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A list of female celebrities that have filmed the most CFs was recently compiled, and here are the results!

Coming in at number 1 is SNSD. The group not only dominates the music world, but also the CF scene. Including group and individual members’ CFs, they have recently filmed more than 13 commercials. Their fans mainly range from 10 years old to those who are in their 50s, and as a result, the group is one of the first choices when a company looks for spokespeople. The group’s influence on customers can be seen especially through their vitamin drink CF, as their image successfully grabbed the attention of the market, resulting in the rapid increase in vitamin drink sales.

Lee Minjung is ranked as number 2, as her CFs include cosmetics, automobile, real estate, and the banking industry, accumulating over 10 CFs in recent years. Due to her unique image, she is popular amongst all types of industries. A source that works in the CF industry stated, “It’s very rare to see someone like Lee Minjung, who is suitable for different types of CFs. Currently, she is the most popular CF model amongst all the companies.”

Grabbing the number 3 spot is Kim Yuna. The figure skater also filmed 10 CFs in the past year. While she has been busy breaking into the variety show scene, her intelligent image has made an impression on viewers. Her current CFs include tablets, air conditioners, milk, yogurt, and athletic wear.

With 7 CFs under her belt, Shin Mina is ranked at number 4. Sources have said that Shin Mina is a fashion role model, as she is very charismatic. The jeans CF she filmed has been a hot topic amongst the CF industry. Due to the fact that she has a naturally perfect body, she is well known for not having the need for any editing or Photoshopping for her CFs.

Having filmed commercials for smartphones, fried chicken, and games, IU has been successful in building her CF resume, thus earning her the number 5 spot. Not only is she building a successful career in singing, but she is also branching out to acting and performing. Her increasing popularity and an honest image have helped her in gaining support from the CF companies.

At the number 6 spot is Hwang Jungeum. After filming MBC’s "High Kick through the Roof" in 2009, she has appeared in 7 CFs, promoting merchandise such as credit cards, athletic shoes, medicine, drinks, cosmetics, and ramyun. She is regarded as an artist who is capable of appearing in all types of CFs, due to her easy and outgoing personality.

With the help of the drama "The Fugitive: Plan B," Lee Nayoung has filmed 6 CFs in the past year, earning her the number 7 spot. Her popularity originated from coffee CFs that she filmed beginning in 2002. Sources have indicated that her clean background and outgoing personality, alongside consistent filming of the coffee CFs, has left a great impression in viewers’ minds.

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Taeyeon and Yoona were featured in Elle's ranking of top Korean idols.

A- Singing & Performance; B- Appearance (Face) & Style; C- Talent & Artistic Abilities; D- Other

Girls' Generation: Yoona
A- Nobody can stand at the center. Even that is an ability. But let's work on the singing.★★ -Bang Hye Jin
B- The most universal beauty. Egg-shaped face, detailed features. There are no flaws. ★★★★ -Park Hye Eun
C- Even though she just has ordinary talents and sensibility/wit, she gives sufficient satisfaction with her 'Yoona Effect'. ★★★☆ -Jo Min Ki
D- Be careful not to get pushed/beat out within SNSD, or by rookies outside of the group! -Park Hye Eun

Girls' Generation: Taeyeon
A- If you were to pick out all the main vocals in female idol teams, she would probably be at the top of the list. ★★★★ -Kim Bong Hyun
B- When it comes to Taeyeon, one man said, "She has the face that would make any man agree that she is pretty". I agree. She is pretty. But her style is... ★★★ -Kwon Eun Kyung
C- Laid-back 'MC' image. She stands out more on the radio than on TV. ★★★ -Choi Min Woo
D- Don't have too much faith in samchon fans. They're already starting to shift their eyes to IU. -Kim Areum

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