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Hayeon is Taeyeon’s younger sister.
So a group of Taiwanese fans went to the optical store.
Hayeon was also there
Then, Tae’s mom asked Hayeon to rank the girls
Here is the ranking: (Of course, Tae is the ultimate #1)

1. Seohyun
2. Tiffany 
3. Sooyoung
4. Yuri
5. Hyoyeon
6. Yoona 
7. Sunny
8. Jessica

Hayeon said she likes to sing and dance just like her sister. When we asked her who does she like in SNSD, Tae’s mom answered even faster than Hayeon and said “Taeyeon” XDDDDDDD. Originally, we just want to know who does Hayeon like besides Taeyeon. But then, Taeyeon’s mom asked Hayeon to rank all the other 8 girls in her mind. This is how we accidently get Hayeon’s ranking of the girls Hahahaha

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By Tae-Yi Kim

(Reuters Life!) - South Korea's Girls Generation, already a hit group at home and throughout Asia, are set to broaden their appeal and go global, taking their brand of hit songs and tightly choreographed routines to Europe and beyond.

The nine-strong line-up of 20-something telegenic young women again wowed fans from Asia on Sunday at a concert in Seoul's Olympic Stadium, having played to 140,000 Japanese fans in a series of concerts between May and July this year.

Two recent concerts in the Tokyo Dome organized by Korean Broadcasting System saw 45,000 fans attend and have generated 7.2 billion won ($6.8 million) in revenues so far, according to the organizer Korean Broadcasting System (KBS).

"After seeing the sensational response from fans, we are planning to broaden our perspective of concert, such as in Europe and South America, within this year," KBS Kwon Oh-jun, the producer of the Japanese concerts, told Reuters.

Girls Generation is part of a cultural phenomenon called the "Korean Wave" or "Hallyu" comprising girl and boy bands as well as South Korean soaps.

Reflecting Girls Generation widening global appeal, half of the songs played in Seoul on Sunday were in either English or Japanese.

Industry experts say the Korean Wave has generated billions of dollars in revenues and some even say it will one day help re-unify North and South Korea.

Two recent concerts in Paris by a group of South Korean bands, including Girls Generation, sold out their nightly 14,000 allocation of tickets almost as soon and they went on sale.

"I remember one European fan from concert in Paris, who wrote down Yoon A (one of the band) so that covered up his arm. We were all impressed by the love of European fans." Tae-yeon, the lead singer of Girls' Generation told a press conference ahead of Sunday's Seoul concert.

K-Pop's growing global fan base has seen the shares of S.M. Entertainment Co, the company that represents Girls Generation and other bands such as Super Junior, surge since their debut on the Seoul bourse.

Fans in Germany have bombarded the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin and Korean Broadcasting System with requests that their favorite stars play in Berlin.

"We are dying for K-pop stars to come, so we sent those letters because we couldn't just wait and do nothing. Hope our action would bring about change in K-pop stars arrival in Germany." 30-year-old Esther Klung, president of the German K-pop community, told Reuters.

($1 = 1051.900 Korean Won)

(Editing by David Chance)


T-ara’s Hyomin, JiYeon and EunJung were featured on TV YTN ‘News and Issue – Issue and People’ aired on July 29th.
EunJung said, “Since we’ll be debuting in Japan, I think we need to have rookie’s attitude. From the beginning, we have to go forward step by step.”

The anchor then asked, “Do you feel pressured by SNSD who debuted first?”

To this, Hyomin replied, “We actually feel more thankful than pressured. I think they relieved some pressure off us.”

She added, “Because of that, we are also getting more interest and expectation for people so I think we will be able to do well.”

EunJung added, “Rather, we are thankful to the public for their interest in Kpop.”

Meanwhile, during the broadcast of the program, they also said, “Today, July 29th is the 2nd anniversary of our debut and we hope to be no.1 on the music show as our present.”

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In response to Cyworld’s decision to stop providing music by SM artists since July 20th, SM Entertainment stated, “SK Communications has single-sidedly stopped providing (music by SM artists).”

SM has revealed on SMTOWN’s homepage, “Cyworld, which is operated by SK Communications, has suddenly stopped providing music by our artists. We take this situation really seriously and we feel sorry for the users who use their services.”

SM continued, “SK Communications has informed us on July 11th that SK Communications will provide background music on Cyworld free of charge starting from July 20th. Thus, SM sincerely responded to them by stating that providing musics freely will involve the consideration of the future price of the music contents as well as global platform. Therefore, it is impossible to give an answer in such a short time.”

In respond to SM, SK Communications said that if SM were not able to give approval of “free music” right away, then SK Communications would have to stop providing SM artists’ musics on Cyworld. Subsequently, when SK Communications started providing “free music” on July 20th, they also stopped providing SM artists’ musics.

On the other hand, SM stated, “We sincerely apologize to the fans for creating a inconvenience because of this unexpected incident.”

Credit: Sports Chosun
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KBS 2TV’s music programme “Music Bank” will be spreading the Korean Wave fever to the US, China and Europe through its World Tour.

KBS entertainment director Jeon JinGuk revealed, “We are preparing for Music Bank World Tour” when he met the reporters at Yeoio-do in Seoul on the 27th of July.

According to Director Jeon JinGuk, KBS will be bringing its large-scale K-pop concert to New York (October 2011), China (November 2011), Vietnam and Europe (in 2011).

He also said, “The concert in China will be an extended version of the Korea-China Song Festival. The timing for a concert in Vietnam will be just right as it coincides with the 20th anniversary of Korea-Vietnam Diplomatic Ties and therefore, we will have a big Korean Wave concert in Ho Chi Minh City.”

He added, “KBS is also having further discussions with the European organizers on the concert, where popularity of Korean celebrities is raising rapidly.”

On the other hand, ‘Music Bank’ is expanding towards being the representative of all music programmes in Korea with more than 70 countries broadcasting the programme simultaneously. Recently, ‘Music Bank in Tokyo: Kpop Festival’ was held in Tokyo Dome, Japan and the successful huge-scale concert attracted about 43,000 fans.

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