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Girls' Generation The 1st Asia Tour : Into The New World

◈ 발매일(発売日/Release-Date): 2011년 8월 17일 (August 17, 2011)
◈ 정가(定価/Price): 29,700원 (\, tax in)
◈ 제작(製作/Maker): S.M. Entertainment / SBS Contents Hub

◈ 사양(仕様/Spec)
◇ 약 218분(分/min.) 
◇ Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
◇ PCM 2.0/Dolby Digital 5.1 Stereo
◇ 지역코드(リージョンコード/Region Code) : ALL
◇ 자막(字幕/Subtitles) : 한국어/일본어/중국어(Korean/Japanese/Chinese)

◈ 내용(内容/Contents)


- GIRLS' GENERATION The 1st ASIA TOUR in Seoul Encore Live Part I

04. 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation)
06. 멤버소개
09. OOH LA-LA!
11. 1년 後 (ONE YEAR LATER) / 제시카, 온유
12. 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘 / 윤아 feat.이특, 신동
13. SUNNY / 써니
14. UMBRELLA / 티파니
17. HONEY (소원)
18. DEAR. MOM 
19. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (FOREVER)
20. 사랑은 선율을 타고 (DAY BY DAY)
21. 동화 (MY CHILD)


- GIRLS' GENERATION The 1st ASIA TOUR in Seoul Encore Live Part II

22. BARBIE GIRL / 제시카 feat. KEY (SHINee)
23. SANTA BABY / 수영
24. 라벨: 모음곡 「거울」제 4 곡 「어릿광대의 아침노래」/ 서현
29. 1, 2 STEP / 유리 feat.Amber (f(x))
30. BEAUTIFUL GIRLS feat.유영진
31. 다시 만난 세계 (Into the new world)
32. 웃자 (BE HAPPY)
33. 힘 내! (WAY TO GO)
34. Gee 
36. 냉면 (차가운 니 얼굴) feat.소녀시대
37. 하하하송 (HaHaHaSong)
38. 멘트
41. Oh!

- 콘서트 메이킹 필름(Making Film) : 콘서트 리허설, 대기실, 멤버들 개인 인터뷰 포함(Rehearsal, BTS, Interview)

43. 카라멜 커피 (TALK TO ME) / 제시카, 티파니
44. BARBIE GIRL / 제시카 feat.희철 (SuperJunior)

- 공연실황을 담은 콘서트 스페셜 컬러 포토북(Special photo book)
- 초도 한정 포스터 1종(初回限定ポスター/Poster-First Press Edition)

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★ 출처(Credit) :: 교보문고
★ 이미지 저작권(Image Copyright) :: S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd.
★ 정리+글쓴이(Poster) :: Yurui (LovAEnAi) []

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Scenes of Girls’ Generation’s Second Solo Concert will be Released Through Facebook to the World!
Facebook Girls’ Generation Page Opened!
Vivid scenes of Girls’ Generation’s second solo concert will be released through facebook to the world. 
Girls’ Generation will hold their second solo concert “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR” at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Seoul on July 23rd and 24th and it is predicted to make headlines by releasing various pictures of Girls’ Generation on the stage and the back stage of concert through facebook Girls’ Generation page ( as well as facebook SMTOWN page (

Moreover, since fans can enjoy some video clips of the concert and the press conference as well as the pictures through facebook Girls’ Generation page, it will be an unusual opportunity for fans all over the world, who can’t attend the concert, to enjoy the concert in various ways. 

Also, facebook Girls’ Generation page ( was launched on 22nd (for today). As a channel where Girls’ Generation interacts more closely with fans all over the world, it is expected to receive an enthusiastic response. 

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s second solo concert, ”2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR,” will be held at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Seoul on July 23rd and 24th.


Updates on SNSD’s 2nd solo concert will be available for fans all around the world through Facebook!

On July 23rd and 24th, SNSD will kick off their ’2011 Girls’ Generation Tour’. Through SM Town’s Facebook page ( and SNSD’s facebook page (, fans will be treated with updates and photos at the concert, backstage as well as various SNSD-related photos.

In addition to photos, videos of some performances during the concert as well as press conference and other videos will also be shared through these Facebook pages to enable fans from around the world who could not be at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to enjoy the much anticipated concert as well.

SNSD’s facebook page ( will be available from July 22nd onwards. With the launching of the Facebook page, both SNSD and fans will have much closer interactions with one another. The page is expected to receive overwhelming response from SONEs all over the globe.

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In the episode of M. net’s Boom the K-Pop that airs on July 21, Japanese fans reveal their way of distinguishing each members of SNSD.

Taeyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, and Yuri are particularly well-known and fans call them “the Four Devas.”

The group’s leader Taeyeon is loved for her beautiful singing voice and Yoona for her innocent characteristics.

Yuri is admired for her slim figure and tanned skin which gave her a nickname of black pearl. Sooyoung’s height and body figure which remind of a model are attractive points.

Seohyun is known as a healthy girl, Sunny a charming girl and Hyoyeon as the best diva recognized throughout Asia as well as in Europe. Tiffany and Jessica are known to speak fluent English.

Japanese fans also made a chart of Japanese stars with SNSD’s members pointing out their similarities. For instance, Toda Erika, Japanese actress who starred in Death Note, is lined with Yoona because of their similar long straight hair style and innocent image.

Source Nate by Hanna
Credit: via kasku[S]one

Girls' Generation's sales and concert revenues in Japan have amounted to 450 billion after just 50 days.

Girls' Generation has just ended their first Japan Arena Tour on the 18th at the Marine Messe, Fukuoka. The girls performed for 14 concerts in 6 different cities across Japan. The tour started on May 31 at the Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka and continued at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, before stopping by cities like Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagoya. They finally performed their last concert for their Arena Tour in Fukuoka. Each concert had an average of 10,000 people in the audience.

The price of the tickets cost 9,300 yen each (approximately 125,000 won). A total of 14,000 people purchased the tickets, adding it up to about 17.5 billion won. Along with the concert goods, the number totals up to at least 200 billion won.

Only a day after the tour started, Girls' Generation released their first full Japanese album "Girls' Generation", which sold more than 500,000 copies in less than a month, certifying it as "Double Platinum" by Japan's Association of Recording Industries. According to SM Entertainment, the album sales have recently surpassed the 600,000 mark.

The Deluxe First Press Limited Edition version of the album costs 6,990 yen each (approx. 94,000 won). The Limited Edition version costs 3,990 yen each (approx. 53,000 won), which the regular edition costs the lowest at 3000 yen per album By roughly calculating these numbers and adding them up to match the sum of the 600,000 copies sold, Girls' Generation's revenue for their album sales alone amount to at least 250,000 billion won.

The exact revenue for the past 50 days cannot be determined based only on the predictions above. There were more than 450,000 ticket applicants, and there were men and women of all ages marching into the concert venues, thus assuring more sales for the concert goods.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation will start off their second solo concert, "2011 GIRLS' GENERATION TOUR" on July 23-24 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, Korea.

Source: Metro Seoul


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