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‘YongSeo Couple’ fans, rejoice: CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa, who has snagged his first leading role for MBC’s drama “Heartstrings“, revealed in a press conference that he had received words of support from his erstwhile wife, SNSD’s Seohyun.

“I went to receive my hair/makeup today and I ran into Seohyun.”, he said at a press conference on June 23rd. “She said she would support my acting.”

“Heartstrings”, a new drama which also stars Park Shin Hye, will be about students at a performing arts school and blossoming young love.

The first episode will be broadcast on the 29th.

Source: Star News via Nate
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9th March 1989

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With outstanding singing skills

Q1. What are the charms of SNSD that you know as a member of the group?

It’s our simplicity and frankness and how we behave naturally all the time.

Q2. What is the song you would sing for people in love?

I will recommend “Born to be a lady”.

Q3. Who are the people you consider to be your allies?

It’s our fans. They always give us support and the energy to produce the next album. We never fail to get strength from our fans.

Q4. What do you want to be if you were to be reborn again?

A bird, I admire them because they can fly!

Q5. Who is the member you would marry if you were a man?

Myself. (Smiles) Because I know myself the best.

Q6. What is the fashion item you are aiming for this summer?

During summer, your arms will usually be exposed when you wear short-sleeves or no-sleeves, so I will find some bracelets that will stand out.

Q7. Please reveal the secrets of your fair skin.

I will do hot-packing before firming, sometimes I also use scrubs.

Q8. Which is the place you wish to go in Japan?

Tokyo’s Disneyland and hot spring.

Q9. Any surprises from Japan’s culture and habits?

How they broadcast live on TV early in the morning.

Q10. If you broke up with your lover, how will you overcome this?

I think time heals all wounds.

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Japan's famous men's magazine, GQ Japan is due to release their August issue on June 24th. The issue will also feature South Korea's 9-member girl group Girls' Generation, making this their first ever appearance for the magazine.

A picture of the girls was revealed prior to the release of the August issue. It showed the girls clad in simple white tops or shirts and showing off their lean legs. They presented a sophisticated yet sexy feel, leaving fans excited for more.

GQ Japan carried out an interview with the girls who talked about their packed schedules as well as their training days which lasted from 5 to 8 years. The feature will also introduce their agency, SM Entertainment's development programs and address how they utilized the world's largest video-sharing site, YouTube, in order to reach out to Girls' Generation fans abroad.

Girls' Generation has established themselves as one of the most popular groups around with revenues worth approximately 3.47 billion in Japan for the 1st half of the year. The girls also ranked well in the Oricon charts for the '1st Half of 2011 Oricon Ranking'.

Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!

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SNSD recorded a total sales of 2.6 billion Yen in the first half of 2011, according to ‘Oricon 2011 first half ranking’ which placed them at the no.1 spot in terms of total sales among foreign artistes and 5th among the top selling artistes in Japan.

AKB48 sold the most with 6.66 billion Yen, followed by Arashi with 6.59 billion Yen. EXILE came in 3rd with 4.68 billion Yen while Japanese diva, Namie Amuro was just a spot in front of Shoujo Jidai with a total sales amounting to 2.7 billion Yen. Kara took the 6th spot with sales of 2.15 billion Yen. SNSD and Kara who are the symbols of Kpop fever in Japan since last year had managed to be in the top 10 best selling artistes in Japan for the first half of 2011.

After 3 weeks of its release, SNSD’s 1st Japanese studio album ‘Girls’ Generation’ has recorded a total sales of 378,534 copies. With sales volume reaching 400,000, the initial shipment of 500,000 copies proved to be too little. In order to cope with the demand, additional 100,000 copies are being shipped.

Well, believe it or not, half a year has already come and almost gone, in a blink of an eye. How have our favourite 9 fared so far in the music popularity stakes ?

Quite well, actually, as far as the Oricon charts are concerned .

Our favourite Korean girl group was placed 5th overall for the “1st Half of 2011′s Oricon Ranking” with a record total sales earnings of 2.6 billion yen.

The girls were placed after top Japanese artistes like AKB48 and EXILE and have, in fact, emerged as the top performing foreign artiste on the list.

Girls’ Generation started off the year with the release of their 3rd single “MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run”(release date: 27th April 2011). For that single alone, they sold more than 150,000 copies.

They went on to make their mark with their self-titled 1st Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation”, garnering an album sales figure of more than 326,000 copies sold.

In addition, “MR. TAXI./Run Devil Run” was ranked 21st in the “Top 50 Singles” category, whilst their 1st Japanese album and Hoot were placed at 10th and 21st positions respectively for the “Top 50 Albums” category.

Their DVD “New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” was also ranked 15th for the “TOP DVDs” category.

In the same report, fellow Korean artists like KARA and Tohoshinki were also noted to have made significant milestones in this respect. The former was ranked 6th for the foreign artist category, while Tohoshinki was ranked at 15th.

What with breaking the 100,000 mark in total album sales after only 2 days, and with their extremely successful ongoing Japan Arena Tour, it certainly looks like there’ll be no stopping our favourite 9 angels at all for the remaining portion of 2011.

SNSD Daebak !!!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean
Source: Oricon

KBS CoolFM Radio conducted a preference survey for their 46th Anniversary from June 7th till 9th to find out which songs Koreans most like to listen to. The survey involved more than 26,000 participants between the ages of 10-50 and of both genders. The internet voting also included music critics and a selection committee, resulting in a list of the top 89 songs of all time. As pictured above, the survey was divided into rank, title and artist.

Girls' Generation's "Gee" was ranked 9th among veteran artists like Lee Moonsae who placed 1st with "Kwanghwamun Love Song". Kim Hyunshik's "My Love By My Side" and Yoo Jaeha's "Because I Love You" were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Some idol artists who made the chart include Big Bang (Lies), IU (Good Day) and 2NE1 (I Don't Care) who were ranked at 35th, 44th and 50th respectively. Fellow labelmates Super Junior and BOA made the list as well.

Considering the diversity of the participants, Girls' Generation's high placing is indeed an achievement and has further proven the group's appeal among the masses.

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