.”

Taeyeon was then asked, “Do you have anything special prepared for the performance in Paris?”, to which she answered, “There are many people who wanted to listen to the original tracks. So rather than recomposing the songs, we’ll be picking representative tracks instead.” Taeyeon expressed that she was determined to perform familiar songs in France for French Sones to sing along to.

The ‘kid leader’ directed her next words to SNSD’s Korean ‘uncle’ fans. “While we’ve scaled back our Korean activities for a while, we’re performing in various countries to let Korea be better known, so please wait for just a little bit longer. We’ll be starting on our Korean activities soon.”

She also added, “I’m doing well, so don’t worry too much!”

Son Suk Hee then asked while smiling, “There are almost no cases where idol stars appear on ‘Spotlight’. Did you ever have an interview as formal as this one before?” Taeyeon laughed, “There haven’t been many these days.”

Taeyeon and her fellow SNSD members are currently in Paris preparing for the first ever ‘SM TOWN Live in Paris‘ shows on June 10th – 11th.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

Vocal group 4men expressed their admiration towards Taeyeon, IU, SHINee’s JongHyun, BEAST’s YoSeop and John Park.

During the recording of Mnet’s music show ‘M SoundPlex’, 4men, who are currently busy with their activities, were asked about the members of idol groups that they would pick to be the 4th member of their group. In reply to the question, 4Men mentioned that they would love to have Taeyeon, IU, JongHyun, YoSeop or John Park.

This episode of M SoundPlex will be aired on June 11th at 12am KST.


"But what I am doing here?", I wondered on August 25, 2010, inside the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo. I came to attend the South Korean singers, Girls' Generation's concert. Though I was impressed by their performance, I must admit what surprised me the most was the audiences' young age. I felt like I didn't really fit, surrounded by 15-year-old teenagers. But even at my age (50), I noticed the infatuation of the Japanese for the South Korean culture was not to be seen amongst middle-aged women anymore (in 2003, women in their 40s-50s became fans of the Korean TV show Winter Sonata, which started the wave of South Korean culture in Japan).

It was actually the first concert of these South Korean stars in the archipelago. After conquering their native country, they started to seduce the whole Asian population. Only people who managed to buy the limited edition of their Japanese debut DVD were invited to the concert. Even so, 22,000 fans hurried to the Coliseum. The organizers had to add two new concerts.

In the venue, where thousands of pink light sticks were shining, I was trying to lay low. Finally, the lights turned off. Girls' Generation appeared on stage, wearing shorts and revealing their navels. They really looked like fashion dolls. Near me, girls in high school days were fighting back tears of joy. Sooyoung, one of the nine singers, greeted the crowd in Japanese. She is the only fluent member in the group, while four others can speak Chinese. Though I couldn't help but think they had a really businesswomen-seeking-the-conquest-of-the-global-market side, I heard them sing five songs with passion; including GENIE, their first Japanese single. Their dance moves were perfectly executed and they all performed in zestful voices. "We have only introduced ourselves now, but this is already the last song", Sooyoung said. The last song was Gee. It is one of their biggest successes, as it stayed number one on South Korean charts for nine weeks. It was a very catchy tune. I have to say that I even ran up to the front so I would not miss anything from the show. Apparently, it was a love song, but the only thing that stayed in my head was the chorus: "Gee Gee Gee Gee". I understand a bit of Korean, but I was lost. Being the old journalist that I am, I left the overcrowded avenue after thirty minutes of concert, feeling completely euphoric.

I felt afraid while walking along the Ariake Coliseum, because it was literally teeming with people. Young girls wearing the same stage outfits as Girls' Generation were all excited. I came closer to a nine-member group of girls from Osaka and asked them what they liked about Girls' Generation. "They are so stylish. We love them. They are good-looking and sing well. AKB48 (a group of Japanese singers) are nice too but they act like little girls too much." they answered. They were speaking with honesty, holding a fan that was printed with their favourite group's name.

Girls' Generation songs are not gloomy. Among the crowd of fans, a few boys can be seen. I met two students from Tokyo who studied in South Korea. One of them was a little embarrassed by confessing, "I did not only study the Korean language, I also studied the history. I visited the Seodaemun prison, which is considered as the symbol of oppression since the country was under the Japanese domination. There is an antipathy, which is hard to erase, towards Japan. But now, I am addicted to Girls' Generation. We are Japanese and we support the stars that Korea is proud to introduce to us. I don't think it's a bad thing."

A few TV stations were there for the concert at the Ariake Coliseum. Kim Hyunchul from the Seoul Broadcasting System in Tokyo observed the phenomenon with stupefaction. "It's incredible! I thought the infatuation for the South Korean culture started by Winter Sonata was over, but it's not. The K-Pop girls seem to have started the trend all over again. It's a phenomenon I will talk about back in Korea. As for the colonization, everybody has to understand that problems from the past belong to the past now. The most important thing is the upcoming century. I'm certain that the young will make sure to build good relationships between our two countries."

