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On MBC ‘We Got Married’ aired on August 6th, Kim WonJoon and Park SoHyun had a wonderful time with Kim WonJoon’s nieces who came from the US.

In today’s episode, Park SoHyun who met with Kim WonJoon’s nieces for the first time could not conceal her nervousness. During the interview, Park SoHyun confessed, “I was feeling uneasy”.

Park SoHyun then carefully took out the gift she prepared for Kim WonJoon’s nieces and the gift appeared to be SNSD’s original hand-signed CD.

Kim WonJoon’s nieces who are SNSD’s fans could not conceal their gratefulness towards Park SoHyun. Upon seeing that, Kim WonJoon asked, “You did a study before hand, didn’t you?”.

In addition to that, Park SoHyun also prepared the SNSD concert towels for them and she wrapped the towel around her own head, much to the delight of Kim WonJoon’s nieces who will be rating her highly after this.


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A Girls' Generation museum has opened.

On August 5th, Girls' Generation fans, SONEs(S♡NE) revealed a Girls' Generation virtual museum for the fourth anniversary of their debut. They made a site sort of like a museum for Girls' Generation (, where you can view the history of Girls' Generation.

The site address is also Girls' Generation’s debut song "Into the New World".

The site is decorated with news from Girls' Generation’s debut to their latest happenings, including taking over Japan, which you can all view. News on the Seoul concerts they held last July 23rd to 24th is also available. The site also has an interview with Sooyoung’s mom and sister and notably there are songs that fans freshly re-interpreted that you can listen to. Also, because Girls' Generation receives great popularity overseas, in consideration of those fans, there are services available in Korean, English, Japanese, and more, proving that talks of ‘Girls' Generation’s fan’s skills are overflowing’ are not a lie.

Meanwhile, one Girls' Generation overseas fan community (Editor's Note: Should be "international fan community"), Soshified, unveiled a surprise event to celebrate Girls' Generation’s fourth anniversary with an electronic billboard in Los Angeles, United States.

Starting with Girls' Generation’s group name in English and after each member appears one by one the phrase "Happy 4th Anniversary Girls' Generation" is shown at the end. (Editor's Note: Irrelevant parts omitted.) Since August 1st and until the 8th, this billboard event will continue on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center Building.

Source: Newsen
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Girls' Generation celebrated their fourth anniversary since their debut.

This past August 5 marked four years since Girls' Generation, who grew to be Asia’s representative girl group, debuted in 2007 with their debut single album, “Into the New World.”

Many fans from various fan sites and online communities are sending their congratulations with videos, posts, and advertisements.

The fans were moved and relayed their feelings by saying, “It seems like a dream that it’s already been four years since their debut,” and, “It’s so satisfying to see that the country’s best idol group has become a group recognized internationally as well.”

We’ve organized the activities, both in Korea and overseas, of the girl group Girls' Generation that have been recognized during the past four years.

In 2007, the nine-female-member group began their official activities with their first single, “Into the New World”. Even before their official debut, many music fans showed explosive interest in Girls' Generation’s pure/genuine/innocent concept and their fresh image that was fitting for teenagers.

That same year, their first full album, “Girls' Generation", which is a remake of Lee Seungchul's classic from the 1980's, went on sale. The version of “Girls' Generation” that the girls sang started to slowly steal the hearts of many fans.

In this album was also the dance song, “Kissing You,” which gave the feel of the house genre. This song had a cheerful rhythm and cute lyrics that seemed to describe a girl whispering her love into a boyfriend’s ear. The song went together with a dance which they danced while holding lollipops, making them even more popular.

During this time, all the members were active and showed growth in various areas as well. Finally, after two years in 2009, Girls' Generation made a comeback with their first mini album “Gee” and ascended as the most powerful girl group in the country. 

The fast dance song “Gee” has lyrics that outline a cute situation - a girl that has fallen in love for the first time, but does not know what to do. Girls' Generation showed an upgrade in their performances. Also, while wearing colourful matching clothes, they sang the rhythmical lyrics and repeated the word “Gee”, which means “oh my” or “what a surprise”. With the addictive chorus and melody, they immediately caught the attention of many fans.

