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Through the mass media, we hear news about overseas activities of Korean singers every day. In fact, the Kpop industry garners overwhelming popularity in Asian countries. Recently, the Kpop syndrome has gone beyond Asia, to as far as Europe and South American countries.

In view of this, cable channel Mnet crews followed SNSD to their 1st Japan Arena Tour held in Yoyogi Sports Stadium on the 29th of June. The crews personally experienced the ‘SNSD fever’ in Japan.

The Mnet production crews went to various cultural attractions in Japan, such as Shinjuku, Shinbuya, Halajuku and Shin-Okubo, where they met and interviewed Japanese people of different gender and age groups.

SNSD who are gradually becoming a part of the young generation’s life, also change the lifestyles of these young people. The secret behind their charms is going to be revealed for the first time through Mnet’s Korean Wave reports.

Divided into 2 sections, the first part of the report entitled “Do you know SNSD?” will be aired on the 14th of July, this Thursday, where reasons for SNSD’s popularity will be revealed.

Mnet’s production crew said, “In the past, Korean fan culture was very much different from the Japanese. Korean fans carry out activities in groups while Japanese fans prefer to do it individually. However, after Korean singers gained much popularity in Japan, Japanese fan culture became somewhat similar to that of the Koreans”.

The crew also added, “Unlike Korea, SNSD are popular among Japanese females from the group age of 10-30 years old. This is not only due their songs, but also the fact that female fans follow SNSD’s fashions closely as well as learning their makeup methods, which changes the fans’ lifestyles. So far, the news made known to the public in Korea only discussed about the overseas activities and popularity of Korean singers but ‘BOOM the K-POP’ will be bringing more realistic reports to the viewers as our crews have personally experienced the ‘SNSD fever’ in Japan.”

Mnet ‘BOOM the K-POP’ preview video was released first through YouTube last week. Even though it was a short video clip, it garnered over 30,000 views from people in Korea as well as Korean music lovers in foreign countries.

In addition to these, Mnet will be showing live scenes of SNSD’s Yoyogi Japan Arena Tour for the first time, through the first section of ‘BOOM the K-POP’ which will be aired on July 14th at 7.30pm KST!

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More fans, you say ? Don’t they already have enough ? Well, just like Justin Bieber’s song “Never Say Never”, we too agree that there is never ever enough fans for our 9 beautiful ladies….

Recently, 2 well-known personalities in the entertainment industry expressed their admiration for our 9 ladies, both on television and the Web.

First up: Korean actor Jo Insung (apparently our SunnyBunny’s ideal guy ;) ).

In the recent episode of MBC’s [Infinity Challenge] – “Jo Insung Comeback Work – What Happened in Misari”, the actor, who was on the show as a guest artiste, mentioned that: “I watch ‘IC’ regularly; I also saw Gil’s message on Twitter (‘Jo Insung, are you watching?’)”, effectively confirming the fact that he is a big fan of the show.

He eventually got his revenge for the Tweet from Gil by commenting: “If I were at this place, Gil would not be here right now”, generating laughter on the show’s set.

The actor then revealed that Girls’ Generation is his favourite K-Pop girl group, causing the 2 hosts, Ha Donghoon (HaHa) and Noh Hongchul, to be blue with jealousy, since they are both big fans themselves of Yoona and Yuri respectively.

Herewith attached is the videoclip-cut detailing the aforementioned banter during that episode of “Infinity Challenge”:

Jo Insung Cut

Next: A blog-post by Kenshi Hamamoto ( a well-known Japanese Indie singer).

Kenshi Hamamoto stated in his June 30th 2011 entry to his blog his extreme admiration for our angelic 9 ladies. I think he says it best in his own words:

“I started to have interest (in them) since last autumn” and “After watching Kara’s ‘Mister’ PV, I found it interesting so I checked on K-pop. I was immediately attracted by SNSD when I saw them. They have great songs and PVs. Although I had no interest in idols back then, it was the first time I got into it.”

He also wrote, “Yesterday I went to the concert that I was really looking forward to. Seeing their faces from a good distance and seat, my heart pounded with excitement. All 9 of them were beautiful. Even though I’m a fan of Taeyeon and Tiffany, all of them are good because everyone has their own unique characters. I think Hyoyeon’s live performance yesterday was better than what I’ve watched on videos.”

In addition, he added, “I changed my mind the moment solo stages started. What? These are female idols. I couldn’t believe they’re from Korea. The quality was really high, each member could also perform their solo choreographies and songs well. I was speechless when great performances just kept on coming up. So this is what we called flawless. What more can we demand from an idol group. I’m starting to feel sorry for calling them idols. They are more than just a female dance and vocal group.”

Lastly, he stated, “As someone who deals with music just like them, I even felt a little worried for myself looking at how much they have practiced. I couldn’t believe that 9 girls in the early 20s can do such great things. How much time they’ve spent to produce such choreographies and songs, how much energy and health they had sacrificed for their schedules, and how much stress they’ve undergone to strive in a foreign country, the answers to these questions are beyond my imaginations”.

He also added, “I respect all 9 of them. I think they have put in many times of others’ efforts into their years of hard work. I was also motivated by this. In the future I wish to watch more of SNSD’s live performances, they are great.”

Well, with 2 more well-known personalities now joining the ranks of SONES, it certainly looks like the 9 ladies are slowly, but surely, gaining the world one fan at a time.

SNSD Daebak !!!

Written by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

SNSD has just become the first Korean girl group to sell over 500,000 album copies in Japan! Their first full album, entitled ‘Girls’ Generation‘, was released a little over a month ago on June 1st, but has since received an explosive reaction amongst Japanese fans.

The album ranked first place on the Oricon chart within a week of its release, and has now reached double platinum in sales.

A representative for SM Entertainment said, “Through this album and these records, I think we were able to show just how influential SNSD is as Asia’s number one girl group at the moment.”

SNSD recently wrapped up their Japanese tour for over 14,000 fans, and will be returning to Korea for their solo concert in the Olympic Park Gymnasium on July 23rd.

Congratulations to these nine hard-working ladies!

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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