With the huge success of Korean boy groups such as Tohoshinki and Big Bang, K-Pop girls wanted to make an attempt on the Japanese scene. Members of Girls' Generation are not the only ones. We can look at 4Minute, Kara or Brown Eyed Girls; groups that have started to gain fans with their own appeal. The Japanese music scene may soon by invaded by "Made in Korea" artists just like electrical goods store are full of Korean products.

"Chizuno we / Chousenkokuni / Kuruguroto / Sumiwo nuritsutsu / Akikazewo kiku" [I hear the Autumn wind / On the map, I draw with black ink / the Korean peninsula]. The author for this Japanese poem is Tabuboku Ishiwa (1886-1912) and wrote this verse after hearing the news of the annexation of Korea by Japan a long time ago. He had wanted to give his support to the South Korean population. But the members of Girls' Generation probably don't know that, because it's part of the past. On August 25, 2010, Koreanophiles waited for hours under the unbearable heat to attend the second and third concerts of Girls' Generation.

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SNSD‘s first Japanese album, Girls’ Generation, debuts at #3 on the weekly album chart of United World Chart. The United World Chart is a worldwide chart issued every week by Media Traffic, using both sales (digital and physical) and airplay to determine the most popular albums and singles worldwide.

The girls’ first Japanese album debuts as the third top-selling album in week 24 of 2011, behind Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way andAdele‘s 21.

Quoting from the United World Chart’s official site;

As expected, the sales of Lady GaGa’s new effort ‘Born This Way’ plunge into the deep, a massive 75% compared to the previous week to 487.000 copies. The total sales are at 2,41 million so far. It is doubtful if she can a third week at the summit of the global album chart. Adele’s ’21′ sits tight at the second place, with a little 1,5% sales increase to 282.000 copies, a total of 6,48 million after 19 weeks on the tally. Highest debut of the week is Shôjo Jidai, a nine-member girl group from Seoul, South Korea, with their first Japanese album release, ‘Girls’ Generation’. The set sold 232.000 units in its initial week in Japan. In South Korea the album was already released in 2007. Indierock-act Death Cab For Cutie arrives behind at no.4 with ‘Codes & Keys’ and 164.000 sales. Ex Pearl Jam leader Eddie Vedder storms at no.5 with his solo-set ‘Ukulele Songs’ (99.000 sales). Two other Japanese acts bow in the top 10, UverWorld’s ‘Life 6 Sense’ at no.6 with 95.000 sales and Sendaime J Soul Brothers’ self-titled album at no.7 with 94.000 sales. German casting-star Pietro Lombardi comes in at no.9 with his debut album ‘Jackpot’ (66.000 sales). Outside the top 10 debuting US rock-act My Morning Jacket with ‘Circuital’ at no.11 (58.000), Flogging Molly’s ‘Speed Of Darkness’ at no.21 (33.000), Kiyoshi Hikawa’s ‘Enka Meikyoku Collection 14′ at no.22 (33.000), Black Stone Cherry’s ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea’ at no.24 (32.000), Journey’s ‘Ecl1ps3′ at no.28 (30.000), Mao Abe’s ‘Su.’ at no.34 (24.000), Status Quo’s ‘Quid Pro Quo’ at no.36 (24.000) and Aki Toyosaki’s ‘Love Your Life, Love My Life’ at no.38 (22.000).

Uhh… It seems like they’re mistaking the 1st Japanese Album Girls’ Generation (2011) as a remake / reissue of the 1st Korean AlbumGirls’ Generation (2007). But anyway, it’s pretty awesome to see the girls makes it to the worldwide album chart, isn’t it?
Previously this year, label-mate TVXQ or DBSK also charted in the United World Chart at #4 with their comeback album,Keep Your Head Down.

Sources:, Yoongislove@twitter, bestiz
Credit by; crazy51@snsdkorean

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Recently, Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Yuri has grabbed the fans’ attentions with her slim and toned body. On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” reporter Ji Young went to Yuri’s gym to find out the secret to her amazing body. She met with Yuri’s physical trainer Lee Young Man, who revealed, “Yuri exercised daily to build up her body in time for her activities abroad. She stuck to a perfectly balanced diet and cardio workout, and she also spent a lot of time working out her abdominal muscles.”

Reporter Ji Young attempted part of Yuri’s ab workout, which involved holding her position mid-sit-up, but gave up after her first try. Her trainer added, “Yuri repeats this position 600 times per day.” Like the saying goes: no pain, no gain. Yuri’s amazing body was only achieved after her endless hours of hard work.

Credit: soompi

HYOYEON & JESSICA & SEOHYUN! Ta-da~! We are enjoying Paris~! This is the Eiffel Tower~! Please support us by clicking 'Like' button on top of SMTOWN page~! 

HYOYEON & JESSICA & SEOHYUN! Three sweet princess attracts Paris!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

JESSICA! 얼음공주~ melts the Paris like an ice cream~!

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! Now, guess the waiting room number of GIRLS' GENERATION / SHINee / f(x) !

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! 9 angels, preparing for the concert in Paris~! Presenting a huge heart for the fans~![from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! YURI & SOOYOUNG! Waiting for their turn in the waiting room~ The answer! GIRLS' GENERATION's waiting room number is~~~6! Upside down of Number '9' [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]
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