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The Korea Baseball Organization presented their "Legend All Star Best 10" players for the 30th anniversary of pro baseball in Korea last month. Lee Mansoo, Han Daehwa, Jang Hyojo, Kim Jaebak, Lee soonchul, Sun Dongyeol, Yang Joonhyuk, Kim Kitae, Jang Jonghoon and Park Jungtae were chosen as this year’s top 10 legendary players representing Korea.

When asked which girl group they wanted as their team ambassador, 4 out of the 10 players picked Girls’ Generation. Wonder Girls came in second with 2 votes, while 2NE1, KARA, and Secret came in with 1 vote each. Strangely, one of the players responded with a “Withdrawal” as he could not make a decision. This means that out of the 9 votes, Girls’ Generation won 4 of them.

The present coach of the LG Minor League Team, Kim Kitae, explained that the reason why he chose Girls’ Generation was because his child is a huge fan.

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“In order to watch SNSD’s concert, I started working in a currency changer as a part-time worker to save money. Since I’ll be able to see SNSD right in front of me…”, said Julian Cervantes, a 21 years old American college student who could not hide his excitement. Natasha, who came together with him from Chicago, was as happy as him. She said, “My iPod is full of SNSD songs. Now I can hear them live!”. John Toss from New Mexico who sat right beside them added, “I finally ate the real Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew).”

These 103 American SNSD fans who met one another on SNSD’s International fan-site “Soshified”, found a common interest and came to Korea on their own. The group of young people staying in Seoul from the 21st to 26th are planning to watch SNSD’s concert, MBC “Music core”, and KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song”. Cervantes, Natasha and Toss met one another at Seoul’s downtown.

The three Americans started talking about their love for K-pop once they met. They have been looking forward to the Korea trip so much that they requested to attend these music programs from the Los Angeles branch of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) when they were still in America since the tickets cannot be obtained easily. Cervantes became a K-pop fan 2 years ago after listening to SNSD’s “Gee” by chance. He said, “The fast and joyful beats really caught my attention. Until now, I bought all of f(x), Kara and other K-pop groups’ albums, and spent about 5000 dollars (5.26 million Won). Being a SNSD Taeyeon and Sunny’s fan, Toss said “Now, American Idols seem to have ‘gone further away’ from us. As we watched reality programs like “Invincible Youth” and “Running man”, Korean idols seem more ‘human’ to us, which is great.”

As they get to know more Korean idols like T-ara, IU and Big Bang, they started mixing Korean phrases like “Gwaenchanayo (it’s ok)” and “Jogeum-yo (a little)” in their conversations. Cervantes who has been learning the Korean language for a year said, “While we became more interested in Korean idols, we started to pay attention to Korean culture”. Natasha also got more familiar with Korean cultures through her room mate at their dorm. She is currently learning Korean on her own through mobile applications.

Toss who was born in New Mexico, makes Korean food on his own. He said, “Because we don’t have Korean restaurant there, I obtain the recipe from the internet and started making kimchi on my own a few months ago.” Cervantes on the other hand, travels all the way to the Korean town just to eat Jjinbbang, Patbbang (Korean steamed buns) and Bibimpab (Korean mixed dish).

Julian, Natasha and John added, “We only saw Korean culture and food through TV programs. It’s really hard to believe that we can actually experience them now.” Before going back to America, they have another wish and that is to get SNSD members’ autographs when they head down to the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium today.

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The KBS entertainment program "Invincible Youth" which ended last December in 2010 is slowly showing signs of being popular in Japan.

Asahi Newspaper reported on the 19th that the "Invincible Youth" DVDs sold well when it was released last April. The newspaper introduced the show as one where you could see Hallyu idols without make up and who offered a wholesome image that could not be seen elsewhere.

The episode where the members of the show including Girls' Generation Sunny visited Biei, Hokkaido in October 2009 was also mentioned, and the representative of Biei's tourism stated, "It has become a famous tourist location for Koreans. I didn't know that two days of filming would have this much of an impact."

Even though "Invincible Youth" has reached its end, the program's increasing popularity in Japan is most likely due to the presence of the Hallyu wave. Leading groups like Girls' Generation and KARA have attracted an overwhelming following, and with the entrance of more Korean idol groups into the Japanese music industry, interests in anything K-Pop related is bound to remain at an all-time high.

Source: Asia Today

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Jessica tried to go back to her home by her own car but she didn't know the way so the manager told her the way. Jessica drove the car to go out and she could drove away around 5 metre and parked. Afterward, she asked the way again... Anyway, she was sure that she wouldn't get lost this time but!!!! She drove passing by the exit... then she had to drive back again. LOL

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Another fanaccount

Jessica was the first one who came out after the rehearsal and drove BMW by herself
It seems like she doesn't know the way so she asked the staff and drove around 10 meters the suddenly stopped.
She pulled the window down to ask the staff again. Then she drove confidently but
But she missed the exit gate so she had to turn backward again. All the fans around there laughed very loudly. LOL~

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That’s right folks. Your favourite Music Core MCs will be taking the stage again for the 2011 Incheon Music Wave!

The concert is being hosted by Incheon City and the HH Company, and they have just recently announced that The Black Pearl and the Mushroom will be the dynamic duo hosting the event. For the past 3 years, the event was lead by MBC announcer Oh Sang Jin, but right now it’s Girls Generation. The girls will be participating as MCs, and it will actually be their 3rd year in a row co-hosting the event. It’s interesting to note that the girls have a history of being popular hosts for such music festivals. They last hosted the 2011 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok with Nichkhun, which was well received by the fans in Thailand. Hallyu organizers and concert goers seem love having these girls around (who wouldn’t).

To the prospective concert goers, tickets will be on sale on Friday July 22nd, 2011 via GMarket, and for the fans that won’t be able to make it to Incheon, MBC’s Show “Music Core” will be broadcasting the event on August 13, 2011. The same day as the concert!

Personally I think plenty of us are excited to hear about this. After all they did a great job hosting Music Core and the Korean Music Wave concert in Bangkok. I’m looking forward to seeing their natural chemistry as MCs while anticipating some Yulti moments as well.

Sources; tumblr #yulti, Newsen via Nate,
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