Girls' Generation took over various music charts within just two days of releasing the title song, “Gee”. They took over the spot of Wonder Girls, who temporarily left around this time for foreign activities, and rose as the unrivaled nation’s number one girl group.

Also in 2009 following the "Gee" syndrome, Girls' Generation showed their mature beauty and captured the male fans by transforming into the “goddesses of fortune” with their second mini album title song, “Tell Me Your Wish”. Their “marine girl” concept, the song’s dream-like intro, and their harmonies in the bright and cheerful chorus were most memorable in this song. They showed off their great power through “Tell Me Your Wish”.

With their big hits “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish”, they not only took over the music world, but they also took over broadcasts and advertisement films as well. Girls' Generation received the nation’s love and swept the end-of-the-year music awards. On top of that, they also proved their popularity when they held their first solo concert just two years after debuting.

Also, they did not lose hold of the latest trend of 2010 with a unique melody development and composition, giving listeners an endless amount of enjoyment. Their second full-length album "Oh!" was released, and filled with life and cheerful energy, showing SNSD's own trend.

From the album, "Oh!" and "Run Devil Run" became consecutive hits in 2009 and the first half of 2010. This also helped them create "Girls' Generation" fever through their official debut in Japan.

While Girls' Generation was busy in 2010 through blinding stages, they released the teaser video for their new mini album "Hoot" the same year. Along with a hot response, it ranked in tenth place on Gaon's pop chart.

Soon after, Girls' Generation became active in Japan and Taiwan and other countries, gaining much love, and becoming known as Asia's number one girl group.

From their freshness before, to their mature charms in their twenties, they captured many fans. Their future activites will be anticipated as they have made their place as the best girl group four years after their debut.

Source: Nate

ㆍLeading Hallyu Fever, Asia's Best Girl Group

On August 5th, 2007, nine fresh girls appeared on a public music program under the name So Nyeo Shi Dae, going out into the world. The group name, So Nyeo Shi Dae, was made with the meaning, "The time for girls to conquer has come." Under their company, SM Entertainment, they went through an enormous amount of practice and assimilating each member to popular appeal, and prepared with singing and an amazing level of synchronicity they debuted and simultaneously captivated the public. And exactly four years later Girls' Generation, icons of pop culture, going beyond Asia and entering Europe, they are the front runners of Hallyu. Right now it's "Girls' Generation".

In earnest, the song that made way for Girls' Generation's golden age is their title song from their mini album released in January 2009, "Gee".

It is a song that after hearing it only once you can easily pick up the climax, a so-called "hook song". It is no exaggeration to say it is armed with repeated words and a melody easy to follow along. In white T-shirts and bright-colored skinny jeans that displayed the girls' fashion and of course choreography that makes you move side to side, it attracted explosive popularity. It was the first music video to receive over 1,000,000 hits within one day of release, and the album sold over 100,000 copies. Not to mention, they swept and dominated various music shows and music charts in first place. Girls' Generation, like their lyrics, became stars "so bright so bright eyes are blinded" and the "Gee" craze was even received as a social phenomenon. After that, they kept rolling with hits like "Tell Me Your Wish" and "Oh!".

After grabbing a foothold for sure domestically, Girls' Generation entered the Japanese market last summer.

If the greater portion of then-existing Hallyu fans were women in their thirties and forties, Girls' Generation's Japanese showcase was packed with mostly young women in their teens and twenties. Even in Japan, they were popular as they debuted in that country. Within one month of their debut in October they became the first Korean girl group to surpass 100,000 albums sold, achieving the title of Golden Disk. With the release of "Gee" they reached first on the Oricon chart. Local Japanese media said it was a "shocking Japanese landing" showing high interest, making the NHK broadcast news headlines. With huge success in Japan, Girls' Generation positioned themselves as Asia's best girl group.

In Girls' Generation's world marketing, YouTube and the internet played a big role. Whether in Europe, United States, or wherever, with one click you can easily find K-Pop music videos and performances, a significant power in raising the awareness of Girls' Generation. Along with fellow singers from their company, they successfully held a concert in Paris last June. The young Europeans sang along to Korean songs and the enthusiasm, and this unprecedented state received spotlight in Korea.

Source: The Kyunghyang Shinmun (Lee Yoon-Joo reporting)
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